Design Wall Friday – a New Project!

Oh boy – look what I have gotten into here.  I am really REALLY liking this quilt already.  My daughter stayed up later than she should while I was working on it last night, and she finally passed out to sleep in the guest bed.

Clover pattern by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co and fabric from (mostly) Posh Pumpkins by Sandy Gervais.  I have thrown in some charm squares from “Give Thanks” by Deb Strain.  The polka dots are Give Thanks as well.  These colors are just so beautiful together!  I had a few yards of the background fabric already, but I don’t recall what it is right now.  This will be a great early Fall to mid December blanket:

Clover yardage purchase


The pattern mostly calls for cutting 2 1/4″ squares and also 1 3/8″ strips to subcut into the four patch units:

Clover in process

I love how this is taking shape:

Clover Initial 3 Rings

And since I am making it 5 x 5 blocks, I am playing around with options for the center squares of each block.  One color for the center block, first ring and second ring.  I’m thinking of following the pattern and using the background fabric in the center for the outer ring, using the ‘solid’ orange for the inner ring and a dark orange print for the very middle block.  See below to illustrate:

Clover Design Wall


One last look at the pattern that is being made by the four patch units:

Clover - a beginning

Clover – a beginning


Have you gotten started yet?

I’ll end with a picture of the two tuxedo kittens snuggling with Nora this morning.  Diamond is in the foreground and Rosy is sleeping on Nora’s cheek:

Tuxedo Kittens with Nora

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  See you again real soon!


6 thoughts on “Design Wall Friday – a New Project!

  1. Ooh, I love the fall colors in your Clover. I just finished a small Clover, 2×2 blocks to fit on an end table. I used Spring colors – wrong time of year for that! I have a pack of mini charm squares of Posh Pumpkins. I definitely should have bought more of that fabric. It looks lovely here. And I love the sweet kitties sleeping with Nora.

  2. Jennifer, Your Clover is going to be stunning! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. I decided to use Marmalade by bonnie and camille. I really like the way it’s going to look. I’m going to call it may Happy Quilt!

  3. What a lovely version of Clover! It is going to be really fantastic. This is one of those patterns that will look wonderful in any fabric. I’ve started on mine. It is fun to cut and lay out, but I’m sort of dreading sewing all of those squares together, especially on point. I’m sure I will get something turned around!

  4. Your Clover quilt is looking beautiful in the autumn colours. They are not my usual colours, but look great in this pattern.

    • Thanks Sarah! I will admit, this has not been my favorite quilt to make, but it will look nice when it is done. Just about 20 more 4-patch units to make and I can finish theh assembly. Are you doing the AYOS this month?

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