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I can’t resist Collections!

From an early age, I have always been attracted to collecting things.  Groups of things.  Books in a series (hard cover Stephen King books), figurines from a particular maker (Crinkle Claus figurines), movies/sequels on DVD, etc… 

Now, with my obsession with fabric these past few years, I have a huge opportunity to exploit and run with my little ‘personality quirk’!

I have my favorite designers whom I know I will buy yardage and bundles of fabric with each release.  Those include Fig Tree, Bonnie & Camille, and (most of the time) French General and 3 Sisters.  I’m pretty mainstream I guess.  Although I have now accumulated quite a bit of vintage Lori Holt fabric as well, and plan to add to it with Bake Sale that was just released.

Even within each fabric group, there are certain collections which I find it hard to pass up buying (and hoarding) deals on fabric cuts.  Some of these collections include Peace on Earth by 3 Sisters, Allspice Tapestry and Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts, Rounneries ( & Deux) by French General, and I could go on and on and on.

Is this just me?

My latest fascination is Collection for a Cause that is put out by Howard Marcus Dunn for Moda fabrics.  COLLECTION is even in the title of each release!  How perfect is that! 

This endeavor started several years ago, so in my effort to try and figure out what I was missing – I found that it was hard to locate somewhere that told me exactly all the collections, in addition to pictures.  I finally found the spot on the United Notions website (in my own opinion, not very easy to navigate around).  In case anyone else had this same question or curious about all the colletions in one place … here you go!

Here is the website link if you want to browse the materials for yourself:  http://www.unitednotions.com/un_main.nsf/fabric-collections.  Then type “Collection” in the search menu.

I am NOT an expert blogger or webmaster.  I made this in Excel, then copied it into Microsoft Paint so I could save it as a jpg image and load it here.

Col for Cause

Every one of these came out with a pattern/kit of some sort.  I have all but 3 of the oldest, and I will probably wait a bit to buy the most recent release (Mill Book Series).  Have I made any of the quilts yet?  Nope.  Do I care?  Nope.  I have ‘collected’ them.  My favorite so far though is the “Hope” kit.  Beautiful!  That will probably be the first one I do.  I have never done a Lemoyne star quilt, so this would be a great example.

If anyone out there has the kit for Charity, Alliance or Legacy – would love to discuss that with you!

All the best and thanks for stopping by today.