Get ready to sweat!

It is still July, and it is still Houston, TX.  Temperature today, with heat index, is close to 100 degrees.  I know it is hotter in other places of the country, but it still makes me sweat when I go outside.

Now let’s add on a little bit of cotton!!

Today I am eagerly anticipating two of my quilts back from LiMa Sews!  My Swoon king size quilt in a baptist fan pattern and a generous sized toddler quilt for a good friend’s grandson who turns 1 year old this week.   The picture below shows the pieced backing that I did and the back side of the quilt top.  Aren’t those owls cute??

10 Little Things Progress

Tonight, I plan to do the binding on the toddler quilt so I can wrap it all up and give it to my friend tomorrow in time for the birthday.  I actually had it pieced just before he was born, but then I sat on it and thought I would do it myself, but that never happened.  So, off it went to Linh over at LiMa Sews!  For some reason, I didn’t have any more pictures of this quilt before I sent it off for quilting.  I’ll give all the specifics about it on a later post, once I have the binding done and hopefully get a picture of the birthday boy with it!  The fabric is 10 Little Things by Jenn Ski.

So – what did I do last night, now that AYOS is done??  Block 2 of the FQS DM BOM of course!

As I did on the first block, I cut out double the pieces so as to make two blocks from the single kit.  I had to borrow a little bit of fabric from Block 1 leftovers.  This month, the block is a really cute basket.  The stack of fabrics under the rotary cutter are the leftovers from Block 2:

FQS 2013 B2 Cuttings


FQS 2013 B2 Cuttings 2


Here are the ‘scraps’ all laid out so you can really get a feel for how much fabric FQS includes in their kits – it’s incredible!  The kit is suppose to make ONE block.  I made TWO and I still had this much left over (no background left though):

FQS 2013 B2 Leftovers

I didn’t get it all pieced last night, but I stayed up as late as I could to give it a try!  Here’s the middle section of the blocks:

FQS 2013 B2 WIP 1

And here are the components for the rest of the block:

FQS 2013 B2 WIP 2

I can definitely get this knocked out before the weekend.

Hope you are being productive today!  Thanks so much for stopping by – comments are always welcome!


One thought on “Get ready to sweat!

  1. I like the fabric the fqs chose this year for their mystery quilt. Wow they are generous with their fabric aren’t they? Your block is going to look great. I found your blog last night through the schnibble parade. Now I’m a follower!

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