Kitten (and one Mommy cat) update

Here’s some pictures of the growing kittens as of this morning!  Enjoy!

Cats on Stairs 073113

4 out of 5 kittens on the stairs

Twins Posy Rosy 073113

Our ‘twins’ – Posy and Rosy

Dozy or Diamond 073113

First name Dosy, but recently renamed to Diamond

Mommy and Two 073113

Mommy cat (Glowy because of her golden eyes) and the twins. She’s ready to run if I move too fast!
She’s beautiful though!

We are going to adopt our first two kittens, Sparkle and Jewelry (see a theme with the names?).  Waiting on these others to get bigger, vetted and spayed and hopefully adopted out as kittens.  Not sure what to do with Mommy yet…  Keep her?  Return her to her original neighborhood?  She will miss her babies I think.  I think we have too many cats, and I never thought I would think that.  Maybe I just need more litter boxes (they all stay inside).

Have a great day!  Thanks for visiting!


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