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BOM Rehab with HST bonus!

It seems that HST projects are all over my favorite blogs right now.  In particular, doing blocks inspired by a post from Camille Roskelley of the Bonnie and Camille team.

In my BOM Rehab work this week, I had the task of creating 12 block size HSTs for setting squares on the Generals’ Wives project.

First I made Block 3:

GW Block 3

You may look at this and say … hey – that’s a nice block.  Well, I made two mistakes doing this late at night Friday.  Once I saw that I had sewn four pairs of pieces together wrong, I just ‘went with it’ and then I noticed I had my corners wrong too.  Oh well – it will be my special block to create a unique quilt top.

Here’s my block next to the pattern.  It is almost unrecognizable at this point:

GW Block 3 and pattern


In the Block 3 envelope, they included two large cuts of fabric and instructed us to make 12 HST squares that are 12 1/2″ square unfinished.  Hence, my HST work for the week:

GW HST Setting Blocks


I feel like I’ve made some significant progress now on this BOM.  Here’s my three blocks and my stack of 12 HST setting squares:

GW Proj Status 01-12-2014

But that isn’t the only BOM Rehab work I did!  Oh no!  Remember this project?  Away from Home by Nancy Rink, Mill Girls fabric by Judie Rothermel.

The instructions for the quilt are in this book, Away from Home, by Nancy and Oliver Rink.  Only the center portrait area is shown in the book cover below.  The quilt finishes around 100″ square.

Away From Home Book


I had gotten through the center piece and one tree.  You can click on my tag list to see all my posts for Away from Home.

AFH Tree 1 Finished

Honestly, I got burned out on all of those leaves… but I really love this fabric the quilt is absolutely beautiful to me.  So, I got started on Tree #2:

AFH Tree 2


Once the leaves are on, I’ll join the three sections together and square it up.  This will be followed by 20 spool blocks (easy peasy) and an inner containment border and then move to the outer pieced blocks.

What other BOMs do I want to work on?

Paris in the Fall

Birdie Blocks

Robin’s Nest

Blogger Girls BOM 2013

Generals’ Wives

Sew Spooky

FQS Designer Mystery BOM 2013

Mill Girls Medallion Quilt

Hampton  Ridge

Charming and Quaint

Mastering Miniatures

Civil War Peace and Unity

The last two haven’t even started yet, but will be later this month or February.  Can you tell I love BOMs?  They really add to your stash too with the leftovers.

Hope you all have a great week lined up.  Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment if you are so inclined!  Let me know if you are working on any of the same BOMs as me!


Loving my BOM rehab work!

In the spirit of BOM Rehab (inspired by Sinta’s blog Pink Pincushion), I am really getting into my BOM projects again and LOVING IT!

I got Block 5 done for the FQS Designer Mystery BOM (Nov 2013 block).  I’m just one block down now.

This may look like a standard pinwheel/star block – but there were a lot of pieces to put together for it.  It took awhile!

FQS BOM Block 5

Bright and colorful!

Here’s a picture of the pattern cover and a bonus block I made from the half square triangle leftovers:

FQS BOM Block 5 Pattern

I’m not sure what that block is called, but I just picked a layout that I liked.  Probably some kind of bird block.

I had no problem getting my two blocks again and the bonus from one pack (if you don’t count getting a little bit of the background selvage in the quarter inch seam allowance):

FQS BOM Block 5 & Bonus


I had time this weekend to revisit another BOM that I started back in 2011!  2011!!!  It is called The Generals’ Wives.  I thought I had gotten farther, but I had only done 1 block so far.  I’m not sure why – probably because it started right at the  holidays and I got distracted.  I fell in love with reproduction fabrics for a long time and acquired quite a stash.  This BOM was from Quilter’s Quarters, but it was offered from Fat Quarter Shop, which is where I purchased my subscription.

General Wives Quilt

Here’s the first block I did back in October 2011:

GW Block 1

And here is block 2 from this weekend (I didn’t quite get the directional fabric worked out on the corner squares):

GW Block 2

A picture of the pattern cover for Block 2:

GW Block 2 Pattern

Both blocks together:

GW Block 1 & 2

I’m finding it hard not to ignore all the housework and parenting needs to work more on my BOM blocks!  How about you – getting into your UFO/BOM projects yet this year?