I’m taking what I can get

Look at that.  Last post was 2 1/2 weeks ago.  Fantastic.  It does feel like forever.  I have been resolved down to only a few minutes of quilting a day, if that.  I usually grab a few minutes when I’m pressing my kids clothes for school.  I’ll sew a few rows together and get them pressed and ready for the next five minutes I can find.

I don’t even have pictures for today.

Another reason could be that we have 5 baby kittens that are now adventurous and slowly weaning off mommy kitty.  It takes a bit of time for them to all figure out the litter box routine.  Fun times.

I’m also so depressed by the news lately.  Everything seems so bleak and horrible.  I even went so far as to change my opening internet home page to my bank, instead of MSN.COM because I just kept seeing these stories pop up of murder, tragedy, kids illness, and equally depressing all the hype around celebrities that seem to be at the other extreme end and is just too tiring to care about.

I know what I need, I just can’t get it right now.  Perhaps this weekend I can get some great sewing time in.  Nope – just remembered that I have a sleep study night to go through to be fitted for a CPAP machine.  Apparently I have severe obstructive apnea.

I have managed to complete all 20 blocks for my Great Granny Squared quilt.  I added in some bright and cheery colors from the High Street collection.  A charm pack of it was just enough to add into the mix.  I love the blocks and I hope my friend remembers that she asked for bright colors.  I’ll get a picture tonight of the finished set and show them off tomorrow.  That will make me happy too.

Hope you are having a great week and loving life and those around you!


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