The longest Pep Rally ever!!

My Rah Rah Rally quilt top is done!  Except for one little edging row and a perhaps 2″ containment border in black that is.  And the quilting.  And the binding.  And the label.  #%!#$@#  I’m not even close to done…  It is done enough to show it off.

The quilt pattern was from the book, Sweet Celebrations with Moda Bakeshop Chefs: 35 Projects to Sew from Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Fat Quarters, Charm Squares & More, by Lissa Alexander.

MAN!  That is a looooong title, right?

This particular project was created by Melissa Corry, of Happy Quilting.  She has a great blog and wonderful patterns.  You can click HERE to see my prior post.

But enough of the red tape… Here is my finish for the UCLA inspired Rally quilt:

Rally Top 2


I don’t have a fence high enough to display it the ‘right’ way, so I have it sideways for you.  Or you could turn your head.  Whatever.

Here are the colors from a general internet search for UCLA logos.  I saw all kinds of blue and gold colors, so I tried to pick ones that would be best together.  In hindsight, I could have used a more golden/darker yellow – but I’m good.  Really good.  Ready to start a new project.  I have determined through this process that I am not a big fan of working entirely with solids.  Not my thing – but I know others like it.  Enjoy!

Here’s  a close up of it, showing how I haven’t gotten it all ironed out yet:

Rally CloseUp

And my darling model who is in desperate need of a haircut:

Nora and Rally Quilt

In Melissa’s version, she appliques the team logo onto the quilt front.  I don’t have all that kind of time or patience right at this moment, but since their mascot is a bear – I plan to cut out my quilt label in the shape of a bear paw print and use that on the back to help tie it into the school theme.

I hope the recipient enjoys it.  He leaves for UCLA next month.  I guess he could gift it back to his parents to have at their home to start their collection of collegiate items in support of their only child.  Either way would work for me.

Hope you are having a quilty day!  Thanks for stopping by!


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