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BOM Rehab with HST bonus!

It seems that HST projects are all over my favorite blogs right now.  In particular, doing blocks inspired by a post from Camille Roskelley of the Bonnie and Camille team.

In my BOM Rehab work this week, I had the task of creating 12 block size HSTs for setting squares on the Generals’ Wives project.

First I made Block 3:

GW Block 3

You may look at this and say … hey – that’s a nice block.  Well, I made two mistakes doing this late at night Friday.  Once I saw that I had sewn four pairs of pieces together wrong, I just ‘went with it’ and then I noticed I had my corners wrong too.  Oh well – it will be my special block to create a unique quilt top.

Here’s my block next to the pattern.  It is almost unrecognizable at this point:

GW Block 3 and pattern


In the Block 3 envelope, they included two large cuts of fabric and instructed us to make 12 HST squares that are 12 1/2″ square unfinished.  Hence, my HST work for the week:

GW HST Setting Blocks


I feel like I’ve made some significant progress now on this BOM.  Here’s my three blocks and my stack of 12 HST setting squares:

GW Proj Status 01-12-2014

But that isn’t the only BOM Rehab work I did!  Oh no!  Remember this project?  Away from Home by Nancy Rink, Mill Girls fabric by Judie Rothermel.

The instructions for the quilt are in this book, Away from Home, by Nancy and Oliver Rink.  Only the center portrait area is shown in the book cover below.  The quilt finishes around 100″ square.

Away From Home Book


I had gotten through the center piece and one tree.  You can click on my tag list to see all my posts for Away from Home.

AFH Tree 1 Finished

Honestly, I got burned out on all of those leaves… but I really love this fabric the quilt is absolutely beautiful to me.  So, I got started on Tree #2:

AFH Tree 2


Once the leaves are on, I’ll join the three sections together and square it up.  This will be followed by 20 spool blocks (easy peasy) and an inner containment border and then move to the outer pieced blocks.

What other BOMs do I want to work on?

Paris in the Fall

Birdie Blocks

Robin’s Nest

Blogger Girls BOM 2013

Generals’ Wives

Sew Spooky

FQS Designer Mystery BOM 2013

Mill Girls Medallion Quilt

Hampton  Ridge

Charming and Quaint

Mastering Miniatures

Civil War Peace and Unity

The last two haven’t even started yet, but will be later this month or February.  Can you tell I love BOMs?  They really add to your stash too with the leftovers.

Hope you all have a great week lined up.  Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment if you are so inclined!  Let me know if you are working on any of the same BOMs as me!


BOM Rehab – Feb 4th

I worked on many items this weekend, but I just have a short amount of time today for blogging, so I’ll link up to Sinta’s BOM Rehab and show off my completed TREE #1 from my Away From Home BOM.  I finished up the applique of the leaves last night during the Super Bowl.  Some I needle turned and some I did on the machine.  I like the eclectic mix of the result.  You can’t really tell with this picture, given it is too far away and I think a little fingerprint has been smudged on my camera lens…

AFH Tree 1 Finished

However, I’m going to take a break this week from applique and try to complete two other projects.

1 – I have machine stitched the binding to my MIL Stars and Stripes quilt.  I need to finish it by hand sewing it to the back and add a label.  MIL is visiting us in two weeks, so I have a definite deadline!  Pictures when I’m done!

2 – I have almost finished all the blocks for my jelly roll quilt with the Avalon fabric collection.  They look great!  I can’t help myself but to square up after each round of strips though.  Slows me down, but hopefully it is worth it when I go to put it all back together.  Cheater trick, I’m going to make my final two strips about a 1/4 inch larger (they are both in the background fabric) before I sew them on.  That way, if my blocks try to come up a little short anywhere, I have the extra fabric to keep them at an exact measurement.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


Snails pace…

It has occurred to me that anyone who takes valuable time out of their day to read my blog may feel as though they are watching paint dry.  Compared to my favorite bloggers, who seem to be able to whip out quilts every week if they wanted, my pace is much more …. um…. excruciating.  For me as well.  I long for the days where I can work more than 15 minutes without interruption, or heaven forbid!, an entire weekend just dedicated to my little hobby.  But then, I would miss out on the growth of my children, and I would surely regret that later.

So … in my effort to spice this up a bit … here is my latest installment of the first Tree block.  Yes – there will be another!

Here’s the tree right now, with leaves temporarily glued in place:

Tree status 01-24-2013

And here are the remaining leaves for this tree getting trimmed down and preparing for the starch applique method:

Leaves Prepped 1

These were already trimmed up, just waiting for the starch and iron:

Leaves Prepped 2


And a final, wide shot of my ironing board with all my leaves, and supplies staged for the picture.

Applique Layout


Funny story about my ironing board cover… I found a tutorial through one of my favorite blogs, Sister’s Choice Quilts, and thought I would make my own fitted cover.  I got as far as deciding on my fabric and laying it out on the board to make sure it was large enough and decided… eh, this is good enough!  Fabric choice is a print from Hometown (or was it Reunion?) by Sweetwater. 

But after using the board a LOT for this applique project, I decided to wash the fabric with the intention on actually finishing the cover.  Well, in those spots I had done a lot of ironing and starching, the fabric just disintegrated!  So I refolded it so that those areas were underneath the visible side.  Therefore, I have decided to wait until I want to buy two yards of a canvas weight fabric and start it over again.  Guess it wasn’t that funny.  Oh well!

Have a great Thursday!


Back in Rehab … the best part of my day!

So… these past few days were not as productive as I had wanted.  I picked up the crud bug from my kids and it took me down harder than them.  I am finally feeling back to myself, mostly, but I think the medicine is making me drowsy.  Only two more days to go on that.

The kitchen project is moving   s  l   o   w   l   y.  I think someone is showing up today … not to actually do any work yet, but to test the kitchen for lead paint.  Why?  It’s being repainted anyway and why couldn’t they do that last week?  !@#$!@#$  I’m tired of being without a kitchen.  We took the doors off the refrigerator this morning and moved it from the kitchen to the dining room, so they would be able to get the new floor down without delay.  This is at least an improvement, since before we had the refrigerator in the garage with the good food and the one in the kitchen was kind of roped off.

The best part of the weekend was getting back to my Away From Home BOM.  I’ve got two tall trees to applique, and they will definitely take awhile.  Look below for the picture from the cover of the book which contains the pattern set:

AFH Cover Pic

This is just the center ‘story scape’ block that will be the center of the 100×100 quilt.  Once I get past the trees, I will be given an applique break and I will complete 20 spool blocks (see just below the picture).  I’m looking forward to some piecing with this project and fabric.  I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.

Here’s how far I got with the tree on the right.  The grass and tree trunk is done, but the leaves are just glued in place for the moment as I finish them (20 leaves on each tree).

AFH Block 1 WIP

Oh my gosh, these pics are bad.  I just don’t have good lighting in this room.  I’ll have to take my blocks outside for future pictures.

Here’s the full progress of the AFH BOM:

AFH Block 1-3 WIP

The background fabric appears lighter on my new block (with the tree) than the blocks I’ve had up there for some time.  Maybe a lot of pressing darkens it up and as I finish my trees, it will all come together.

I also stumbled upon a few pre-cuts of the new AVALON fabric collection by Fig Tree Quilts this weekend on eBay. 

(Picture from Fig Tree’s blog, see link above)

Even though I’m not ready to start another project, I couldn’t help but purchase a charm pack and jelly roll – just because I can.  Months earlier than FQS will get them.  I like to have the fabric in my hand to consider as I look at patterns and books and those charm packs are just perfect for sampling.  Oh, and I perhaps got a little sample of Paint Box by Laundry Basket quilts as well… 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – see you tomorrow!


I’m at work and it feels like a VACATION!

My 5 year old had fever and a sore throat on Thursday morning, so I kept him and his 4 year old sister home.  He convinced me that he was still not feeling perky enough for kindergarten on Friday, so we took another ‘sick’ day.  And then there was the full weekend of a kid’s birthday party on Saturday and pumpkin painting/carving on Sunday.  I am finally back at work today and it feels like a wonderful vacation!  I can sit alone with my own thoughts for stretches of time, drink my Coke in peace, type on a computer that hasn’t been converted against my knowledge to Windows 8 (another story for another day), and basically be myself again.  I love my kids and would do anything for them, but I do NOT know how moms who stay at home with theirs do it.  I didn’t even have time to quilt on those two days.  I did, however, get back into a groove during the weekend and made some progress.

We finally, FINALLY, got a cold front to move through this weekend as well.  Cold being a low in the 40s in the morning hours.  So, to celebrate I enjoyed my first cup of hot chocolate of the season (I took the pic after I had drank most of it :))

First Hot Chocolate

I like to make mine with as many mini-marshmallows as hot chocolate and it is super yummy and satisfying!

I was also able to finally finish my first block of the Away From Home BOM, using the Mill Girls fabric collection by Judie Rothermel.

Away From Home Block 1 – Done!!

Honestly, I am so glad to get this block done so I can move on to the next one.  I’m so excited to work with this fabric and I am ready to have a chance to cut up some more and play with other selections.  I did have a problem with getting the hair just right on the second mill girl in the picture (on the right).  I don’t know how anyone is suppose to do those tight little curves and cut-outs, but my first attempt ended with my trying to use a Sharpie marker to color in some areas, but then it smeared onto the face fabric.  Blech!  So, I tried again, this time cutting out the top hair section in one piece, instead of two and top-stitching it down by machine instead of by hand.  It is good enough to leave in – I’m moving on!  But not before I link up to Sinta’s BOM Rehab!

Hair Trouble

I did get started on Block 2, which amazes me.  I have about another week before Block 3 shows up in my mailbox.

AFH Block 2 Fabric

I really love these bright colors with the reproduction fabric feel.  Everything as of this morning is cut out except for the large scroll heart.  I have the freezer paper template made, but I’m still trimming it down before I press it to the fabric.  That one will take awhile to starch outline, but I should get it done this week.

AFH Block 2 Diagram – Birds

Well, it has been too long since my last post.  I actually finished and then started FMQ my Forget Me Not quilt, done using the blocks from Pam Buda’s sew along.  I added my own pieced inner border and a solid outer border from my left over scraps in her kit.  I was trying to get it completed for my mom’s birthday last week, but I couldn’t quite get it finished.  I just have the outer ‘solid’ border to quilt and then bind it up.  I’ll share my results in another post this week when it is done.

Thinking hard about going to the Quilt Show in Houston this weekend.  Perhaps talking my mom into going with me.  I only live 10 minutes from the convention center, so it would be ridiculous if I didn’t go – right?  Really wish I could have sneaked into the Quilt Market days with all of the wonderful designers and fabric companies.  It would be a real thrill to meet some of them, like Kristyne!

Hope all have a wonderful, wonderful day!


A late Friday finish and other WIP

Lovely weekend, much better weather today than Saturday.  Perfect weather actually – about to take the kids for a walk in the neighborhood.  We enjoyed a pumpkin patch yesterday, along with a hay ride, chicken wire maze, pony ride, pony cart rides, petting animals and picking out some pumpkins.

Here’s my late Friday night finish, hence the poor photograph quality…

MIL Stars and Stripes Flimsy Finish!

I have located the perfect backing fabric, but it won’t arrive for a couple more days – so I can move on to something else!  Yippee!

I persisted on my Away From Home Block 1 and actually completed one of the two women applique figures.  It was tedious, I won’t lie.  I’m looking forward to the pieced blocks which will start on Week 4.  I just got Week 2 yesterday, which are the two birds and scrolly looking heart figure above the factory.  Week 3 will be the two trees…

Here’s my personal model, Nora, showing my progress on Block 1.

Nora holding Block 1 WIP

And a little closer image…

Hope you have a great week… I’ll link up to BOM Rehab tomorrow!  See you there!


Happy October and Welcome Cooler Weather!

Beautiful day to start off October.  I left the house this morning and the car was showing 61 degrees outside.  Perfect!

Two updates … first, I cut out the pieces I needed for the corner units of the MIL Stars and Stripes quilt.  All that is left is to assemble them and add in the two borders.

Stars and Stripes Corner Units Cut Out

Second, I made a LOT of progress on my Away From Home BOM.  This is all part of Block 1.  I feel so good about it, I’m going to link up to Sinta’s BOM Rehab for today and show it off.  I realized that I am very happy with my decision to machine applique instead of needle turn these pieces.  I may do needle turn on the women figures due to their complexity, but who knows?  I really like how this turned out.

Away From Home Block 1 Applique WIP

Here’s a closeup of the different pieces and you can see where I am sewing just inside the edge of the fabric.  I think this is acceptable – yes?  It should hold fine in a wash – yes?

Block 1 Machine Applique Closeup

So, here’s the plan now.  I’m taking a break from this particular block and going to open up my Mill Girls BOM for which I have blocks 1 and 2 already.  These are pieced blocks, so I hope they go quickly.  I have been waiting a long time to start this quilt.  I think it will be beautiful!

Mill Girls Quilt by Nancy Rink

Happy quilting this week!


Friday Progress Report

 I got Stewart to hold up my MIL quilt to show the center portion that is now completed.  I will probably go ahead and add the borders and try to quilt it myself before Christmas, since her birthday is this weekend and there’s no way it will happen before our next trip to see her.

MIL Stars and Stripes – Center Portion

What do you think?  It will look better with the borders.  Right now, it looks a little too much like a flag for me.

Finished up my Tapestry yo yo charm pack so I now have 38 made for the Yoyoville quilt.  I didn’t use the two cream colored squares, because that will likely be my background fabric for the quilt.

Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and face my fear of applique and get moving on my Away From Home BOM…  This is still part of Block 1.  I used the starch and freezer paper method as described in Joanna’s books and newsletters.  It is pretty easy to do, so I don’t know why I can’t remember that.  Here are some snap shots of my factory roof and chimneys.  I had collected little vintage eye bath cups for my Dad (he’s an Optometrist) and managed to keep one for myself and it turns out it is PERFECT for holding my spray starch for this method.

Starch Applique Tools with Rooftop Section done

Roof with Freezer Paper backing and pressed

Rooftop with Paper Removed

Block 1 Applique Template Layout Diagram

Fabric Only layout on Diagram

I can do this!  Of course, these are all very straight and clear cut.  I’ll do the moon and sun next and then have to tackle those two women figures with all the itty bitty pieces.  But no need to worry about it now.  Have a wonderful weekend!Jennifer

Manic mode this week

I think the changing seasons is getting me into a manic hyper drive mode.  I have lots of projects I want to start and finish and I find that I enjoy having several going at the same time on my tables.  Variety is always good and I can easily pick up something and get a few minutes done until ‘they’ discover I’m gone from their immediate vicinity.  “They” being my 4 and 5 year olds.

So – what’s new?  Well,… thanks to Sinta and her blog post from yesterday … I went on a hunt for a pattern called Yoyoville by Bunny Hill Designs.  Sinta is making hers from Whimsy fabric (Fig Tree).  I love the picture in the photo on the pattern (made with Simple Abundance by Bonnie & Camille)

… but I thought it would look great in Tapestry!  So … I have never made a yoyo before and the pattern strongly suggests that you get the Clover large yoyo tool.  So, with a coupon and a few dollars in hand, I picked one up on the way home yesterday from Jo Ann’s fabric store.  My only reservation is that I hate to see that extra corner fabric fall away and know I can’t really use it.  But the tool is perfect for charm packs, which I happen to have one of Tapestry already.  I’ll probaby bring in some Mill House and Patiesserie to make it extra scrappy.  First I’ll see if I can get all of these made before I buy the pattern and coordinating fabric (although I’m sure I can find some already in my house).  These little gems shrink down to 1 3/4″ in diameter when you are done.  The pattern calls for about 120 of them.

While I was at Jo Ann’s, I thought – … I wonder if I can crochet?  There is a Fusion Crochet thing happening on some blogs and I thought that it would be interesting to try one or two blocks to see how I like it.  I figured that it would be easy to do, but I haven’t learned that craft before.  I had a crochet needle, just needed some yarn, … and a book.  You can see my attempt to practice the single crochet and slip stitch on my little sample in the picture below.

I’m not sure I’m ready to start this yet.  I may have to do something like 3×3 charm blocks and join those larger ones together with crochet instead of the individual 5″ blocks.  To be determined…

Finally, a progress report on my Away From Home BOM, using Mill Girls fabric.  Still on the first block and finally got the main factory building done.  It was reverse applique to make the fabric appear like windows in the building.  That took me a VERY long time I think, compared to traditional piecing.  I had not really tried needle turn applique before and I’ll probably try converting to machine applique before I’m done with this block.  But – I’m proud of my results so far and ready to finish the factory building and do the sun and moon shape.

So – there you have it for this week.  Working on Birdie Stitches #11 (November/Thanksgiving theme) and worked a little more on the MIL stars and stripes quilt.  Really looking forward to a weekend at home with no duties or places to go.  Wish everyone a wonderful Thursday!


Busy, busy, busy!

Lots of WIP and more started since last post.  I don’t know what I’m thinking … but I hope I’ll have this breakthrough moment when, after working a little bit on all of my projects each week, I’ll have several completed at once!

Here’s a look at what’s on my work surfaces right now:


1)  10 Little Things Baby Quilt – ready to pin baste and FMQ (free motion quilt)


2)  Birdie Stitches Quilt – As of today, I have 9 blocks completed and one in progress.  I haven’t decided on the setting for this quilt yet.Image

3)  Forget Me Not Sew Along (hosted by Pam Buda).  This is where I am today.  We have the instructions for two more blocks as of last Friday, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.  Goal is to get those done before this Friday, when the last two block instructions will be provided.  I can do this!


4)  The ever present quilt for Nora.  I finished putting on the inner border, but I need to cut out and piece the last border and get it attached.  Then it will be ready for quilting!


5)  Away From Home BOM – just starting this in September.  The first few blocks will be all applique, which is new for me.  Going very slowly to try and make it look as good as possible.  So far, only half way through the reverse applique step of the mill factory rectangle with all the windows.


6)  Other works in process… lots going on in this picture:

My MIL quilt – Stars and Stripes.  Almost done with the inner blocks and will piece them together, then just a couple of borders with four cornerstone star blocks.  I would say it has gone really fast, but I don’t sit down long enough at one time and work on it to get it done.  Hoping it might be possible to do it by the end of the month before we visit again.

The October Birdie Stitch block is shown here in process.

The latest Forget Me Not instructions are printed out and ready for cutting the fabric.

My nano needs to be charged and connected to speakers again that went missing (wonder who?)…

Coupon that came in the mail from Jo Ann’s Fabric.  I’m sure I’ll have a use for it soon.  Need some matching applique thread for the Away From Home BOM.


So – that’s it!  I’ll show more details of each as they are near completion.  Have a great week!