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Happy Friday!

It’s 5:30 am, and this is apparently the perfect time to update a new post.  There is always a chance that one of my offspring will sense that I am not asleep, then wake up themselves and seek me out – but if I type fast enough….

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

First – I’ll share some gratuitous kitten pictures because that is really what the internet was invented for after all.

All five kittens were named for characters from the Disney Frozen movie, by the way.

1)  Anna (black and white)

2)  Elsa (tabby)

3)  Olaf and either Sven or Kristoff (we have two solid black kittens)

Anna Kitten Elsa Pic Olaf Anna Kittens

Olaf is by far the most outgoing.  I think he was the first born as well.  We are working on socializing them and litter box training.  Next week, mommy goes in for her snip-snip surgery.  There are just too many dead-beat dad tom cats out there!  And she likes to escape and run off with the first one (or several given the out come of this litter) that she finds.  Tsk tsk… 🙂


Now, for my latest project.  I’m completing the main quilt pattern in Lori Holt’s book “Great Granny Squared”.  It calls for twenty of her GGS blocks and then it will have a pieced border of 5″ squares set on point around it.  These fabrics have been so fun to work with.  I ended up using three main collections:  Bluebird Park, Birds & Berries and High Street.  There is one fabric round in the blocks from Mirabelle – but it truly doesn’t fit in (see bottom row, second from left, outer pale yellow fabric round).  There are also perhaps 4-8 squares in the mix from Wishes by Sweetwater – but I found that the colors were also too muted for what I evolved into using.

GGS Full Wall

I ran out of room on the design wall, so I had to tape up the other 5 blocks on the bathroom door.  That is what the blue dots are holding up the squares.

GGS Blocks 3


GGS Blocks 2

My photography skills at night in a spare bedroom are lacking.  The colors are really so vibrant and cheerful.

My daughter’s favorite block:

GGS Pink block

One of my favorites.  Once I added in some of the High Street collection, I wish I had more blocks to make!

GGS Block

I have the sashing strips cut, so that will be my next step.  This is going to be a housewarming gift for one of my coworkers.  I have plans to make another of these for myself, in Vintage Happy fabric and other Lori Holt collections.

Have a great Friday and thanks so much for visiting my blog today!



Midnight Caller

I use to have midnight callers, believe it or not.  Hard to remember now – it’s been so long…  My midnight callers now usually entails either cats or my kids.  Notice I didn’t mention husband.  We’re too tired.  lol

However, one night earlier in the week I got up around midnight and my fabric was calling out.  I have several projects laid out on the cutting table and I can’t wait to have time to work on them.  I decided to respond to the call!

I have my next Great Granny Squared block laid out, ready for stitching:

GGS Block 2

I worked this morning a bit as well, connecting the pieces to form my strips.  I’ll have this block done before dinner tonight!

It is also no secret that I love Fig Tree stuff.  I tend to hoard and not actually use my precuts for some reason.  Stupid really, since I love it so much – why not make it into something I can enjoy every day -right?    I was inspired by a post from Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life blog who also does a lot of stitching for Joanna Figueroa and she had made a wall hanging from her Canned Pears pattern.  You can (click here) to visit that blog post.

I really loved seeing it done that way, and I decided that I could adapt it to be a nice window valance hanging for my kitchen window, perhaps with a roman shade layered behind it.

Anyway … I wanted 5 pears to go across the valance, in a staggered fashion like the quilt pattern.  But the pears are too big, so I had to draw out my own dimensions for the pieces to make it fit.

Pear and Pattern

My challenge was to make my initial pear block out of charm squares from the new Mirabelle fabric collection from Fig Tree.  Therefore, I have two different fabrics for the pear body, but I think I will like it when it is all done.  Right now, it might may it look a little more like a vase or jar, instead of a pear, but I have high hopes!  I reduced the size down by about a third.

Pear Block

In closing, here are a few midnight callers of my own.  Aurora staring out of two different windows, within about a minute of each other…

Aurora Street

She’s my Christmas Eve rescue baby.  She looks very healthy and all adapted to her purrever home now though!

Aurora Porch

And two more of my rescue babies, … Sparkle and Jewelry (taking a bath, so she’s a bit blurry).  Having their morning naps.  Always close by.

Spark Jewel Bed

See that quilt they are on?  It is the backside of a 2011 FQS Designer Mystery quilt.  Quilt police confession – I start using my quilts even before I have the binding on.  I just make sure there is a stay stitch around the edge.  I procrastinate really bad on bindings!

Have a great day!


Nantucket Backgrounds

I’m working as much as I can at night to get this project off the ground.  I can’t wait to get to the end result!

The pattern calls for 6 background fabrics in 3/4 yd cuts.  Since I’m using a FQ bundle, all my cuts are FQs… 

My solution was to group my background/light tan fabrics together in 6 sets of 3 fabrics.  I am treating each set like a single 3/4 yd cut as called for in the cutting instructions.  Here are 5 of my ‘sets’ of backgrounds. 


Nant Bckgrnd Sets

I take the three FQ pieces and stack them neatly on my cutting board and proceeded to cut. 

First, after trimming up a straight edge, I did the two skinny cuts for the 9 patch units. 

Then, I cut three strips at 4 1/4″ each. 

The pattern wants you to end up with six (6) rectangles that are 8″ long and also (21) squares.  To do that I took one of the strips (that is 3 fabrics deep) and cut twice to get my 6 rectangles.  Then I was able to get one more cut done for 3 of the squares. 

I took the next strip group and cut it into 5 squares (15 total for all fabrics). 

Finally, I just had to make one cut off the last set of strips to give me the total 21 squares needed.  That left me with 3 background strips that were around 4 1/4″ x 17″ long.  Scrap bin stash!

Here’s the result of one of my 3/4 yd sets:

Nant Bckgrnd Set 1

The project pieces are at the top, again 6 rectangles (2 of each fabric) and 21 squares (7 of each fabric).

My leftovers are on the bottom of the picture.  Some smaller pieces that I may never use, but certainly stash away those 4 1/4″ strip remains.

My progress so far … I have cut the red strips for the 9 patch units and I have cut this one ‘set’ of background fabric.  I plan to catch up tonight on the cutting though!

Here’s Jewelry, helping me out as always…

Nant Bckgrnd Jewelry

Good thing this quilt will be for me.  I wouldn’t let my kitties sit and walk on my quilt pieces for someone else’s quilt.  Or at least, not intentionally.

Have a great day!  Thanks for visiting!


Design Wall Friday – a New Project!

Oh boy – look what I have gotten into here.  I am really REALLY liking this quilt already.  My daughter stayed up later than she should while I was working on it last night, and she finally passed out to sleep in the guest bed.

Clover pattern by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co and fabric from (mostly) Posh Pumpkins by Sandy Gervais.  I have thrown in some charm squares from “Give Thanks” by Deb Strain.  The polka dots are Give Thanks as well.  These colors are just so beautiful together!  I had a few yards of the background fabric already, but I don’t recall what it is right now.  This will be a great early Fall to mid December blanket:

Clover yardage purchase


The pattern mostly calls for cutting 2 1/4″ squares and also 1 3/8″ strips to subcut into the four patch units:

Clover in process

I love how this is taking shape:

Clover Initial 3 Rings

And since I am making it 5 x 5 blocks, I am playing around with options for the center squares of each block.  One color for the center block, first ring and second ring.  I’m thinking of following the pattern and using the background fabric in the center for the outer ring, using the ‘solid’ orange for the inner ring and a dark orange print for the very middle block.  See below to illustrate:

Clover Design Wall


One last look at the pattern that is being made by the four patch units:

Clover - a beginning

Clover – a beginning


Have you gotten started yet?

I’ll end with a picture of the two tuxedo kittens snuggling with Nora this morning.  Diamond is in the foreground and Rosy is sleeping on Nora’s cheek:

Tuxedo Kittens with Nora

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  See you again real soon!


Yoyoville revisited

Welcome Fall!  This was a beautiful weekend in central Texas.  We visited my MIL and on Saturday, I could really feel the weather break into a true Fall breeze and temperatures.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Can’t wait for it to reach down a little further south, to Houston this week.

Since we were on a road trip for a couple of days, I quickly got some handwork pulled together for my idle time.  I had already been thinking about visiting Yoyoville again (pattern by Bunny Hill Designs).  I already had the yo yos completed in the Tapestry collection by Fig Tree quilts… now I needed to applique them all to 3 1/2″ squares of background fabric.  I had a rare chance to visit my LQS in Humble, TX (shout out to It’s A Stitch).  They have the Honeysweet fabric already in, but not on the shelves yet.  They were generous enough to open up the first bolt and cut me off three yards of what I thought would be a great choice to go along with the Tapestry yo yos.

Here’s my little sewing kit getting unpacked:

Temple Sewing Kit 10-06-2013

And here’s a picture of the threads and background squares I have cut up to work with:

Temple Sewing Kit 2

Again, the squares are from Honeysweet and are little dot hexagons in a soft olive green.

I had a pile done by Saturday afternoon … finished on the right, glued down on the left:

Temple squares WIP

I STILL love that Tapestry collection!  And the Honeysweet neutral went great with it.

After coming home tonight, I wanted to preview the layout of the quilt center.  I wasn’t sure if that background would be a bit too much through-out.

But first – I had to make up some four-patch units to alternate with the yo yo squares.  I cut off a 2″ strip from my background and then opened up a mini charm pack of Honeysweet and sewed it along the length of that strip:

Strip Piecing 4 Strip Piecing 3 Strip Piecing 2
I trimmed them all down to 2″ x 3 1/2″ and then combined units together to get the 3 1/2″ squares.

Here’s a sample up on my design wall.

Yoyoville Auditions 2

I wasn’t thrilled.  I wanted to be thrilled, but I wasn’t.  The background from Honeysweet didn’t seem like it would be directional, but turns out it is – and it clearly shows up that way in this layout.  …  SO … I decided to just use the vanilla solid fabric from Honeysweet instead for the four patch units and see how that would look:

Yoyoville Alt Audition 1

MUCH better!  I like that base of solid vanilla in those squares.  Here’s another look from a bit more of a distance:

Yoyoville Alt Audition 2

By the way, the poppy print (seen in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th units) is my very favorite – in all the colors.  I will have to buy yards of that I know already.

Since I don’t have any of the Honeysweet vanilla solid yardage yet, I pulled out the two squares from one of my layer cakes and now I can make a few more four-patch units to play around with.  I’m so excited to be working with this collection now.

This weekend, I also received my yardage of small, light gray polka dot fabric from the Vintage Modern group (Bonnie & Camille).  That will be my setting fabric for the Birdie Stitches quilt.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of my fast growing kitten clan.  Jewelry and Rosy.

Jewelry 10-06-2013



Rosy 10-06-2013


Have a great start to the week!  See you soon!


Finally Friday!

Another week bites the dust and we get hyped up about all the great activites we can look forward to this weekend.  A birthday party for a Kindergarten friend and an adoption event for our two little tuxedo kittens.  I’ll have to take a good picture of them soon and share it.  They have grown at wildly different rates.  The one we thought would be the biggest and most outgoing is far outweighed and out-energized by her sister.  Her sister, started off slow and seemed to sleep a lot – but I think she nursed the longest.  And she’s such a spark now!  They are both getting spayed today, so a little extra TLC will be handed down tonight.

Here’s a picture of Jewelry getting ready for her Halloween act I guess.  Freaky!


Jewelry Glowing Eyes

My husband still thinks she is part raccoon and calls her a Hound Dog, which my 5 year old daughter loves to mimic.

On to the fabric though!

I did finish the piecing of Block 4 for the 2013 DM BOM.  Just  a breeze.  I was more careful as I sewed this time, and my block barely had to be trimmed at all at the end.

Here’s Block 4:

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Done

And a closeup of the points that are an exact 1/4″ from the edges all the way around on both blocks!

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Closeup

And the two blocks that I made together:

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Both

I brought them to work this morning so I could photograph them on our conference table, hoping to get better light.  My camera lens is kind of messed up – so still not perfectly clear photos.


So then, I thought, what do I do next?  I have lots of WIP… but I am really getting into this euphoria when I actually complete the project.  Therefore, I decided to knock out my Birdie Stitches embroidery quilt next!!  I’m getting all excited about it again!!  I have only two blocks left, so last night I prepped the December block and got it ready for the stitching.  I brought it to work, in case I decided to do it during lunch.  That little cupcake is actually a needle jacket that I got from MODA at the annual International Quilt Festival in Houston a few years ago.

Birdie Stitching Ready


Here’s a closeup of the marked design, if you can see it.  I’m doing it in all redwork.  You can see more about this project by clicking on my Birdie Stitches tag on the right of the blog.  It was started by Little Miss Shabby a couple of years or more ago and it was the first project I started blogging about.

Birdie Stitch Dec Block


Saturday – here I come!!

All the best and thanks for visiting today!


Just add it to my tab…

Now THAT would be dangerous … to be able to run a tab at your favorite online or LQS stores.  I would have to go to work for them to get it paid off, and then live in a perpetual cycle.  Maybe not so bad, but likely would no longer have time to actually quilt anything.

I just can’t force myself to pass up certain patterns and this one has gotten my attention.  I already purchased it from FQS, and I have started collecting different cuts of green fabric for the stems and red/pink fabrics for the berries.  (photos taken from the Fat Quater Shop website)

Do you own this pattern yet?  I see several of them being mentioned in blogs.  I think when I make it, I will throw in one cherry block from the Cherry Pie quilt pattern by Fig Tree Quilts:

I had already started a collection of different reds, just in case I wanted to make a red & white quilt.  But THEN, I found the PERFECT background fabric last night while browsing FQS.  It is a new collection that just got uploaded to their site.  Already have my order in for 4 yards:

Berry Background

This is from the collection “Nice People Nice Things” by Helen Stubbings for Red Rooster Fabrics.  I’m not familiar with her, but I couldn’t pass up this print.

Now, I’m not just buying and hoarding – I do have a close finish.  I just have to attach 5 rows together and I’ll share my next finish (pending the quilting) with you in a day or two.

Cuteness alert!

Sparkle and Rosy

Sparkle and Rosy

Sparkle looks HUGE cuddled next to Rosy.  We are working on a *ahem* skin condition for Rosy that is very treatable.  That’s why she has some hairless spots on her right now.

Thanks for stopping by as always!