Avalon progress

I have finished the center portion of my Avalon quilt.  Now to trim the edges and decide on borders.  I have partial strips left over from all the prints in the jelly roll.  Thinking of some interesting way to put them to use in the border, while keeping with the flower theme.

Sorry for the poor lighting.  It was still early this morning and it was starting to rain outside, but I couldn’t resist posting today!


Avalon Quilt Center

I had originally intended to leave out the cream colored floral strips from the quilt, because I thought they didn’t have enough contrast with the background.  After I was almost done with the block construction, I started laying out the blocks on the bed for the connecting stage.  I decided to use those three cream strips and make uniform blocks instead and I REALLY like how they turned out.  I am almost willing to say that this is my favorite block in the quilt now:

Avalon Cream Block

So, there are three same-fabric, cream colored blocks scattered in the quilt top.  I’m so glad I did that.

Here’s one more gratuitous picture from the side of my ‘design bed’.

Avalon Quilt Center 2


Hope you are having a great start to the new week!


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