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Weekly Wrap Up

Well, I have nearly made it through the week without the kids.  I was hard the first night.  Really missed them to bits.  But we made it through and managed a dinner out one night and a movie last night.  We saw The Internship, and we literally laughed out loud in some spots.  That’s unusual for me, but I think I’m at just the right age and generation to feel the humor in this movie.  But I like these kind of comedies.  Vince Vaughan kept saying “On the line” instead of “Online” – it was funny, … really.

I have also decided to start a new series that I never watched when it was in its prime.  If you recall, I got hooked on LOST and I did complete the entire series.  I don’t know how I would have made it through some of those seasons having to wait a week to get to the next scenarios.  It was really good.  Not sure about the ending – probably over thinking it.  I particularly liked SAWYER (played by Josh Holloway)- too bad it wasn’t on HBO, probably would have seen ‘more’ of him.


Now, though – I am getting into ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.  I really like Jason Bateman humor also.  Dry wit and sarcasm.  Perfect for me.  I’m still in Season 1.  I’m not into it as much as LOST and giving up hours of sleep to see the next episodes.  Just catching it when I can on Netflix.  Perfect for lunch breaks at the office desk.  They are coming back to do another season, but this time it will be EXCLUSIVELY on Netflix.  Got to get caught up first.


Finally – I will say that I am absolutely, positively finished with the Swoon quilt top.  No.. you can’t see another picture.  I know you want to, but you can’t.  I am so flaky.  I kept wanting to wrap it up and move on, but I couldn’t.  Not until I was satisfied.  Now I’m satisfied.  It will be in the mail to LiMa Sews on Saturday morning.  DONE!  I’m so excited, I may throw in another quilt top and get it done at the same time.  Nora is due her own quilt finally, and I bequeathed her the 2011 FQS DM BOM quilt.  Perfect for my pink princess.

Nora Quilt in Progress

Did you get to take advantage of Fat Quarter Shops awesome sale this past weekend?  They cut prices on patterns, books, and precuts.  I couldn’t pass up some patterns at half off.

Pattern Group Purchase

I always love the look of Planted Seed Designs, but the Perkins pattern is really speaking to me right now.

Pattern Set 1

And, with AYOS – there’s a pretty good chance I’ll need these Schnibble patterns that I didn’t already own.  If not – they were on my list to get anyway.

Pattern Set 2

DULCINEA is the AYOS pattern for June.  I still haven’t started, but with Swoon done now – I can get into it this weekend!

Hope you have great expectations for this coming weekend as well!  Thanks for visiting today!


Two Birds with Two Blocks

Short and sweet update today.  I have the auditors in the office for our annual reviews.  Lots of paper shuffling and printing, excel spreadsheets, reconciliations, etc…  Fun by all!

It is the beginning of another month, which means another Blogger Girls BOM block has been released!  I finished up the second, alternate layout, block last night so I can both share my results with you and link up to Pink Pincushion’s BOM Rehab (a day late).

Here’s the main layout of Block #4 for Blogger Girls BOM.  That gray ‘background’ is actually my sidewalk.  I am trying to get the best light for these pictures.:



Here’s the same pattern for this block, but in an alternate fabric layout.  You will also note that each month I do one in a red/green colorway and one in a red/blue colorway.  Now that I have 8 blocks on my design wall, I can see that they are going to look great together in the end!



Here are the two blocks, side by side.  I just love French General reds!:



So – knock down Blogger Girl BOM for April and another week of BOM Rehab with the same two blocks!  Efficient.

On the LOST front … I just finished Season 2 last night and watched the first episode of Season 3.  Can you believe what Michael did?  I did NOT see that coming.  I’m on the edge of my office chair now, waiting for my lunch break so I can get in another episode.

Have a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by!