Snails pace…

It has occurred to me that anyone who takes valuable time out of their day to read my blog may feel as though they are watching paint dry.  Compared to my favorite bloggers, who seem to be able to whip out quilts every week if they wanted, my pace is much more …. um…. excruciating.  For me as well.  I long for the days where I can work more than 15 minutes without interruption, or heaven forbid!, an entire weekend just dedicated to my little hobby.  But then, I would miss out on the growth of my children, and I would surely regret that later.

So … in my effort to spice this up a bit … here is my latest installment of the first Tree block.  Yes – there will be another!

Here’s the tree right now, with leaves temporarily glued in place:

Tree status 01-24-2013

And here are the remaining leaves for this tree getting trimmed down and preparing for the starch applique method:

Leaves Prepped 1

These were already trimmed up, just waiting for the starch and iron:

Leaves Prepped 2


And a final, wide shot of my ironing board with all my leaves, and supplies staged for the picture.

Applique Layout


Funny story about my ironing board cover… I found a tutorial through one of my favorite blogs, Sister’s Choice Quilts, and thought I would make my own fitted cover.  I got as far as deciding on my fabric and laying it out on the board to make sure it was large enough and decided… eh, this is good enough!  Fabric choice is a print from Hometown (or was it Reunion?) by Sweetwater. 

But after using the board a LOT for this applique project, I decided to wash the fabric with the intention on actually finishing the cover.  Well, in those spots I had done a lot of ironing and starching, the fabric just disintegrated!  So I refolded it so that those areas were underneath the visible side.  Therefore, I have decided to wait until I want to buy two yards of a canvas weight fabric and start it over again.  Guess it wasn’t that funny.  Oh well!

Have a great Thursday!


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