Just add it to my tab…

Now THAT would be dangerous … to be able to run a tab at your favorite online or LQS stores.  I would have to go to work for them to get it paid off, and then live in a perpetual cycle.  Maybe not so bad, but likely would no longer have time to actually quilt anything.

I just can’t force myself to pass up certain patterns and this one has gotten my attention.  I already purchased it from FQS, and I have started collecting different cuts of green fabric for the stems and red/pink fabrics for the berries.  (photos taken from the Fat Quater Shop website)

Do you own this pattern yet?  I see several of them being mentioned in blogs.  I think when I make it, I will throw in one cherry block from the Cherry Pie quilt pattern by Fig Tree Quilts:

I had already started a collection of different reds, just in case I wanted to make a red & white quilt.  But THEN, I found the PERFECT background fabric last night while browsing FQS.  It is a new collection that just got uploaded to their site.  Already have my order in for 4 yards:

Berry Background

This is from the collection “Nice People Nice Things” by Helen Stubbings for Red Rooster Fabrics.  I’m not familiar with her, but I couldn’t pass up this print.

Now, I’m not just buying and hoarding – I do have a close finish.  I just have to attach 5 rows together and I’ll share my next finish (pending the quilting) with you in a day or two.

Cuteness alert!

Sparkle and Rosy

Sparkle and Rosy

Sparkle looks HUGE cuddled next to Rosy.  We are working on a *ahem* skin condition for Rosy that is very treatable.  That’s why she has some hairless spots on her right now.

Thanks for stopping by as always!


5 thoughts on “Just add it to my tab…

  1. I agree. You just cant pass up cuteness like that. In fact I am with you on both patterns and I think you are brilliant to add a cherry block into the strawberry quilt. I love the background you picked too. A “tab” wod be wonderful…. oh no. I mean dangerous. Ha!

  2. Helen Stubbings is an Australian designer who has just started designing fabric. She has lots of beautiful patterns that she has been designing for a while.

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