Friday Progress Report

 I got Stewart to hold up my MIL quilt to show the center portion that is now completed.  I will probably go ahead and add the borders and try to quilt it myself before Christmas, since her birthday is this weekend and there’s no way it will happen before our next trip to see her.

MIL Stars and Stripes – Center Portion

What do you think?  It will look better with the borders.  Right now, it looks a little too much like a flag for me.

Finished up my Tapestry yo yo charm pack so I now have 38 made for the Yoyoville quilt.  I didn’t use the two cream colored squares, because that will likely be my background fabric for the quilt.

Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and face my fear of applique and get moving on my Away From Home BOM…  This is still part of Block 1.  I used the starch and freezer paper method as described in Joanna’s books and newsletters.  It is pretty easy to do, so I don’t know why I can’t remember that.  Here are some snap shots of my factory roof and chimneys.  I had collected little vintage eye bath cups for my Dad (he’s an Optometrist) and managed to keep one for myself and it turns out it is PERFECT for holding my spray starch for this method.

Starch Applique Tools with Rooftop Section done

Roof with Freezer Paper backing and pressed

Rooftop with Paper Removed

Block 1 Applique Template Layout Diagram

Fabric Only layout on Diagram

I can do this!  Of course, these are all very straight and clear cut.  I’ll do the moon and sun next and then have to tackle those two women figures with all the itty bitty pieces.  But no need to worry about it now.  Have a wonderful weekend!Jennifer

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