A late Friday finish and other WIP

Lovely weekend, much better weather today than Saturday.  Perfect weather actually – about to take the kids for a walk in the neighborhood.  We enjoyed a pumpkin patch yesterday, along with a hay ride, chicken wire maze, pony ride, pony cart rides, petting animals and picking out some pumpkins.

Here’s my late Friday night finish, hence the poor photograph quality…

MIL Stars and Stripes Flimsy Finish!

I have located the perfect backing fabric, but it won’t arrive for a couple more days – so I can move on to something else!  Yippee!

I persisted on my Away From Home Block 1 and actually completed one of the two women applique figures.  It was tedious, I won’t lie.  I’m looking forward to the pieced blocks which will start on Week 4.  I just got Week 2 yesterday, which are the two birds and scrolly looking heart figure above the factory.  Week 3 will be the two trees…

Here’s my personal model, Nora, showing my progress on Block 1.

Nora holding Block 1 WIP

And a little closer image…

Hope you have a great week… I’ll link up to BOM Rehab tomorrow!  See you there!


3 thoughts on “A late Friday finish and other WIP

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was not able to respond to your comment because your email address was not available. But that just gave me a reason to stop by your blog, which I’ve enjoyed reading. The wax paper on the block was my idea! Those blocks set on point are hard to trim under the best of circumstances, but those wonky seams made it an extra challenge. Did the Buggy Barn have their kit on ebay or some other quilt shop? I think you’ll enjoy Hallowe’en 1904, it’s going fast for me.

    • No, someone was just cleaning out their stash. They had bought the kit from a shop called Common Threads in Texas. So, I would bet there will be a variation in prints included in the kit than what you and Nicole got. But I’m excited to see how it will look! Thanks for being an enabler! I really enjoy your blog!

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