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Season for day dreaming?

Is there a time of year that is more susceptible for day dreaming?  It may be now for me.  I find it hard to concentrate at work or even to go to sleep at night.  I should probably remove my slideshow of inspirational, bucket-list quilts from my work desktop.  They are really distracting sometimes.

I have recently ordered two books that I am excited about.  It will certainly keep me going in my current state of mind.

One was a recommendation from the blog Pretty by Hand (Ms Kristyne).  She promoted a series of craft/sewing/quilting books recently.  CLICK HERE to go to Kristyne’s post.  They are written by Tone Finnager, but all seem to have a marquis title of “TILDA”.

Tilda’s Fairy Tale Wonderland:

Tilda Book

This author apparently has quite a following.  The description of this particular compilation in Amazon.com is:

A beautiful collection of brand new Tilda projects, featuring seasonal designs in Tone Finnanger’s quirky style. Each chapter is themed on a classic children’s story, such as Pinocchio, Bambi, The Nutcracker and The Princess and the Pea. Projects include new doll designs (ballerinas, princesses, soldiers and various animals), as well as gifts and decorations using the latest range of Tilda fabrics and products.
Can’t wait to dive into it and see what little projects my daughter and I can conspire to make!

The other book I purchased with the help of a birthday gift certificate from my brother.  Which is good because it is a pricey book!  I ordered it from Fat Quarter Shop and it should arrive tomorrow.  You can read more by clicking HERE  to view the FQS item page for this book.   There are a couple of other pictures from inside the book that are nice eye candy too.

Michelle Yeo Book

I love the colors in this cover quilt.

Anyone else have these books?

I have made one more GGS block (half way now!) and I cut the pieces for Block 7 of Reach for the Stars.  I hope to piece that block tonight.

All righty then – I’ll see you next time!