Adding a personal touch

Still piecing away, almost down to the last block.  Here are blocks 7 & 8, on the design wall in pieces, waiting to get assembled.  Again, where you see a solid color, it is really just a print of very small dots.


I should have the blocks done by tomorrow, then there’s the sashing (easy) and decision on the borders.  I would like to make it fit for a king size, something like 100×100.  I’ll need to add about a 10-12 inch border around the quilt for that.  Still thinking about utilizing the remaining fat quarters from my bundle of Happy Go Lucky that I didn’t use in the blocks to add in some flying geese units in the opposing corners.  Add a little more interest and personal touch.

Another personal touch I want to add is some embroidery in the center square of the center block.  Since I’m giving this as a wedding present, I thought putting their names and wedding date would be nice.  I was inspired from this post by Pretty by hand blogger, Kristyne Czepuryk, to download a font I like and use that as my template.  Take a peak at her post here, where she offers an Embroidered Signature Block tutorial.

My personal handwriting is, and has always been, terrible.  My hand actually starts to cramp now if I write more than a few paragraphs in long hand.  That’s how little I write anymore.  I learned how to type in high school, even won a couple of awards at UIL for speed – so there was never any struggle to transition to a computer world for me.  Every person in high school should learn how to type properly.  Invaluable.

I digress.  I am shamelessly stealing the same font idea from Kristyne and using Stalemate for the wedding block.  I’m not crazy about the “B” letter – I might play with it a bit before I commit to the ink.  The fonts are available as free downloads through this website – 1001 Fonts.  I had also downloaded Tangerine, Sacramento and Adine.  But Kristyne had the right selection already – Stalemate.


I went through my limited stash of embroidery thread.  Most of which I picked up in a clearance opportunity at my local quilt shop, but I also had ordered a range of colors by COSMOS floss.  None of which matched my fabric.  None of it.

Guess that means I have to go shopping.  I have to go.   I am forced to go shopping. Plus – I have a coupon for Joann Fabrics!  Love that!

Selected a variety of colors, in case I wanted to embellish a little in the block.  I’m likely to use the darkest navy color for the lettering.


While at Joann’s, I also found this book that I couldn’t pass up.


Not only did I have a coupon for 10% off everything … the quilt books were 40% off also!  I love looking at English Paper Piecing (EPP) projects and there was this one in the book that caught my eye in particular.  I still have near the top of my list to make a little tablecloth for my daughters kid-size table.  Something she could use for her tea parties.  I already have the perfect fabric, and I have some patterns that I have considered – but I might have to add in some EPP to make it even more special.   Those are little hexagon diamonds in between the butterflies.


So – that leaves me with one complete block to go, with embroidery.  Sashing, borders and piecing a quilt back.  I have asked Linh of Elvy Crafts blog and LiMa Sews to do my longarm quilting.  I have her on reserve for next week!  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!  No more updates on this quilt until the BIG REVEAL!

Thanks for stopping by this weekend – I hope you are enjoying it wherever you are!


2 thoughts on “Adding a personal touch

  1. I love your blog posts. I feel like I’m in your house listening to you. 🙂
    My hand cramps when I write longhand too. What kind of pen are you using for your tracing? I saw on the blog you linked to that another gal had used a pen called FriXion that has erasable ink.
    Great buys at Joann!

    • I haven’t found a FriXion pen yet, although I have wanted to try it. I see them online, but not at Joanns or my local quilt shop. I use the permanent ink pens called Micron and just place small dots to outline the embroidery pattern, matching the color of the ink to the thread. You can find them at Joanns. I haven’t tried Walmart or Target. They are meant for fabric. I would love to find a quilting bee in our area – have you ever attended one in Katy? Where everyone actually just got together and sewed as a group on different projects?

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