Starting new BOM! Border of the Month from Australia!

New BOM – Robin’s Nest

I’m going to count this as a rehab project, even though it is referred to as a border of the month.  Same acronym, so it works for me.  I’m a few months behind and it will definitely take time to do it right.  I’m looking forward to enjoying all the steps and mixing traditional piecing with paper piecing (a first for me) and needle-turn applique.  The project came from Karen Styles in Australia.  Her shop, Somerset Patchwork and Quilting, plays host to some really phenomenal workshops with ladies who know how to stick to a project.  Take a look at her blog and browse her website store for reproduction groups and BOM projects that take your breath away!  I got the pattern and acrylic templates from her shop, but I started the fabric BOM delivery from Homestead Hearth.

Robin's Nest by Karen Styles

Robin’s Nest by Karen Styles


Block 1 is technically the full center ring of stars, triangles and 6 center leaves.  But, as I just mentioned, this one will not be a race to the finish.  So, I count my first block as the center applique hexagon!  Done!



The little pencil points at the tips of the leaf shapes are going to be the points of the finished hexagon.  I won’t dare cut this out though, until I have the other part done to make sure it fits like a glove.

Today is also my birthday and I hope to get a really good mix of family, friends and quilting in today! 

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5 thoughts on “Starting new BOM! Border of the Month from Australia!

  1. Happy birthday, Jennifer!! Hope you have a lovely day and are thoroughly spoilt! Have fun with Karen’s BOM. It’s a great quilt. Get it done soon, ‘cos I’ve seen the next one……and it’s gorgeous! (I teach for Karen at Somerset Patchwork.)

  2. Thank you! I have seen the sneak peak of the upcoming BOM and it is very, very pretty. I will have to talk myself into a third quilt using that same fabric collection, or join along and use my own scraps. It’s beautiful!

  3. Oh gosh, I was here yesterday and had to go look at your link for the BOM… I forgot to leave a comment before I left! You are starting an amazing adventure- it is just beautiful! I saw like 3 BOM’s over at the Homestead Hearth that I would love to enlist for! Thanks for all the inspiration… can’t wait to see more:)

  4. Jennifer I am in love with this quilt and am thinking that I must buy the pattern. How is your Robins Nest journey coming along?

    • Oh, you are making me feel so guilty! I love the Robin’s Nest quilt – but I have put in a drawer and let it linger too long. I really do want to work on it again and perhaps I will once I get past my two current quilts and bindings for several more.

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