Decision made, possibly

Clue to my border question for Swoon:


Yep – that’s a Crumbler tool by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  I still had it intact, in the package, when I looked in my ruler drawer for ideas on the Swoon border.  I really do love borders.  It would be so hard for me personally to make one of those quilts that have patchwork blocks right up to the edge of the binding.  I find myself thinking of the borders as almost a second quilt in itself.

I am going to put in the white 2 1/2″ strip inner border, then a row of tumbler (excuse me … “Crumbler”) blocks and a final 2 1/2″ white outer border.  The tumbler size I am making is the largest for this tool – cut from 5 1/2″ strips and adding 5″ to the finished border width.  With the other two strips added, I should be close to my 100×100 size that I originally wanted for a king size bed.

Here is a pic of my preview for this border row:


I was playing with the idea of two rows of tumblers, and I may still do that – depends on how many I get cut from my remaining fat quarters and scraps of Happy Go Lucky.  You can cut 18 of this size tumblers from a single fat quarter.  They go together really fast.  If I can use up my leftovers, then that would be perfect.  I’m not likely to sew again soon with this collection, since I have so many other projects I want to work on.

Do you like?

Cat update:  Daughter asked “Where did the kitties sleep last night?”…

I replied “They slept on top of Daddy.”

Daughter said “The kitties can sleep wherever they want – because they are our special guests.”

I replied “Yes dear.  You will find that the kitties will always do whatever they want.  That is what kitties do.”

Did I mention that I’m actually allergic to cats, and so is my husband?  Waiting to see how the kids are affected.

Thanks for stopping by today!


2 thoughts on “Decision made, possibly

  1. I am totally in love with your idea! I kind of played with that thought a couple weeks ago on a project… but as a sashing… as border it is going to be so cute… and with the mini crumbler.
    Your daughter is precious!

  2. I do like! I am so glad to see that someone else likes borders and starts planning them from the start. 😉
    I was allergic to cats for many years, but I’ve had them since I was a little girl so I guess my body adjusted. I still itch like crazy when I’m scratched!

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