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Bundle of JOY!

At least, the kind that I get nowadays.  Although my baby girl did just have her 5th birthday!  So, as part of her gift this year, I had a pretty, pink quilt done for her and it arrived on our doorsteps today!

Nora Sampler bundle


Sorry for the poor lighting, it was raining outside and overcast.  Once I have a nice sunny day and I get the binding on, I’ll take some really great pictures outside.

This was the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM from 2011.  It features Strawberry Fields fabric from Fig Tree Quilts.  I used one of those prints for the backing.  My daughter loves all things pink!  Here are some more pictures:


Nora Sampler 3 Nora Sampler closeup Nora Sampler 1 Nora Sampler 2

Linh, with LiMa Sews, did a beautiful job (AGAIN!) on this quilt.  She did some feather quilting down the long columns and stippling around the flowers.  I haven’t had a chance to really inspect it yet, because I was trying to keep Nora from seeing it.  Want to surprise her with it at her birthday party this weekend!

On other projects… I have machine stitched the binding to the front of my Swoon quilt.  Now I just have to either machine stitch it from the back, or get started with the hand binding.  It is a real pain to maneuver around a king size quilt on a small machine in a corner of a bedroom.  I may try to move my machine to the dining table and see if it goes easier that way.

Swoon binding

I sent my Rally quilt off for quilting as well, and it is already on its way back to me!  I have to get it bound and delivered by the end of next week to that new HS graduate leaving for California.

Finally, I have my two blocks cut out for the August month of the current FQS DM BOM 2013 series.  Another beautiful basket block that I can’t wait to share.  Absolutely no problem getting my two blocks of pieces cut from the one set of fabric this month.  Lots left over too!  Thanks FQS!

Hope all is well with you, lovely reader.  I have been super busy with the beginning of exciting school years for my children (Kindergarten and 1st grade!).  We are now going to two schools for the first time, which hasn’t been too bad.  It’s kind of interesting to see how it is shaping the kids relationship to be more apart and independent.

Blog again soon,


SWOON Quilted!

Ok … so it’s been a few days since my last post and I’m not sure when I’ll get time to sit and do a longer one… but I wanted to share a couple of pictures that Linh from LiMa Sews sent me of my quilted Swoon quilt.

Her husband (the Ma part of LiMa) took the pictures and I’m so glad I have them for my files.  They really show off the quilt pattern.

Swoon Quilted 1

I LOVE it!  The baptist fan pattern was a great choice and I’m so glad I took Linh’s advice on the selection.  Since I had it done, I have seen a lot of other quilts in blogland done in the pattern.  I’m finally in the midst of a popular trend instead of 2 years behind one!

Here’s a close up:

Swoon Quilted 2

I am binding the quilt in one of the dark navy prints from the collection:

Happy Go Lucky Navy Mum Yardage SKU# 55063-17

My plan is to bind it this weekend and give it to my friend on Monday.  Wish I had time now, but I have to close the books on July and that is taking up my spare time right now.  I might be able to get to it Thursday, but we’ll see.

Some sad news though… one of my little tuxedo kittens passed away this week.  Unexpectedly.  She seemed to be losing weight recently, and was really looking pitiful this past weekend, but before I could arrange a Dr. appointment – the kids found her ‘frozen’ in the living room Monday night.  She had a good appetite, so I’m not sure what happened.  I feel really awful about it.  The picture below is from Aug 4th, and she looks pretty good here.



Rest in peace Posy.  We loved you for a short time and will keep you in our hearts forever.

Good night all,


New BOM Spoiler Alert!

Forewarning!  I received my first shipment from FQS for the 2013 Designer Mystery BOM yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to open it!

Before I do, I’ll give you a chance to avert your eyes and come back later if you are waiting on your own shipment and want to see the first block as a surprise.

I opened up my Robin’s Nest block 2 package, and pressed out the background fabric needed for the center applique.  Once my center is done, then a little fussy cutting and applique of the round of scalloped border.

Robins Nest Block 2

After this step, it will be some piecing for the next border round.

Ok … now – are you ready?  I got Block 1:

2013 FQS DM BOM 1

And another picture:

2013 FQS DM BOM 1b

Although I never started 2012 DM BOM, I wasn’t going to let this one get away from me.  I have already cut out the pieces for Block 1.  One thing with FQS exclusive BOM programs – they give you LOTS of fabric.  I am going to cut out two sets of blocks from each month’s delivery.  Here are my pieces for this month:


I have plenty for two blocks and I put the left over fabric back in the clear envelope.  Can’t wait to get this pieced later today.

Also decided it was time for new rotary blades.  Joann’s is having a ‘firefly’ sale and most everything I was interested in is half off.  So, I got this 5 pack of blades for only $18, which is a great price.  Plus their storage containers are also half off.  Here’s my loot:


Project wish list as of today (no particular order):

  • Block 1 FQS DM BOM
  • Block 2 Robin’s Nest
  • Special quilt for a new high school graduate
  • Blocks 9-12 Blogger Girls BOM
  • AYOS for June – Dulcinea Schnibbles
  • Quilt my own tops – 10 Little Things, Hat Trick
  • Away From Home – Tree Block #2

How’s your summer wish list shaping up?

Thanks for visiting,


Weekly Wrap Up

Well, I have nearly made it through the week without the kids.  I was hard the first night.  Really missed them to bits.  But we made it through and managed a dinner out one night and a movie last night.  We saw The Internship, and we literally laughed out loud in some spots.  That’s unusual for me, but I think I’m at just the right age and generation to feel the humor in this movie.  But I like these kind of comedies.  Vince Vaughan kept saying “On the line” instead of “Online” – it was funny, … really.

I have also decided to start a new series that I never watched when it was in its prime.  If you recall, I got hooked on LOST and I did complete the entire series.  I don’t know how I would have made it through some of those seasons having to wait a week to get to the next scenarios.  It was really good.  Not sure about the ending – probably over thinking it.  I particularly liked SAWYER (played by Josh Holloway)- too bad it wasn’t on HBO, probably would have seen ‘more’ of him.


Now, though – I am getting into ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.  I really like Jason Bateman humor also.  Dry wit and sarcasm.  Perfect for me.  I’m still in Season 1.  I’m not into it as much as LOST and giving up hours of sleep to see the next episodes.  Just catching it when I can on Netflix.  Perfect for lunch breaks at the office desk.  They are coming back to do another season, but this time it will be EXCLUSIVELY on Netflix.  Got to get caught up first.


Finally – I will say that I am absolutely, positively finished with the Swoon quilt top.  No.. you can’t see another picture.  I know you want to, but you can’t.  I am so flaky.  I kept wanting to wrap it up and move on, but I couldn’t.  Not until I was satisfied.  Now I’m satisfied.  It will be in the mail to LiMa Sews on Saturday morning.  DONE!  I’m so excited, I may throw in another quilt top and get it done at the same time.  Nora is due her own quilt finally, and I bequeathed her the 2011 FQS DM BOM quilt.  Perfect for my pink princess.

Nora Quilt in Progress

Did you get to take advantage of Fat Quarter Shops awesome sale this past weekend?  They cut prices on patterns, books, and precuts.  I couldn’t pass up some patterns at half off.

Pattern Group Purchase

I always love the look of Planted Seed Designs, but the Perkins pattern is really speaking to me right now.

Pattern Set 1

And, with AYOS – there’s a pretty good chance I’ll need these Schnibble patterns that I didn’t already own.  If not – they were on my list to get anyway.

Pattern Set 2

DULCINEA is the AYOS pattern for June.  I still haven’t started, but with Swoon done now – I can get into it this weekend!

Hope you have great expectations for this coming weekend as well!  Thanks for visiting today!


Blog Anniversary! 1 Year!

Time has flown, that’s for sure.  My first blog post was a year ago today, and it was pretty weak.  Over the last 365 days however, I have completed almost 80 posts, so averaging about 1 1/2 posts per week – which isn’t bad I think.  For an amateur.  I have also completed 5 quilt tops and 1 AYOS project (wall hanging size).

I am counting this as a finished quilt top as well, but I have one more night to dwell on it.  I like it, but my husband asked – what are you going to do on the sides?  Is it finished?

Swoon 4

How do you like the tumbler block border?  I really think it looks good.  I have it on the top and bottom right now.

Swoon 3

Can’t wait to see how this will look all quilted up!

Swoon 5

If I stop now, then I can do a simple back of 3 yards sewn to 3 yards… if I make it any wider… then I have options to think about.  Albeit interesting options since I have so many tumblers leftover, and a jelly roll/layer cake of Happy Go Lucky I could open if needed.

This will be the (majority of) backing fabric:

Happy Go Lucky White Garden Yardage SKU# 55061-18

I think I really want to move on.  It looks good to me, and it can now theoretically fit a King bed – but best for a Queen.  I’ve got projects piling up (2013 FQS Designer Mystery BOM is getting shipped out this week!) – but you never know what I’ll show you tomorrow.  So stay tuned!

Thank you for joining me today and I hope to keep seeing so much great inspiration out there over the next year.

All the best,


Happy Saturday

Having a great Saturday so far.  Just keeping it relaxed – no pressure.

Finished cutting out all of the tumblers from my fat quarter stack:


I think I have around 1000, which will be enough for the border and an added row as part of my pieced backing as well.  I’m going to try this idea I found on a blog last week to make my ‘random’ selection for putting together the rows.  I can NOT remember whose blog I saw this on – was it yours?  I’m going to throw my pieces into the dryer for a few minutes, lowest air only setting, and then scoop them out into a basket for my retrieval during the sewing stage.  Of course, no two same will be next to each other, but I’ll try to keep it random other than that.

Here’s Nora making up our shopping list for today.  All the essentials.

Notice her memo board.  This has turned out to be my favorite ruler, and I have a LOT of rulers..  It is an 8×14 Fons & Porter Omnigrid ruler, purchased at Joann Fabrics.

Nora Making List

And the shopping list:

Shopping List

I started helping with the spelling halfway into the list.  And I added the “meat” word.  Can you decipher the first three items?

Finally, today’s cat picture.  They are getting more and more cuddly.  And courageous.  But not at this particular moment:

Kitties 06-08-2013

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for visiting!


(Final note, as I was completing this entry – the cats pooped in the bed because I moved their litter box earlier in the day.  Daddy was not pleased at ALL.  I did show them that I moved it – but they are just babies – right?  Going to do some laundry now!)

Decision made, possibly

Clue to my border question for Swoon:


Yep – that’s a Crumbler tool by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  I still had it intact, in the package, when I looked in my ruler drawer for ideas on the Swoon border.  I really do love borders.  It would be so hard for me personally to make one of those quilts that have patchwork blocks right up to the edge of the binding.  I find myself thinking of the borders as almost a second quilt in itself.

I am going to put in the white 2 1/2″ strip inner border, then a row of tumbler (excuse me … “Crumbler”) blocks and a final 2 1/2″ white outer border.  The tumbler size I am making is the largest for this tool – cut from 5 1/2″ strips and adding 5″ to the finished border width.  With the other two strips added, I should be close to my 100×100 size that I originally wanted for a king size bed.

Here is a pic of my preview for this border row:


I was playing with the idea of two rows of tumblers, and I may still do that – depends on how many I get cut from my remaining fat quarters and scraps of Happy Go Lucky.  You can cut 18 of this size tumblers from a single fat quarter.  They go together really fast.  If I can use up my leftovers, then that would be perfect.  I’m not likely to sew again soon with this collection, since I have so many other projects I want to work on.

Do you like?

Cat update:  Daughter asked “Where did the kitties sleep last night?”…

I replied “They slept on top of Daddy.”

Daughter said “The kitties can sleep wherever they want – because they are our special guests.”

I replied “Yes dear.  You will find that the kitties will always do whatever they want.  That is what kitties do.”

Did I mention that I’m actually allergic to cats, and so is my husband?  Waiting to see how the kids are affected.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Is it a finish? Or not…

Oh – I can’t decide!!  I want to move on to my other projects, but I really think I want this extra border put in place to make it bigger.  What to do, what to do…  Flying geese don’t take that long… I guess I’ll see how many I can whip up tonight when I get home from work.

Here’s the completed (?) Swoon quilt top:


This iPad doesn’t take good pictures inside, at a close distance… but here is my aerial view:


And my center block with the newlywed embroidery (thanks again to Kristyne for the great font suggestion):


I need to do two months of Blogger Girls BOM and I already missed May AYOS.  I don’t want to miss out on June AYOS.  And then there’s my Robin’s Nest quilt that I am really wanting to get back to…  I love my problems!

Here are some updated pics of the new kitties.  The ‘shy’ one is doing better.

Bobbie (aka Sparkle)

Bobbie (aka Sparkle)





Have a wonderful evening!  Thanks as always for stopping by!


Deadline – come and gone …

Well, my self imposed deadline has come and gone.  I do have all the blocks done for my SWOON quilt (as of last night!), and the embroidery in the center square is also completed.  It turned out great!!  I’m thinking of adding a few flowers and such, but perhaps I should just get this thing done and off to LiMa Sews.

My friend was married this morning.  She’s officially a “MRS” now, and I think she is in bliss this afternoon.  I’ll get a chance to see her tomorrow at a reception they are hosting for friends (they only had a small, family wedding today).

My parents are visiting this weekend as well, and will spend the night – all very exciting for the grandchildren.  They love it when Nana and GrandDad spend the night!  For me, that means I’ll be doing more cleaning in the next 18 hours than I have done all month…

Finally – I have signed up my family to be FOSTER PARENTS!  Foster parents to rescued kittens!!  I shared this little secret with my 4 year old earlier this week, but she blabbed already.  I was going to surprise my husband and son with them on Sunday.  I have missed having kitties walking around, under my feet, in my bed, laying on my computer, etc… for four years.  It is time.  We are fostering for now, but we will certainly plan to adopt later in the year.  I’m helping out with a rescue group called Dori’s Darlings.  You can check out their website here.  If you live in the Houston area and wish to foster as well, they would be glad to have you I’m sure!


Aren’t these the cutest?


They also help with vet needs for their rescued animals and have saved many lives from pain and agony.Picture

Plan of action – add sashing and borders to quilt tonight/tomorrow.  Piece the backing.  Mail off to the quilter on Monday/Tuesday.  Play with kitties.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Adding a personal touch

Still piecing away, almost down to the last block.  Here are blocks 7 & 8, on the design wall in pieces, waiting to get assembled.  Again, where you see a solid color, it is really just a print of very small dots.


I should have the blocks done by tomorrow, then there’s the sashing (easy) and decision on the borders.  I would like to make it fit for a king size, something like 100×100.  I’ll need to add about a 10-12 inch border around the quilt for that.  Still thinking about utilizing the remaining fat quarters from my bundle of Happy Go Lucky that I didn’t use in the blocks to add in some flying geese units in the opposing corners.  Add a little more interest and personal touch.

Another personal touch I want to add is some embroidery in the center square of the center block.  Since I’m giving this as a wedding present, I thought putting their names and wedding date would be nice.  I was inspired from this post by Pretty by hand blogger, Kristyne Czepuryk, to download a font I like and use that as my template.  Take a peak at her post here, where she offers an Embroidered Signature Block tutorial.

My personal handwriting is, and has always been, terrible.  My hand actually starts to cramp now if I write more than a few paragraphs in long hand.  That’s how little I write anymore.  I learned how to type in high school, even won a couple of awards at UIL for speed – so there was never any struggle to transition to a computer world for me.  Every person in high school should learn how to type properly.  Invaluable.

I digress.  I am shamelessly stealing the same font idea from Kristyne and using Stalemate for the wedding block.  I’m not crazy about the “B” letter – I might play with it a bit before I commit to the ink.  The fonts are available as free downloads through this website – 1001 Fonts.  I had also downloaded Tangerine, Sacramento and Adine.  But Kristyne had the right selection already – Stalemate.


I went through my limited stash of embroidery thread.  Most of which I picked up in a clearance opportunity at my local quilt shop, but I also had ordered a range of colors by COSMOS floss.  None of which matched my fabric.  None of it.

Guess that means I have to go shopping.  I have to go.   I am forced to go shopping. Plus – I have a coupon for Joann Fabrics!  Love that!

Selected a variety of colors, in case I wanted to embellish a little in the block.  I’m likely to use the darkest navy color for the lettering.


While at Joann’s, I also found this book that I couldn’t pass up.


Not only did I have a coupon for 10% off everything … the quilt books were 40% off also!  I love looking at English Paper Piecing (EPP) projects and there was this one in the book that caught my eye in particular.  I still have near the top of my list to make a little tablecloth for my daughters kid-size table.  Something she could use for her tea parties.  I already have the perfect fabric, and I have some patterns that I have considered – but I might have to add in some EPP to make it even more special.   Those are little hexagon diamonds in between the butterflies.


So – that leaves me with one complete block to go, with embroidery.  Sashing, borders and piecing a quilt back.  I have asked Linh of Elvy Crafts blog and LiMa Sews to do my longarm quilting.  I have her on reserve for next week!  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!  No more updates on this quilt until the BIG REVEAL!

Thanks for stopping by this weekend – I hope you are enjoying it wherever you are!