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10 Little Things – A FINISH!

I love the feeling of a completed quilt top, but it does not beat the feeling I have when I call a quilt finished.  For me, that means that someone can snuggle with it, wash it, use it, love it.  My 10 Little Things quilt is now bequeathed to Brandon’s grandmother (my friend at work) and will be given to him at a family birthday party tomorrow night.

Picture heavy post, but then again – that’s why I started this blog.  To record and reflect back on quilt projects for myself and anyone else who is interested.

The quilt pattern was adapted from a free Moda Bakeshop pattern called Jungle Path by Jessica Kelly who blogs at www.sewcraftyjess.blogspot.com.

Click on “JUNGLE PATH” to open a window to the Bakeshop recipe.

I loved the 10 Little Things collection and it came with a large panel in two colorways.  I especially liked the red, so I centered it for the quilt and put my Jungle Path blocks around it.

10LT Quilted No Binding

That panel wasn’t perfectly rectangular, so you can see a bit of the red edging fading in and out as you go around the panel.  The blocks fit really well around the outside, and I just had to improvise with those two extra strips in the center of the top and bottom.


This is how the quilts came back from LiMa Sews – all bundled in brown paper and a navy ribbon to tie it all up.  My SWOON quilt is folded on the bottom – later post for sure!!

10LT Packaged Ribbon

Browse some of the pictures… the pantograph that I selected was Stars and Loops.  It worked out really well and was perfect for a little boy!

10LT Quilted 2 10LT Quilted No Binding 2 10LT Quilted 1 10LT Quilted 3 10LT Quilted 4

I really love the backing – these owls are the cutest!  When I went to select my backing – it turned out the size of my quilt top was just past the width of fabric – around 46″.  So… since I still had a variety of jelly roll strips leftover, I put them to good use in a piano key border on the backside.  Once it was quilted and bound, it turned out looking like a perfect chain of squares.

10LT Front and Back 10LT Quilted Back

Linh did a fantastic job quilting this and making sure the back was centered just right so as to make the strips come out even on both sides.

When I got the quilt back, I went looking for my extra yardage and scraps of fabric from this project – and I could NOT find it for anything.  And I’m so impatient – I was ready to get the binding on and give it away.  Luckily – I had just purchased a yard of the yellow grunge solid from the BOHO collection and it matched perfectly!!  I did the binding last night and machine stitched it completely – first on the front, then wrapped it to the back and did it again.  Turned out fine – I will probably do that more often on these smaller quilts.

10LT Binding

The final step was a quilt label.  I had come across a laser cut, fusible backed train design on eBay and had bought it many, many months ago in anticipation of this day.  However, due to my impatience, I decided to just fuse down the shapes and write out my message with a Sharpie.  I don’t like how it turned out necessarily, but at least it has a label on it.  Next time, I will work in the label before it gets quilted, or at least be ready to take the time to embroider it.  This one just looks, well. ,… like I rushed it (which I did).  I just hope it stands up to washing regularly.

10LT Train Label 10LT Label Closeup

That’s it for today! 

Last night I finished my two basket blocks for the 2013 Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM.  They came out great also – later post on that.

This weekend I hope to get the binding on the Swoon quilt and deliver it to my friend on Monday. 

Next week – I really have to finish up my Rally quilt before that kid flies off to college in Callifornia.

Finally, the Lincoln quilt is going to be a baby quilt gift, which needs to get done this month as well.

Thanks for visiting today and making it to the end of my post!  Have a great weekend!


Get ready to sweat!

It is still July, and it is still Houston, TX.  Temperature today, with heat index, is close to 100 degrees.  I know it is hotter in other places of the country, but it still makes me sweat when I go outside.

Now let’s add on a little bit of cotton!!

Today I am eagerly anticipating two of my quilts back from LiMa Sews!  My Swoon king size quilt in a baptist fan pattern and a generous sized toddler quilt for a good friend’s grandson who turns 1 year old this week.   The picture below shows the pieced backing that I did and the back side of the quilt top.  Aren’t those owls cute??

10 Little Things Progress

Tonight, I plan to do the binding on the toddler quilt so I can wrap it all up and give it to my friend tomorrow in time for the birthday.  I actually had it pieced just before he was born, but then I sat on it and thought I would do it myself, but that never happened.  So, off it went to Linh over at LiMa Sews!  For some reason, I didn’t have any more pictures of this quilt before I sent it off for quilting.  I’ll give all the specifics about it on a later post, once I have the binding done and hopefully get a picture of the birthday boy with it!  The fabric is 10 Little Things by Jenn Ski.

So – what did I do last night, now that AYOS is done??  Block 2 of the FQS DM BOM of course!

As I did on the first block, I cut out double the pieces so as to make two blocks from the single kit.  I had to borrow a little bit of fabric from Block 1 leftovers.  This month, the block is a really cute basket.  The stack of fabrics under the rotary cutter are the leftovers from Block 2:

FQS 2013 B2 Cuttings


FQS 2013 B2 Cuttings 2


Here are the ‘scraps’ all laid out so you can really get a feel for how much fabric FQS includes in their kits – it’s incredible!  The kit is suppose to make ONE block.  I made TWO and I still had this much left over (no background left though):

FQS 2013 B2 Leftovers

I didn’t get it all pieced last night, but I stayed up as late as I could to give it a try!  Here’s the middle section of the blocks:

FQS 2013 B2 WIP 1

And here are the components for the rest of the block:

FQS 2013 B2 WIP 2

I can definitely get this knocked out before the weekend.

Hope you are being productive today!  Thanks so much for stopping by – comments are always welcome!


Busy, busy, busy!

Lots of WIP and more started since last post.  I don’t know what I’m thinking … but I hope I’ll have this breakthrough moment when, after working a little bit on all of my projects each week, I’ll have several completed at once!

Here’s a look at what’s on my work surfaces right now:


1)  10 Little Things Baby Quilt – ready to pin baste and FMQ (free motion quilt)


2)  Birdie Stitches Quilt – As of today, I have 9 blocks completed and one in progress.  I haven’t decided on the setting for this quilt yet.Image

3)  Forget Me Not Sew Along (hosted by Pam Buda).  This is where I am today.  We have the instructions for two more blocks as of last Friday, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.  Goal is to get those done before this Friday, when the last two block instructions will be provided.  I can do this!


4)  The ever present quilt for Nora.  I finished putting on the inner border, but I need to cut out and piece the last border and get it attached.  Then it will be ready for quilting!


5)  Away From Home BOM – just starting this in September.  The first few blocks will be all applique, which is new for me.  Going very slowly to try and make it look as good as possible.  So far, only half way through the reverse applique step of the mill factory rectangle with all the windows.


6)  Other works in process… lots going on in this picture:

My MIL quilt – Stars and Stripes.  Almost done with the inner blocks and will piece them together, then just a couple of borders with four cornerstone star blocks.  I would say it has gone really fast, but I don’t sit down long enough at one time and work on it to get it done.  Hoping it might be possible to do it by the end of the month before we visit again.

The October Birdie Stitch block is shown here in process.

The latest Forget Me Not instructions are printed out and ready for cutting the fabric.

My nano needs to be charged and connected to speakers again that went missing (wonder who?)…

Coupon that came in the mail from Jo Ann’s Fabric.  I’m sure I’ll have a use for it soon.  Need some matching applique thread for the Away From Home BOM.


So – that’s it!  I’ll show more details of each as they are near completion.  Have a great week!