SWOON Quilted!

Ok … so it’s been a few days since my last post and I’m not sure when I’ll get time to sit and do a longer one… but I wanted to share a couple of pictures that Linh from LiMa Sews sent me of my quilted Swoon quilt.

Her husband (the Ma part of LiMa) took the pictures and I’m so glad I have them for my files.  They really show off the quilt pattern.

Swoon Quilted 1

I LOVE it!  The baptist fan pattern was a great choice and I’m so glad I took Linh’s advice on the selection.  Since I had it done, I have seen a lot of other quilts in blogland done in the pattern.  I’m finally in the midst of a popular trend instead of 2 years behind one!

Here’s a close up:

Swoon Quilted 2

I am binding the quilt in one of the dark navy prints from the collection:

Happy Go Lucky Navy Mum Yardage SKU# 55063-17

My plan is to bind it this weekend and give it to my friend on Monday.  Wish I had time now, but I have to close the books on July and that is taking up my spare time right now.  I might be able to get to it Thursday, but we’ll see.

Some sad news though… one of my little tuxedo kittens passed away this week.  Unexpectedly.  She seemed to be losing weight recently, and was really looking pitiful this past weekend, but before I could arrange a Dr. appointment – the kids found her ‘frozen’ in the living room Monday night.  She had a good appetite, so I’m not sure what happened.  I feel really awful about it.  The picture below is from Aug 4th, and she looks pretty good here.



Rest in peace Posy.  We loved you for a short time and will keep you in our hearts forever.

Good night all,


9 thoughts on “SWOON Quilted!

  1. Jennifer, your Swoon quilt is gorgeous! I have the pattern; after seeing your version, I think I need to move it up on my list. So sorry about Posy. . .

    • I appreciate your sentiment. Swoon is very quick to provide instant gratification, but I always start to lose steam at the end. Case in point, it is still waiting for the binding to be cut and applied. I’m not looking forward to attaching the binding on a King size quilt on my little Singer machine. Next time, I’ll have the quilter attach it while it is away for that extra fee.

  2. Very sad. I hope the kids were okay afterwards. The Swoon quilt is stunning! Great job. Hehe, you sound like me. I always feel about two years behind the trend, especially in quilting. I don’t have enough time to sew to keep up with the current trend. I just keep buying fabric and bookmarking the pattern ideas.

    • Thanks Sarah! The kids are doing fine, we got the opportunity to talk more about death and how to hold on to good memories. In regards to your other comment, you’ll love my next post. Another pattern wanting it’s turn and I’ve already been collecting the fabric for it… stay tuned!

  3. Oh my! I loved your Swoon when you were making it and also the extra special touch you did by putting a tumbler border on it… so smart! Now that it’s quilted, I love it even more! Congratulations on a gorgeous finish!

  4. Okay, now I will tell you how sorry I am to hear that your kitten passes. You must be heart broken. The poor little sweetie. I am so sad for you. I just got kittens after losing our dog at Christmas… and let me tell you it was a big step… but now I will be so worried. Poor Posy.

    • Thanks Sinta – but don’t be worried. If your kittens are gaining weight and looking healthy, you are probably not going to have any issues. Our ‘runt’ of the litter is now the biggest one and we are working on Rosy to fight her *ick* roundworm issues.

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