Well, hell-yo there!

Sorry, pretty corny I know.  Not a long post right now…  I’m at work but wanted to share a picture of my growing yo yo collection.  I have around 29 made so far out of my first charm pack of Tapestry.  I’ll be cutting up my layer cake next to get the rest of them started.  I have two nagging concerns with this process… the seamingly wastefullness of the scraps that I have to cut off to make the circle from the 5″ square and the thread that isn’t quite long enough to make it around the circle again.  I’m saving the scraps for the possible use in the applique portion of the quilt (little houses on the outside border), but I haven’t decided to be frugal enough to save the thread for other projects.  Maybe I should.  I wonder if others would save series of 12″ long thread pieces…

Anyway – here is the snap of my little quilt tin with my finished yo yos and the remaining charm pack and Clover Large Yo Yo tool.

Yo Yo ‘Kit To Go’

And here is my favorite yo yo so far.  The Tapestry fabric collection is so beautiful.  I’m having a hard time deciding which fabric to use for backing because I really love looking at so many of them!  Guess I’ll just have to make a lot of quilts with the fabric so I can get them all in…

Favorite Yo Yo – Tapestry

I did finish the center portion of my MIL stars and stripes quilt.  Now I’m deciding whether to try and quilt it in sections (as described by Marti Michell in her book, Machine Quilting in Sections) or adding on the borders and doing it traditionally.  Not sure yet.  Also still thinking about the quilt design to use on it.  Whether to quilt in the negative space or quilt on the ‘flag’ sections.  I’ll post again with the picture tomorrow and see if I get any feedback.

Have a wonderful day – it’s almost Friday!!


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