Just another Tuesday

Hi there!  Thought I would drop off a couple of thoughts for the day.

Would you like a kitchen update?  Well, apparently I have been told that our house now smells like tar (I’m just about to leave work, so that’s the news from home).  Effort was made today to prepare the floor for the new construction.

Kitchen 01-22-2013

This was the floor today, after they ‘cleaned it’ and before pouring new tar on top.  They are leaving an 8 inch wide strip around half of the perimeter of the room, when (in my non-construction knowledged opinion), it would be obvious to take out ALL the floor first and do it fresh and not try to match up to anything else.  But, hey – that’s why I’m an accountant and not a builder of homes.

One positive that will come out of this is fresh paint in the kitchen and the removal of this border that went around the entire room…

Kitchen Border 01-22-2013

It just SCREAMS 80’s — right?  Yes it does.  Unfortunately, it is also in the bathroom, which isn’t getting painted right now.

One other item I would like to share tonight is a blog that was started at the beginning of this year by a woman named Tracee who works for McCall’s Quilting (if I’m remembering correctly).  She is on a journey to make 36 quilts in 2013, and blog about it and the special recipients along the way.  I am finding it very interesting to read – but you miss a lot if you don’t keep up each day!  She is making good progress, and these aren’t just little table toppers either.  Her goal is to do it all, including the longarm quilting.  Have a look! 


I did get a few more leaves put on my tree last night and I’m prepped with the freezer paper for 5 more.  Perhaps I’ll finish one tree this week after all!

Enjoy your evening and thanks a lot for stopping by!


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