Presidential Posting

Happy President’s Day!  To all of you who got off work, congratulations.  Enjoy.  Really.

I technically should have been off today, but my function is such that we had to come in.  Therefore, I look forward to another day where I can stay home and quilt, quilt, quilt.  Or run errands.  Or clean the house.  Or get that mammogram that I’m overdue for.

Well, anyway…  since today is President’s Day, I thought it was fitting that I show you my completed Stars and Stripes quilt!  My MIL visited this past weekend, and early in the morning on Sunday, I stitched down the binding and handed it to her as a belated birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day gift.  She seemed happy to receive.  Here are the two quick snapshots I got before the quilt drove off into the sunrise (it was still pretty early when she left):


Stars and Stripes Finished

And my cutie patootie holding up the corner to show off the back and binding:

Stars Quilts with Oliver

Stars and Stripes pattern by Mark Lipinski, found in Fons & Porter magazine, Fall 2012.  All the fabric is the Hurrah collection by Jo Morton.  Started in October 2012, finished on Sunday, Feb 17, 2013.  Machine quilted by LiMa Sews.  You can see a couple more pictures which better highlight the quilt design from her blog.  Please visit here.  She did a really great job and I will certainly use her services again.  It is so great to get a quilt actually completed and in use.

If I were to keep count, this would probably be my fifth completed bed quilt.  I have made a crib quilt, one wall hanging, one bed runner, one quilted shawl, and two table toppers as well.  (Four out of six of those I have given to my mother.  Why is that?  Because she is so hard to buy for!!  But no bed size quilt yet!)  I have five bed quilt flimsy tops that are ready to be sent off or done on my small home machine.  Lots of WIP though!  I should probably gather a picture of each and catalog them on the site somewhere.  Someday.

Also, today is REHAB!  I pushed myself last night and this morning to finish another block in the Blogger Girl’s BOM.  Two goals with one block!  I have to make the alternate block still, but this one was a little tricky for me.  Will do better on the second block to keep those points from getting cut off in the future sashing.

BG Block 2 Done

One of the steps in this block left me with the perfect triangles to run through my machine and end up with four 3 1/2″ HSTs…

BG Block 2 Leftovers

I’ll keep them with my French General stash, for when I come across a good use for them.

Hope you had a very productive weekend, or at least fun and relaxing.  Thanks for stopping by today!


7 thoughts on “Presidential Posting

    • Thank you Linda! I searched really hard online to find that backing too! I really, really wanted it – probably my favorite fabric in the quilt, so I was glad to get to use so much yardage!

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