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Happy New 2015!

Welcome to the New Year! 

I am on a two day roll now with doing at least something quilty every day.  Last night I finished the binding on my GGS quilt:

GGS Bound

And today, I created the label and stitched it down.  This quilt is FINISHED (my word for 2015)!

GGS Label

I have one more quilt to bind and then I’m switching back to some piecework as a reward.

I hope you have had a great start to the year as well.  See you again soon!



New Trend – Go BIG!

I want to officially take credit for any future trend that starts in the near future where the designers go BIG instead of mini.  At least, in my mind, I’ll take the credit.


I have finished the main block for the back of my Great Granny squared quilt.  This measures roughly 68 1/2″ square.  I LOVE IT!  I think that truly this will now be a reversible quilt.  I will love the back as much as the front…

Large GGS


Those are 25 layer cake squares (10″) and 3 yards of backing.  I found a perfect compliment fabric for this backing.  It is by Dear Stella and is from the Paloma collection.  I got these three yards on a chance, and on a 50% off sale, from FQS.  They are now since sold out, which is sad – because I definitely want more of it.  My lighting wasn’t so great.  All of those orange squares are prints except one.  A lot of them look like solids, but they aren’t.  Also, this backing is a true light gray and clean white.  Not off-white like it looks.  Here is a closeup of the backing:

Paloma Closeup


I am asking Linh to mimic the paisely motif designs in the quilting when I send it to her.  It feels so great to already know how I want it quilted too.

Now, my decision is to order more of this same fabric to complete the entire backing (I need a few inches on either side and about 12″ on top and bottom), or use a similar print, but in High Street HOT PINK to finish it up (which I already have in my stash).  I think I know what I want, but I’ll do my final reveal when it is quilted.

Also, I had some good luck with eBay auctions in the past week as well.  Lots of ‘vintage’ bundles from one seller, who apparently is a Fat Quarter Shop fan as well.  I am gathering different collections from American Jane fabrics.  I was able to get a charm pack of Cherries Jubilee and a fat quarter pack of Building Blocks (from 2007).

I also bid on this adorable sewing tin and won it for only $15!  I don’t think the other bidders read closely in the description or looked at all the pictures, because it was full of so many goodies!

Sewing Tin


Love the decorative pins – can add those to my collection as well.  Another ‘vintage’ charm pack of Notting Hill , labels, buttons, needles, scissors, magnets, thread, ribbons, and some hexagon paper piecing templates.  I was thrilled to win it.


Sewing Tin Contents

And, today wouldn’t be complete without sharing some kitten pictures with you.  I hope you have a great week ahead!

Kittens GGS 2 Sparkle ggs



Just bring me back a T Shirt…

I am a huge collector and wearer of T Shirts.  It is my go-to clothing of choice for anytime I’m not at work.  My mother hates it, but she can’t complain too much because she bought most of them for me.  I have a lot of vacation t-shirts.

It only seemed natural that when I found these two items, I had to buy them!  Have you seen them?  Do you own them yet yourself?

I got this one in a extra large size for sleeping…  Love it!


Quilt or Kill tshirt

I got home really, really late last night.  Everyone was asleep already, piled in my bed.  So I headed to the guest bedroom and found my squishy package from Fat Quarter Shop.  I opened it up and had my night shirt ready to go!

FQS Tshirt


Very soft and my XL size fit me well (I’m a size 16).  I’m a huge fan of FQS, as you can see by this small sampling of my overflow stash boxes under the design wall:

FQS box pile


Speaking of which – I decided on a little change up in the backing squares for the GGS quilt.  I got my Bella solid light gray fabric last night also (along with the shirt), but I also found on sale a light gray/white paisley fabric which I think will work better.  I took advantage of FQS shipping sale this week and I should have that delivered tomorrow or Thurdsay.  Then I’ll make my final selections and get this back pieced and off to Linh!

GGS Backing v2

Here’s the BEFORE picture:

GGS Back Design


Finally – I completed Block 1 of the FQS Designer Mystery BOM featuring the Snowbird collection.  This is a great star!  I might just make an entire quilt out of it…


2014 DMBOM Block 1

I was a little nervous to cut the hour glass units to piece in the sides and top, but it went together just perfectly!

I am wrapping up a very busy week(s) today and hope to jump back on my sewing machine by tomorrow night.  I’m anxious to get another block or two or three done on the Reach for the Stars quilt.

Have a great week!


No lectures, please…

I know it.  But, you do the same thing!  Don’t deny!

I got my box from Fat Quarter Shop yesterday and it had the first block of the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM program.  This year it is featuring the collection Snowbird by Edyta Star of Laundry Basket Quilts and I think it will be all star blocks.

But yes … I know … I have three blocks left to do on 2013 DM BOM … but they got pushed to the side last night so I could prep.

I started by ironing and lightly starching all the fabric pieces.  Don’t you love those blues with the gray and beige colors?

2014 Block 1 fabric


It took no time to cut out the pieces for the block.  In the the past two DM BOM years, I have tried to cut out two blocks from the same pack of fabric.  Unfortunatley, at least on Block 1 this time, the cuts called for some large squares and I just couldn’t fit a second set out of the swatches.  I might try again since all but one of the large squares got subcut diagonally twice, so I could possibly work it out as smaller squares for the extra block set.  I’ll wait and see how Block 2 goes and I might invest in a layer cake to supplement.  I wanted to make another quilt at the same time – I think my mom would like this one.

Here are the cuts and in the top right corner, you can see the abundant left over ‘scraps’:

2014 Block 1 cuts

As of this morning, FQS still had this program available along with the backing and finishing kits.  It is going to be beautiful!

Also, a quick look at my design wall where I’m laying out the pieced backing for my GGS quilt.  I have some light gray solid on order to help finish it out.

GGS Back Design


This one Great Granny Square will be about 60″ square when it is done.  Can’t wait to see how it ends up!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and to those celebrating – a Happy Father’s Day!

All the best,


Great Granny Squared quilt top completed!

I stayed up until 3 am on Friday night (Sat morning) to complete this top.

There is a point where you get near the finish line and you tell yourself – just keep going.  You are too close not to just finish these borders and have it DONE.  I was at that point Friday night.  My son tried his best to keep up with me, but he fell asleep about 30 minutes from the finish line.  We were both pretty tired on Saturday.

What about you – how close do you get to a quilt finish where you will just grind it out?  10 min?  1 hour?  3 hours?

I’m happy to show off the finish… Great Granny Squared pattern by Lori Holt from her recent book by the same name.

GGS Quilt Top

Fabric is from collections including Birds & Berries, High Street and Bluebird Park.

Background is a light gray polka dot on white from Vintage Modern.

A charm pack of Grunge basics (variety of colors) was used in the border to mix with the prints.

A little close up of the corner.

GGS Quilt Top 2

I do have a problem however.  I don’t have much of my background left and I would have liked to used it for the backing.  I can’t seem to find it on eBay, Etsy or my favorite online shops either.  My grand plan is to use another layer cake from High Street, the leftover layer cake squares from Birds & Berries and piece a big GGS block on the back.  I just need to decide on a complimentary fabric to make up the difference.  Any suggestions?  Pull out the yellow or green and find yardage of that perhaps?  Or the light teal blue?  So, I’m really not ready to send this off, but so close!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I’m looking forward to switching gears a bit and working on my languishing BOM projects for awhile.

All the best for a great week!



GGS Homestretch

I have the center done for my GGS (Great Granny Squared) quilt.  Pattern by Lori Holt.


What do you think?  All that is left is 66 square-in-a-square blocks to make a pieced border.  I have 2 done right now.  64 to go!  I’m in the homestretch of this finish!

GGS Center 3

GGS Center 2

GGS Center 1


I’m determined to make a pieced backing for this quilt also.  I have many leftover strips, blocks, layer cake squares, etc… from my sampling of the three collections I used in the quilt top.  Now to also decide on the quilt pattern…

Happy humpday!


Happy Friday!

It’s 5:30 am, and this is apparently the perfect time to update a new post.  There is always a chance that one of my offspring will sense that I am not asleep, then wake up themselves and seek me out – but if I type fast enough….

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

First – I’ll share some gratuitous kitten pictures because that is really what the internet was invented for after all.

All five kittens were named for characters from the Disney Frozen movie, by the way.

1)  Anna (black and white)

2)  Elsa (tabby)

3)  Olaf and either Sven or Kristoff (we have two solid black kittens)

Anna Kitten Elsa Pic Olaf Anna Kittens

Olaf is by far the most outgoing.  I think he was the first born as well.  We are working on socializing them and litter box training.  Next week, mommy goes in for her snip-snip surgery.  There are just too many dead-beat dad tom cats out there!  And she likes to escape and run off with the first one (or several given the out come of this litter) that she finds.  Tsk tsk… 🙂


Now, for my latest project.  I’m completing the main quilt pattern in Lori Holt’s book “Great Granny Squared”.  It calls for twenty of her GGS blocks and then it will have a pieced border of 5″ squares set on point around it.  These fabrics have been so fun to work with.  I ended up using three main collections:  Bluebird Park, Birds & Berries and High Street.  There is one fabric round in the blocks from Mirabelle – but it truly doesn’t fit in (see bottom row, second from left, outer pale yellow fabric round).  There are also perhaps 4-8 squares in the mix from Wishes by Sweetwater – but I found that the colors were also too muted for what I evolved into using.

GGS Full Wall

I ran out of room on the design wall, so I had to tape up the other 5 blocks on the bathroom door.  That is what the blue dots are holding up the squares.

GGS Blocks 3


GGS Blocks 2

My photography skills at night in a spare bedroom are lacking.  The colors are really so vibrant and cheerful.

My daughter’s favorite block:

GGS Pink block

One of my favorites.  Once I added in some of the High Street collection, I wish I had more blocks to make!

GGS Block

I have the sashing strips cut, so that will be my next step.  This is going to be a housewarming gift for one of my coworkers.  I have plans to make another of these for myself, in Vintage Happy fabric and other Lori Holt collections.

Have a great Friday and thanks so much for visiting my blog today!