Friday In-and-Out

Making this quick – I am on my way home for the WEEKEND!

I got Block #12 for Snapshots Quiltalong done this week (A Walk in the Park).  And I really love how it turned out.

IMG_1507Since I’m not a fan of alcohol (generally, I won’t say I don’t touch it – but I would rather drink a Coca Cola).  I tried to make my beverage more of a summertime lemonade.  Perhaps with bits of strawberries.


And by the time I got to this block, I had received my pre-order of Vintage Picnic jolly bar (5″x10″ precut exclusively by Fat Quarter Shop) by Bonnie & Camille.  I really wanted to use it in the picnic basket.  However, I needed longer strips than 10″ per the pattern, so I made do…

IMG_1498One step in the pattern is to cut squares from the background and from another fabric for the picnic handles.  I didn’t have a square big enough, but I could look ahead to see I would be wasting the corners off the square anyway…


I stitched on either side of the middle line, sliced and pressed and ended up with these two.



Then I used my rule to mark on the gingham where the corner piece would have lined up if I had my correct sub-piece.

IMG_1501I stitched, flipped, pressed and trimmed.


Perfect!  Gosh, I really like that red gingham…


Here are the last three blocks all together.  I also didn’t have a long enough piece of the navy gingham to make the top of the basket, but it was easy enough to add a piece on either end.

Time to start framing them out with background fabric (wish I had known to do that all along) and then create the sashing strips for the front of the quilt.


IMG_1508I hope you have a great weekend planned.  Thanks for stopping by as always and I’ll see you next week!


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