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Moving on to Ice Cream!

Well, Christmas is now back into storage for a few months.  I finished up my Little Joys/Jingle quilt top, following the vintage inspired pattern from Fat Quarter Shop for the Delectable Mountains block.


I haven’t decided about more borders.  Although I made it to the specified “lap size”, I think my family has larger laps than the general population.  Perhaps a border of scrappy random mountain peaks and valleys all the way around?  I’m thinking….


Looks great against our green grass!  Would love to find a matching light teal blue minky-style backing.

I was already close to finishing this quilt top when the weekend came around, so on Saturday, I was able to cut out my pieces for Block 6 of the Snapshots Quiltalong.  Last month was the Ice Cream sundae block!  I love ice cream!!


And I pulled out one charm square from my Farmhouse charm pack and used it for the Cherry on Top.  Perfect!


The sewing took no time at all, and soon my block was finished.   I went with milk chocolate, strawberry and whatever would be a green flavor for my sundae.  Whipped topping with sprinkles courtesy of Sunrise Studios.  Other fabric from Fog City Kitty and Modern Minis.


Can you spot my error?  I think it is better for it.  My green/mint ice cream has the sprinkled whipped topping melting further down the right side.

Love seeing them all together here:


Finally – a splurge purchase from Amazon.com at only $15 (tax included).  The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt book.  I have the other one, and I haven’t done anything with it yet.  I love looking through the pictures though.


I hope you are having a great start to the week.  Ours will finish with the kids back at school and summer officially over.