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Last block done – ready for setting squares!

I’m getting super excited to see how this is all going to look put together!  I finished up the last block, which I wanted to do free style and add in most of my label information.  I will still put a small label on the back after I get it quilted to give the information on who quilted it, the date it was quilted, and the pattern designer, Little Miss Shabby (click link to get all the block designs and past  BOM instructions).  But my part is getting done this year!  I mean it!

Here’s the last of the 12 blocks:

BS Signature Block

I couldn’t resist adding Hello Kitty to my birdie blocks.  My daughter has always loved Hello Kitty and I will therefore always have a reminder of this time in our lives when she was this age.

BS Sig Block Closeup


I’m hoping the embroidery threads don’t show through when I get the batting behind it.  In this picture, I have a sheet of white paper behind the block and you can see the thread tails a little through the white background.  This is the only block that I varied from 100% redwork.  I wanted it to stand out and be extra special.

The centers of these blocks are 8″ finished.  I need to research some ideas (or ask a few of my favorite bloggers) what to do about quilting in these areas.  Of course I don’t want the quilting to go over the embroidery threads, but I don’t think I can leave 8″ unquilted either.  If you have some ideas – please share!!

I also spent a couple of hours trying to work with my EQ5 software to come up with a layout design for the finished quilt.  Now, I haven’t really used the instruction book or anything to do EQ5 – I just thought it should be very intuitive.  It IS NOT very intuitive.  Or I am not that bright – you choose.  It was actually quite frustrating and I could see ways to make it so much easier to understand and use.  I’m thinking about downloading a Quilt App on my iPad and trying it out.  I don’t remember what it was called, but it is like $15 – so it isn’t cheap (for an app).  If anyone out there can suggest good software for just playing around with layouts and designs and that can also upload fabric swatches and such – i would love the feedback!

Here’s my layout plan.  Right now, the sashing would be 1″ finished and the embroidery blocks are 12″ finished.  The setting blocks would have a 2″ finished square in the corners to mix in with the surrounding squares of the birdie blocks.  I selected On Point layout in EQ5, but then I couldn’t customize the setting blocks – so those four corner squares are hand drawn on the printout.  I think you get the drift…

Birdie Stitches Block Layout


With this layout, the finished size would be about 65 x 82.  A good twin size.  Too big for a wall hanging, but perhaps the perfect accessory as a bedspread for my daughters bedroom.

Next steps are to create the setting blocks and side triangles.  Trying to decide on the background fabrics for those blocks though.  Stick with all white, or perhaps get a coordinating small, light print for the 6 squares and go with white on the border triangles?  Hmmm… decisions still to be made it appears.

Hope you are having a great start to October!  Just three months until 2014 – SEAMS CRAZY to me!

All the best,


Tweet! Tweet! Only one more to go!

I forgot how fast I can stitch these blocks up!  I finished Birdie Stitch Block 12 today:

Birdie Stitch Block 12

I focused on just red and green fabrics for the block, given the Christmas theme.


Birdie Stitch 12 Closeup

Thought I would also share a picture of the back of the block, just for grins.

Birdie Stitch 12 Back

Per the instructions, I use the entire 6 strands of embroidery floss to do the backstitching.  For this block, I used exactly one of those small $1 skeins of DMC floss – Red Color 666 (or 999 if you prefer).

Last block to be designed today.  I am substituting for the June block with a variation of a signature block.  Once done – I can start to play with the layout options.  That will certainly be the toughest part of this quilt project I think!

Hope your weekend is going well!  Thanks for stopping by!


Finally Friday!

Another week bites the dust and we get hyped up about all the great activites we can look forward to this weekend.  A birthday party for a Kindergarten friend and an adoption event for our two little tuxedo kittens.  I’ll have to take a good picture of them soon and share it.  They have grown at wildly different rates.  The one we thought would be the biggest and most outgoing is far outweighed and out-energized by her sister.  Her sister, started off slow and seemed to sleep a lot – but I think she nursed the longest.  And she’s such a spark now!  They are both getting spayed today, so a little extra TLC will be handed down tonight.

Here’s a picture of Jewelry getting ready for her Halloween act I guess.  Freaky!


Jewelry Glowing Eyes

My husband still thinks she is part raccoon and calls her a Hound Dog, which my 5 year old daughter loves to mimic.

On to the fabric though!

I did finish the piecing of Block 4 for the 2013 DM BOM.  Just  a breeze.  I was more careful as I sewed this time, and my block barely had to be trimmed at all at the end.

Here’s Block 4:

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Done

And a closeup of the points that are an exact 1/4″ from the edges all the way around on both blocks!

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Closeup

And the two blocks that I made together:

2013 DMBOM Block 4 Both

I brought them to work this morning so I could photograph them on our conference table, hoping to get better light.  My camera lens is kind of messed up – so still not perfectly clear photos.


So then, I thought, what do I do next?  I have lots of WIP… but I am really getting into this euphoria when I actually complete the project.  Therefore, I decided to knock out my Birdie Stitches embroidery quilt next!!  I’m getting all excited about it again!!  I have only two blocks left, so last night I prepped the December block and got it ready for the stitching.  I brought it to work, in case I decided to do it during lunch.  That little cupcake is actually a needle jacket that I got from MODA at the annual International Quilt Festival in Houston a few years ago.

Birdie Stitching Ready


Here’s a closeup of the marked design, if you can see it.  I’m doing it in all redwork.  You can see more about this project by clicking on my Birdie Stitches tag on the right of the blog.  It was started by Little Miss Shabby a couple of years or more ago and it was the first project I started blogging about.

Birdie Stitch Dec Block


Saturday – here I come!!

All the best and thanks for visiting today!


BOM Rehab – Early Start

Linking up to Sinta’s at Pink Pincushion for her weekly BOM Rehab.  I completed Block 11 of the Birdie Stitches group by Little Miss Shabby.  That only leaves two blocks.  December and a replacement for June with a unique block that may or may not feature Hello Kitty eating playing with a little Birdie.

Birdie Stitches Block 11

I’ll have the MIL stars and stripes blocks connected into rows by tonight, so I’ll post tomorrow with an update on that and a picture of my growing yo yo collection in Tapestry.

See you then and thanks for stopping by,


Busy, busy, busy!

Lots of WIP and more started since last post.  I don’t know what I’m thinking … but I hope I’ll have this breakthrough moment when, after working a little bit on all of my projects each week, I’ll have several completed at once!

Here’s a look at what’s on my work surfaces right now:


1)  10 Little Things Baby Quilt – ready to pin baste and FMQ (free motion quilt)


2)  Birdie Stitches Quilt – As of today, I have 9 blocks completed and one in progress.  I haven’t decided on the setting for this quilt yet.Image

3)  Forget Me Not Sew Along (hosted by Pam Buda).  This is where I am today.  We have the instructions for two more blocks as of last Friday, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.  Goal is to get those done before this Friday, when the last two block instructions will be provided.  I can do this!


4)  The ever present quilt for Nora.  I finished putting on the inner border, but I need to cut out and piece the last border and get it attached.  Then it will be ready for quilting!


5)  Away From Home BOM – just starting this in September.  The first few blocks will be all applique, which is new for me.  Going very slowly to try and make it look as good as possible.  So far, only half way through the reverse applique step of the mill factory rectangle with all the windows.


6)  Other works in process… lots going on in this picture:

My MIL quilt – Stars and Stripes.  Almost done with the inner blocks and will piece them together, then just a couple of borders with four cornerstone star blocks.  I would say it has gone really fast, but I don’t sit down long enough at one time and work on it to get it done.  Hoping it might be possible to do it by the end of the month before we visit again.

The October Birdie Stitch block is shown here in process.

The latest Forget Me Not instructions are printed out and ready for cutting the fabric.

My nano needs to be charged and connected to speakers again that went missing (wonder who?)…

Coupon that came in the mail from Jo Ann’s Fabric.  I’m sure I’ll have a use for it soon.  Need some matching applique thread for the Away From Home BOM.


So – that’s it!  I’ll show more details of each as they are near completion.  Have a great week!