Happy Friday!

It’s 5:30 am, and this is apparently the perfect time to update a new post.  There is always a chance that one of my offspring will sense that I am not asleep, then wake up themselves and seek me out – but if I type fast enough….

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

First – I’ll share some gratuitous kitten pictures because that is really what the internet was invented for after all.

All five kittens were named for characters from the Disney Frozen movie, by the way.

1)  Anna (black and white)

2)  Elsa (tabby)

3)  Olaf and either Sven or Kristoff (we have two solid black kittens)

Anna Kitten Elsa Pic Olaf Anna Kittens

Olaf is by far the most outgoing.  I think he was the first born as well.  We are working on socializing them and litter box training.  Next week, mommy goes in for her snip-snip surgery.  There are just too many dead-beat dad tom cats out there!  And she likes to escape and run off with the first one (or several given the out come of this litter) that she finds.  Tsk tsk… 🙂


Now, for my latest project.  I’m completing the main quilt pattern in Lori Holt’s book “Great Granny Squared”.  It calls for twenty of her GGS blocks and then it will have a pieced border of 5″ squares set on point around it.  These fabrics have been so fun to work with.  I ended up using three main collections:  Bluebird Park, Birds & Berries and High Street.  There is one fabric round in the blocks from Mirabelle – but it truly doesn’t fit in (see bottom row, second from left, outer pale yellow fabric round).  There are also perhaps 4-8 squares in the mix from Wishes by Sweetwater – but I found that the colors were also too muted for what I evolved into using.

GGS Full Wall

I ran out of room on the design wall, so I had to tape up the other 5 blocks on the bathroom door.  That is what the blue dots are holding up the squares.

GGS Blocks 3


GGS Blocks 2

My photography skills at night in a spare bedroom are lacking.  The colors are really so vibrant and cheerful.

My daughter’s favorite block:

GGS Pink block

One of my favorites.  Once I added in some of the High Street collection, I wish I had more blocks to make!

GGS Block

I have the sashing strips cut, so that will be my next step.  This is going to be a housewarming gift for one of my coworkers.  I have plans to make another of these for myself, in Vintage Happy fabric and other Lori Holt collections.

Have a great Friday and thanks so much for visiting my blog today!



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