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FQS DM BOM Block 7 Done!

I have actually gotten through several tasks this weekend, enough to fill two posts – but I’m breaking it up into two.

The first activity I did was to complete Block 7 of the 2013 FQS DM BOM.  It is a house block and went together really quick.  I used my new Alphabitties notion from FQS and I liked them!  I will continue to use them on these patterns for sure – take a look below at my pieces all labeled and ready:

FQS DM Block 7 pieces

I didn’t even have to think twice before I grabbed my parts according to the pattern and ran them through the machine.  And for some reason, they cling a little to the fabric due to static electricity I think, so they don’t slide off as easily as I thought they would.  The tiles are printed the same on both sides also.

After a short amount of time – I had Block 7 done!

FQS DM Block 7

And, as per my routine, I was able to make two blocks from the one package:

FQS DM Block 7 twice

This was probably the highest residual month so far.  Look at all of these leftovers for my stash, even after making TWO blocks!

FQS DM Block 7 leftovers

Yes, I made a few HSTs from the trimmings, but I’ll just hang on to them and see how I can use them later.  They are 2″ unfinished.

LOVE these bright colors … BUT … because I LOVE variety also – here is my change of pace project that I also started this weekend.

Remember back late last year, I blogged here about a new magazine quilt pattern called REACH FOR THE STARS?  It is being published in the Quilters Newsletter magazine over 7 volumes.  I have the first two magazines so far, and I have the center block almost completed (pattern in first month).

RFTS Cover Quilt

I fell in love with the neutral color scheme and fussy cutting and wanted to try and match it as closely as possible.  I started with American Gothic from Pam Buda and never stopped!  I had added bits and pieces here and there from other collections and designers – but this is just a teaser for my next post!  I’ll show you my fabric selections and the center block next time!  I hope you will come back and see!  Perhaps sew along?  There are at least two other ladies that I know of that have started on this quilt also.

Until then – thanks for visiting and have a great remainder of the weekend!




BOM Rehab with HST bonus!

It seems that HST projects are all over my favorite blogs right now.  In particular, doing blocks inspired by a post from Camille Roskelley of the Bonnie and Camille team.

In my BOM Rehab work this week, I had the task of creating 12 block size HSTs for setting squares on the Generals’ Wives project.

First I made Block 3:

GW Block 3

You may look at this and say … hey – that’s a nice block.  Well, I made two mistakes doing this late at night Friday.  Once I saw that I had sewn four pairs of pieces together wrong, I just ‘went with it’ and then I noticed I had my corners wrong too.  Oh well – it will be my special block to create a unique quilt top.

Here’s my block next to the pattern.  It is almost unrecognizable at this point:

GW Block 3 and pattern


In the Block 3 envelope, they included two large cuts of fabric and instructed us to make 12 HST squares that are 12 1/2″ square unfinished.  Hence, my HST work for the week:

GW HST Setting Blocks


I feel like I’ve made some significant progress now on this BOM.  Here’s my three blocks and my stack of 12 HST setting squares:

GW Proj Status 01-12-2014

But that isn’t the only BOM Rehab work I did!  Oh no!  Remember this project?  Away from Home by Nancy Rink, Mill Girls fabric by Judie Rothermel.

The instructions for the quilt are in this book, Away from Home, by Nancy and Oliver Rink.  Only the center portrait area is shown in the book cover below.  The quilt finishes around 100″ square.

Away From Home Book


I had gotten through the center piece and one tree.  You can click on my tag list to see all my posts for Away from Home.

AFH Tree 1 Finished

Honestly, I got burned out on all of those leaves… but I really love this fabric the quilt is absolutely beautiful to me.  So, I got started on Tree #2:

AFH Tree 2


Once the leaves are on, I’ll join the three sections together and square it up.  This will be followed by 20 spool blocks (easy peasy) and an inner containment border and then move to the outer pieced blocks.

What other BOMs do I want to work on?

Paris in the Fall

Birdie Blocks

Robin’s Nest

Blogger Girls BOM 2013

Generals’ Wives

Sew Spooky

FQS Designer Mystery BOM 2013

Mill Girls Medallion Quilt

Hampton  Ridge

Charming and Quaint

Mastering Miniatures

Civil War Peace and Unity

The last two haven’t even started yet, but will be later this month or February.  Can you tell I love BOMs?  They really add to your stash too with the leftovers.

Hope you all have a great week lined up.  Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment if you are so inclined!  Let me know if you are working on any of the same BOMs as me!


Loving my BOM rehab work!

In the spirit of BOM Rehab (inspired by Sinta’s blog Pink Pincushion), I am really getting into my BOM projects again and LOVING IT!

I got Block 5 done for the FQS Designer Mystery BOM (Nov 2013 block).  I’m just one block down now.

This may look like a standard pinwheel/star block – but there were a lot of pieces to put together for it.  It took awhile!

FQS BOM Block 5

Bright and colorful!

Here’s a picture of the pattern cover and a bonus block I made from the half square triangle leftovers:

FQS BOM Block 5 Pattern

I’m not sure what that block is called, but I just picked a layout that I liked.  Probably some kind of bird block.

I had no problem getting my two blocks again and the bonus from one pack (if you don’t count getting a little bit of the background selvage in the quarter inch seam allowance):

FQS BOM Block 5 & Bonus


I had time this weekend to revisit another BOM that I started back in 2011!  2011!!!  It is called The Generals’ Wives.  I thought I had gotten farther, but I had only done 1 block so far.  I’m not sure why – probably because it started right at the  holidays and I got distracted.  I fell in love with reproduction fabrics for a long time and acquired quite a stash.  This BOM was from Quilter’s Quarters, but it was offered from Fat Quarter Shop, which is where I purchased my subscription.

General Wives Quilt

Here’s the first block I did back in October 2011:

GW Block 1

And here is block 2 from this weekend (I didn’t quite get the directional fabric worked out on the corner squares):

GW Block 2

A picture of the pattern cover for Block 2:

GW Block 2 Pattern

Both blocks together:

GW Block 1 & 2

I’m finding it hard not to ignore all the housework and parenting needs to work more on my BOM blocks!  How about you – getting into your UFO/BOM projects yet this year?




Building the Nest

A few progress pictures to share today.  I made it through Block 1 of the Robin’s Nest quilt by Karen Styles of Somerset Patchwork (in Australia – very exotic!).  In her latest post, there is SERIOUS EYE CANDY if you love hexagons or fussy cutting or kaleidoscope blocks or beautiful fabric.  GO and look at it now.  I will wait.  Go.  Now.  Link is above.  I have now officially added a Ring of Roses quilt to my bucket list in a red/white colorway.

Continuing …

I obtained my pattern and templates from Somerset, but opted to get the monthly fabric delivery for this quilt from Homestead Hearth (postage costs and such).  I think I just received Block 6 last week, so you could say I’m a bit behind!  I don’t see Robins Nest on their site right now, so I don’t know if they sold out or what.  However, if you do go and browse – take a look at the Merrimack quilt that is coming this summer.  It is another pattern by Karen Styles that they are offering.  Love it too!

I finished the ring of blue stars that will encircle the center medallion of the hexagon applique and six red stars that I showcased in this blog post.

RM Blue Star Ring

Here’s a couple of closeups of the blue stars:

RN Blue Stars Closeup 2

And another:

RN Blue Stars Closeup

For the 3 1/2″ finished stars, I used the Mini Fit to Be Geese tool by Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts.  Although the matrix of instructions didn’t specifically give me cutting instructions for a 2 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ unit, I winged it by cutting my background into 2″ squares, and cutting diagonally once.  And then cutting my blue fabric into 1 3/4″ squares and cutting them diagonally once as well.  Then paired them up like any other unit with this tool and there were guide lines there to make them perfect.  Much easier for me than cutting the exact template shape for each fabric piece.

Here’s a picture of the pattern cover for Block #1.  Karen produces top notch, quality patterns with clear steps:

RB Block 1 Pattern Pic

And here are my two pieces, overlaid for now on my design wall in this picture:

RN Block 1 Overlay 2


It’s really getting me excited to see it take shape.  After I took the pictures last night for this blog post, I couldn’t help but stay up late enough to sew these two pieces together – so I’m DONE WITH BLOCK 1!!  My own little rehab success.

The next step, for Block 2, is to applique this to a large square of background fabric and then fussy cut this scallop print fabric such that I applique it around the square to form a larger block.  I will do some show and tell on that block next time.

Thanks for stopping in today! 


Two Birds with Two Blocks

Short and sweet update today.  I have the auditors in the office for our annual reviews.  Lots of paper shuffling and printing, excel spreadsheets, reconciliations, etc…  Fun by all!

It is the beginning of another month, which means another Blogger Girls BOM block has been released!  I finished up the second, alternate layout, block last night so I can both share my results with you and link up to Pink Pincushion’s BOM Rehab (a day late).

Here’s the main layout of Block #4 for Blogger Girls BOM.  That gray ‘background’ is actually my sidewalk.  I am trying to get the best light for these pictures.:



Here’s the same pattern for this block, but in an alternate fabric layout.  You will also note that each month I do one in a red/green colorway and one in a red/blue colorway.  Now that I have 8 blocks on my design wall, I can see that they are going to look great together in the end!



Here are the two blocks, side by side.  I just love French General reds!:



So – knock down Blogger Girl BOM for April and another week of BOM Rehab with the same two blocks!  Efficient.

On the LOST front … I just finished Season 2 last night and watched the first episode of Season 3.  Can you believe what Michael did?  I did NOT see that coming.  I’m on the edge of my office chair now, waiting for my lunch break so I can get in another episode.

Have a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by!


Weekend Finish and starting BOM … again …

Hello again.  Been gone awhile – but it went by so very fast.  Closed another month of books at work and tried to be ‘in the moment’ with the kids the past two weeks.  Had to get some ‘me’ time in though still.  I have a weekend finish to my Avalon quilt top, although I may still embelish a bit when I go to quilt it.  Waiting on the Avalon yardage to come in (and another paycheck) to get the backing.

I decided to make excellent use of my California Girl fabric that I bought on extreme sale from my local quilt shop that sold out its bolts last year.  I bought several yards of each of the stripe fabric in three different colorways.  I picked the gray and yellow stripe to complete the border and 9-patch corners.  Very sunny and cheerful!  Turns out that it could now fit a California Twin (if they existed).

image image image image

Borders are my nemesis… and finding any place that I could possibly lay out a quilt to baste it.  I may have to wash down my driveway one day, pitch a tent to keep bird poop off and tape it to the concrete.  I just don’t have that much floor space!  Or… I guess I can bring it to my office and baste it after work one day by T-pinning it to the commercial carpet.  It all feels like dirty options.  Or tape it up on the livingroom wall?  I saw a tutorial one time where someone took newspaper to mask off the surrounding area and spray basted their quilts in the garage on the wall.  Maybe I could try that in the livingroom. 

Another psuedo finish for this weekend was my Robin’s Nest BOM.  I did finish the center ring of red stars and stitched it to my appliqued hexagon.  Those star blocks finish at 3 inches!  3 INCHES!  This was going to be a challenge for sure.  I have my mini fit-to-be-geese ruler on order with Monique, but she is waiting for a shipment to come in…  I do have perfect acrylic templates that allow you to cut the shapes exactly as they should be, with squared off corners and all to make it fit.  Surprisingly, I got better results on this project when I made sure I didn’t skimp on the 1/4″ seam allowance.  Those seams seemed so BIG compared to the finished size of these pieces.


 Look at those pitiful points and pinched connecting triangles!



I nearly cried when I put it on my wall and stepped away to view it.  It was terrible. !@#$!@#$ 

Calm down, not the end of the world. 

Except that I have someone special in mind for this quilt and I want it to be as perfect and beautiful and I know it could be.  Thankfully, Homestead Hearth provided enough fabric such that I could screw this up at least twice and still make another set that is worth a damn.

So… I ripped out all the stitches and salvaged the center hexagon.  The red stars were too distorted to fool with.



Here is “Take 2” on those stars.  They look better already.  Practice is making better (not perfect yet).  So, 2 stars redone and 4 more to go.  The next ring is 12 blue stars, done the same way.  Hopefully I will be a pro by then.

Therefore, I am still linking up to Sinta’s BOM Rehab since I technically did complete my block – at least once.

Finally – a gratuitous picture of my grandmother and daughter.  I took this last weekend when I was visiting my parents to celebrate my brother’s and my birthday week.


Thank you for stopping by today!


Starting new BOM! Border of the Month from Australia!

New BOM – Robin’s Nest

I’m going to count this as a rehab project, even though it is referred to as a border of the month.  Same acronym, so it works for me.  I’m a few months behind and it will definitely take time to do it right.  I’m looking forward to enjoying all the steps and mixing traditional piecing with paper piecing (a first for me) and needle-turn applique.  The project came from Karen Styles in Australia.  Her shop, Somerset Patchwork and Quilting, plays host to some really phenomenal workshops with ladies who know how to stick to a project.  Take a look at her blog and browse her website store for reproduction groups and BOM projects that take your breath away!  I got the pattern and acrylic templates from her shop, but I started the fabric BOM delivery from Homestead Hearth.

Robin's Nest by Karen Styles

Robin’s Nest by Karen Styles


Block 1 is technically the full center ring of stars, triangles and 6 center leaves.  But, as I just mentioned, this one will not be a race to the finish.  So, I count my first block as the center applique hexagon!  Done!



The little pencil points at the tips of the leaf shapes are going to be the points of the finished hexagon.  I won’t dare cut this out though, until I have the other part done to make sure it fits like a glove.

Today is also my birthday and I hope to get a really good mix of family, friends and quilting in today! 

Thanks for stopping by!


BOM Rehab and a new Blogger Girls Block

Happy Monday!

So glad that BOM Rehab coincided with a new release for the Blogger Girls BOM pattern.  The third block in the series was available Friday, and I was done with both versions by Saturday night.  I have even tackled my fear of Flickr and uploaded my pictures into the Blogger Girl’s group for all to see!

This was a neat block…  I didn’t much like how my first one ended up.  Not enough variation in scale of prints I think.  But it will mix in overall, so I’m leaving it.  I love my alternate block setting and fabric selections.  I went with a layout that I saw from Lisa of Stashmaster blog fame.  She highlighted the churn dash design in the center, which I did as well.

Here’s the primary layout:

BG BOM Block 3

BG BOM Block 3

And here’s the alternate layout for the same block pattern:

BG Block 3 Alt

BG Block 3 Alt

I came across some random stash yardage of La Petite Ecole by French General and used the red floral from it to frame the outside square-in-a-square and the churn dash blue fabric.  It mixed in really well.  I’ve pull some other items from that group to consider on the next blocks too.  The rest of the fabric is still from the La Belle Fleur collection that just came out.

Here are all six of my blocks completed:

BG BOM Blocks 1 - 3

BG BOM Blocks 1 – 3

Not bad for a BOM Rehab finish!

Here’s a sneak peak at something else I worked on yesterday.  I’ll reveal it more later this week… 🙂

Avalon Blue Basket

Avalon Blue Basket

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!


A new love starting to kindle…

Hello Thursday!  So glad you could make it again this week.  And thankful that you are already half-way over!

Wrapping up a lunch hour in front of my computer, trying my best to stay awake after a very long week at work.

I didn’t help myself much last night with a very late finish to the Blogger Girls BOM – Block 2 alternate block.  But I got it done!

Here’s the new block in the alternate colorway:

BG Block 2 Alt

I’m STILL cutting off a lot of those outside points !@#$!@$.  I’m going to have to figure that out before I do the next set.

Here’s the two blocks together for month two:

BG Block 2 Both

And, here are all four blocks done!  I’m actually caught up on this BOM!

BG Four Blocks

I’m using the French General fabric collection, La Belle Fleur.  The next free block pattern gets released on March 1 from Monique at Open Gate Quilts.  You can visit her blog and join in anytime.  Two blocks a month for six months.  Or just do six.  Or whatever you want – I’m not your mother.  🙂

But, to comment more on my blog header for today … I have been considering doing a quilt pattern by Kim Diehl for some time.  I love the ‘just enough folksy’ aspect of her designs.  I wouldn’t want too many really dark quilts (she uses a lot of rich, dark fabrics) – but, I could use at least one in my WIP (lol).  So… although I had browsed her books and internet pictures and such, I had not taken the plunge.  I came across this pattern yesterday in the latest Fons & Porter magazing (March/April 2013). 

Disclaimer:  I don’t know if it is illegal to show these pictures, but since I can count on my two hands the number of people who actually visit my blog – I thought I would take the chance.  Worst thing that could happen is someone will be inspired to buy a copy of the magazine.  Right?

The pattern is called “Sprigs & Twigs”:

FP Mag KD Pattern

Here’s a closeup of that picture on the right:

FP Mag KD Closeup

I LOVE those nine patch blocks that are made into the center of the four corner flowers.  And the bias stripe fabric for the stems and vines are adorable.  I felt myself getting so totally excited about this quilt.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it, so I figured it is in my future.  I have enough reproduction fabrics to make the center part, but I didn’t have anything really to be used for the black border.  Took care of that this morning with a quick order to FQS!  I have two fabrics selected from the Kansas Troubles Favorites collection.  I’ll decide which one works better on the scale of the print once I see them in person and audition them with my other fabrics.

Either this one:

Or this one:

I think I favor the top one, with the little daisies… but it may be too busy – or it may be perfect!  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you find something that lights your fire today!  All the best!


BOM Rehab – Feb 4th

I worked on many items this weekend, but I just have a short amount of time today for blogging, so I’ll link up to Sinta’s BOM Rehab and show off my completed TREE #1 from my Away From Home BOM.  I finished up the applique of the leaves last night during the Super Bowl.  Some I needle turned and some I did on the machine.  I like the eclectic mix of the result.  You can’t really tell with this picture, given it is too far away and I think a little fingerprint has been smudged on my camera lens…

AFH Tree 1 Finished

However, I’m going to take a break this week from applique and try to complete two other projects.

1 – I have machine stitched the binding to my MIL Stars and Stripes quilt.  I need to finish it by hand sewing it to the back and add a label.  MIL is visiting us in two weeks, so I have a definite deadline!  Pictures when I’m done!

2 – I have almost finished all the blocks for my jelly roll quilt with the Avalon fabric collection.  They look great!  I can’t help myself but to square up after each round of strips though.  Slows me down, but hopefully it is worth it when I go to put it all back together.  Cheater trick, I’m going to make my final two strips about a 1/4 inch larger (they are both in the background fabric) before I sew them on.  That way, if my blocks try to come up a little short anywhere, I have the extra fabric to keep them at an exact measurement.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!