A new love starting to kindle…

Hello Thursday!  So glad you could make it again this week.  And thankful that you are already half-way over!

Wrapping up a lunch hour in front of my computer, trying my best to stay awake after a very long week at work.

I didn’t help myself much last night with a very late finish to the Blogger Girls BOM – Block 2 alternate block.  But I got it done!

Here’s the new block in the alternate colorway:

BG Block 2 Alt

I’m STILL cutting off a lot of those outside points !@#$!@$.  I’m going to have to figure that out before I do the next set.

Here’s the two blocks together for month two:

BG Block 2 Both

And, here are all four blocks done!  I’m actually caught up on this BOM!

BG Four Blocks

I’m using the French General fabric collection, La Belle Fleur.  The next free block pattern gets released on March 1 from Monique at Open Gate Quilts.  You can visit her blog and join in anytime.  Two blocks a month for six months.  Or just do six.  Or whatever you want – I’m not your mother.  🙂

But, to comment more on my blog header for today … I have been considering doing a quilt pattern by Kim Diehl for some time.  I love the ‘just enough folksy’ aspect of her designs.  I wouldn’t want too many really dark quilts (she uses a lot of rich, dark fabrics) – but, I could use at least one in my WIP (lol).  So… although I had browsed her books and internet pictures and such, I had not taken the plunge.  I came across this pattern yesterday in the latest Fons & Porter magazing (March/April 2013). 

Disclaimer:  I don’t know if it is illegal to show these pictures, but since I can count on my two hands the number of people who actually visit my blog – I thought I would take the chance.  Worst thing that could happen is someone will be inspired to buy a copy of the magazine.  Right?

The pattern is called “Sprigs & Twigs”:

FP Mag KD Pattern

Here’s a closeup of that picture on the right:

FP Mag KD Closeup

I LOVE those nine patch blocks that are made into the center of the four corner flowers.  And the bias stripe fabric for the stems and vines are adorable.  I felt myself getting so totally excited about this quilt.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it, so I figured it is in my future.  I have enough reproduction fabrics to make the center part, but I didn’t have anything really to be used for the black border.  Took care of that this morning with a quick order to FQS!  I have two fabrics selected from the Kansas Troubles Favorites collection.  I’ll decide which one works better on the scale of the print once I see them in person and audition them with my other fabrics.

Either this one:

Or this one:

I think I favor the top one, with the little daisies… but it may be too busy – or it may be perfect!  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you find something that lights your fire today!  All the best!


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