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Love for Nora Quilt

Anything pink, dark pink, violet-red pink, light pink, etc… has already received claim by my daughter.  She’s probably like most little girls, although I don’t particularly remember having such a taste for the color myself.

I decided to jump in and make this quilt about 10 days ago.  I had the Kissing Booth fat 8th bundle for over a year and really wanted to put it together fast.  I combined some ideas from the Temecula Quilt Co blog site that gave instructions for their wall hanging on Jan 29th, and the Layer Cake Lemonade pattern from Fat Quarter Shop.  Instead of a layer cake, I made 9″ squares from my fat 8th bundle.

Started with One Heart:

One Heart Done

Then Three Hearts…

Three Hearts

Then a Row of Hearts…

Row of Hearts

And finally – a finished quilt top!  I called it “I Heart Nora”

I Heart Nora Quilt

I plan to FMQ it myself, and at the same time, do some quick and easy heart applique shapes in a couple of corners.  I also have in my stash, a pink minky type fabric for the backing that I bought and never used that will be great.  Just trying to decide on a binding.

Sorry I have been away, if you are a follower!  My husband upgraded my blog to it’s own domain site and then it took a little while to reorganize the content.  I think we are very close now!  You can bookmark www.seamscrazyquilts.com if you would like!  Please follow along if you enjoy seeing quilts, cats, and an occassional family post.

Work is hell right now, so as soon as this week is over – I will be able to get back to my projects.  Really looking forward to the next block in Reach for the Stars, and maybe another one in my General’s Wives BOM.

See you soon!!  Thanks for visiting!!


2013 Wrap Up!

Last day of 2013!  It was a big year for my family, on different levels.  My children started 1st grade and Kindergarten, which are two big milestones.  We bought our house, which we had been living as renters for over 3 years (thank goodness we don’t have to move!).  My grandmother moved from my hometown to live with my aunt in Dallas, but she is doing well.  We became pet owners again (from zero to 5 cats is extreme – anyone need to adopt a cat??).  We all got another year older, but no health concerns.

Our Christmas rotation is now complete, with a visit this past weekend to Dallas to continue our family tradition with my grandmother and extended family.  Every first cousin, Aunt and Uncle were present.  We were only missing two second cousins, and the step cousins.  Actually, it was a pretty successful turnout for shifting the location after 42 years from four hours away.

I asked for quilty things from my family and they took my wish list to the store for me.  Couple of great books, a magnetic pin cushion, 3 yards of Kona White solid fabric (plan to work on the Lori Holt quilt along) and a FQS gift certificate!:

Quilty  Christmas

I also tried to put together a last minute gift, but didn’t make it.  I did finish the table topper and pieced backing, but I ran out of time for the quilting part.  This is a pattern called “Winter Seeds” and it was on my bucket list all year.

Winter Seeds Top

I used the fabric collection “Winter’s Lane” by Kate & Birdie Co for Moda.  Beautiful ice blues, grays and saturated reds.  The pattern was from The Crafty Quilter and her blog … click here to go to her post.

Here are some more pictures.  I machine appliqued the ‘orange peel’ shapes with a tight top stitching and matching thread.

Winter Seeds Center

I pieced the back, but had to ‘make do’ with one small rectangle due to my shortage of that fabric.  I should have used a primarily white alternate piece.  I may replace it before I quilt it:

Winter Seeds Backing

And here’s the top and bottom in one picture:

Winter Seeds Table Topper

There will be some waste of the backing, but if you look at the Crafty Quilter’s blog pictures, you will see how it all comes out.  It’s perfect!

Now that Nantucket was completed, I am moving on to my other BOM projects.  I am three months behind on the FQS DM BOM 2013 quilt.  I started on Block 4 yesterday and have gotten the pieces cut out.  Like the other months, I am cutting out two blocks from the one set of fabric.  I was able to get everything I needed, but I had to add the smallest amount of background fabric, which I had from an earlier month.

FQS BOM Block 4 pieces

This morning I finished the center star portions with the surrounding strips.  Next is the red/striped flying geese units.  I want to get this block done tonight!

I’m so thankful for my family and friends and I look forward to all our new adventures in 2014.  I hope you have a great evening tonight and I look forward to visiting with you again next year!

All the best,


Fell hard, fell fast!

I don’t subscribe, or even normally buy a copy, of Quilters Newsletter.  But the latest issue had a quilt on the cover that I couldn’t pass up.  I found my copy at Joanns Fabric, but I know FQS is carrying it right now as well.  It comes packaged with a bonus CD with other quilt patterns.

The cover photo is a quilt made by Terri Krysan and is called REACH for the STARS (picture from October/November 2013 issue):

RFTS Cover Quilt

The fabric collection she mentions is unfamiliar to me .. Paisley by Maywood I think?  I couldn’t find much on my internet search.  It is a georgeous group of fabrics and patterns.  But that was no matter, because I knew which collection I was going to use … American  Gothic by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics!  The link takes you to the Marcus Fabrics page for this collection. 

I grabbed the picture below from Pam Buda’s blog entry where she announces the arrival of the collection last month in our local quilt shops.  Click here to go to her blog post.

American Gothic Bundles

I loved her neutral/black/white color scheme but I had not settled on a pattern yet.  I love how these colors work together in varying tones and contrast and the fussy cutting opportunities in the Reach for the Stars pattern will make it extra special. 

Close up picture also from Quilters Newsletter website.

RFTS Closeup


I grabbed the two photos of Reach for the Stars directly from the Quilters Newsletter website.  This is also being presented in a monthly quilt series of which this is Part 1 of 7.  Guess I have 6 more issues to buy now!  Perhaps a subscription would make sense at this point.  Those crafty marketing people!!

So… what to do?  I went through and meticulously assigned the fabric requirements for the entire quilt to the individual fabric SKUs for American Gothic and placed my order with FQS for delivery early this week.  I really needed another light fabric to coordinate (the most outer border fabric) … and I decided on ‘Perfect Pairings – Cream Paisley” by Kim Diehl.  I just hope it goes as well and I think it will, based on the pictures on FQS.



Has anyone else fallen for this pattern yet and plan to make it?  There was no kit available in the magazine – it was strictly up to you to pick your pallete and your fabric and get to it.  I hope to do the first block this week.  Keep you posted!

Thanks and hope you are having a great Monday!



Walk on down High Street in these shoes!

I am working, working, working on completing THREE quilts this week.  I have about 18 inches of binding left to sew down on the Swoon quilt (and attach a label), my BOHO AYOS quilt to bind and give as a baby gift this Saturday and the Rally quilt to bind and give by Monday at the latest.  Not much else to show, so no repeat pictures of those quilts yet.

There is a NEW collection that I can’t stop thinking and planning about though.  I’m surprising myself lately with my taste in the bright colors like in the BOHO collection.  Now, I’m infatuated with HIGH STREET by Lily Ashbury Designs.  Anyone else??

I am just flustering myself on which pattern to use with it because I love all the colors and the designs of the fabric.  What to do, what to do??  I’ll have to browse some of my latest books by my favorite bloggers to get some good ideas I guess.  Something that showcases large pieces of the fabric would be best for me.

I did think of something this morning however … I have been wanting to make a paper-pieced high heeled shoe block quilt for a co-worker who LOVES high heeled shoes.  I’m thinking that the HIGH STREET collection might be awfully cute as the shoe fabric in those blocks.  She loves colorful shoes also.

I bought this pattern a while back, with this notion in mind.  I did an internet search for High Heel shoe quilt patterns and it came up with a Craftsy site link.  The pattern is only $2.50 and was designed by a lady in Italy and is called:

“Sexy high heel” paper pieced pattern

I’ve seen other applique patterns and I may decide to mix and match different ones to come up with a sampler – like my friends’ shoe closet.

So – that’s what is on my mind today – how about you?


Just add it to my tab…

Now THAT would be dangerous … to be able to run a tab at your favorite online or LQS stores.  I would have to go to work for them to get it paid off, and then live in a perpetual cycle.  Maybe not so bad, but likely would no longer have time to actually quilt anything.

I just can’t force myself to pass up certain patterns and this one has gotten my attention.  I already purchased it from FQS, and I have started collecting different cuts of green fabric for the stems and red/pink fabrics for the berries.  (photos taken from the Fat Quater Shop website)

Do you own this pattern yet?  I see several of them being mentioned in blogs.  I think when I make it, I will throw in one cherry block from the Cherry Pie quilt pattern by Fig Tree Quilts:

I had already started a collection of different reds, just in case I wanted to make a red & white quilt.  But THEN, I found the PERFECT background fabric last night while browsing FQS.  It is a new collection that just got uploaded to their site.  Already have my order in for 4 yards:

Berry Background

This is from the collection “Nice People Nice Things” by Helen Stubbings for Red Rooster Fabrics.  I’m not familiar with her, but I couldn’t pass up this print.

Now, I’m not just buying and hoarding – I do have a close finish.  I just have to attach 5 rows together and I’ll share my next finish (pending the quilting) with you in a day or two.

Cuteness alert!

Sparkle and Rosy

Sparkle and Rosy

Sparkle looks HUGE cuddled next to Rosy.  We are working on a *ahem* skin condition for Rosy that is very treatable.  That’s why she has some hairless spots on her right now.

Thanks for stopping by as always!


Must exert self control!!

Ok … I went to my local quilt shop this week to take advantage of their last sale day of 25 – 50% off Moda precuts and yardage.  Got Vintage Modern at 50% off, and some selections of Chateau Rogue, Mama Said Sew and a variety of mini charms to satisfy my cravings.  Then, since I was childless this day and in no rush to leave (like usual) … I took a first step towards a cliff…

For the first time, I asked to demo a new sewing machine.  My LQS, It’s A Stitch, is a dealer of Bernina machines.  I have been sewing on a basic Singer model for about 20 years.  I have only had it serviced once for cleaning, and that was about 3 years ago.  No problems.  And nothing fancy.

Oh… no ….  I need this new machine and I must find a way to afford it.  The Bernina 750 QE with optional Embroidery Module.


Even more comfortable quilting

  • Extra-Long Freearm
  • BERNINA Stich Regulator (BSR)
  • Color touch screen
  • BERNINA Dual Feed
  • BERNINA 9 Hook


I don’t even have to buy the embroidery module to start with, but I can add it on at any time later.  That is the long extension piece to the left side.  It’s almost an 11″ throat too!

I’ve been searching the internet for reviews on this machine and they all seem positive.  Now, it’s time to start my savings account 🙂  The shop has a special that you can trade in a non-Bernina machine and get 10% off … but I think I am too sentimentally attached to my Singer to do that.

I would be greatly interested if anyone who reads my blog has experience with this series of machines.

For those of you in the USA, or just a fan of ours, have a great 4th of July holiday tomorrow!



Adding a personal touch

Still piecing away, almost down to the last block.  Here are blocks 7 & 8, on the design wall in pieces, waiting to get assembled.  Again, where you see a solid color, it is really just a print of very small dots.


I should have the blocks done by tomorrow, then there’s the sashing (easy) and decision on the borders.  I would like to make it fit for a king size, something like 100×100.  I’ll need to add about a 10-12 inch border around the quilt for that.  Still thinking about utilizing the remaining fat quarters from my bundle of Happy Go Lucky that I didn’t use in the blocks to add in some flying geese units in the opposing corners.  Add a little more interest and personal touch.

Another personal touch I want to add is some embroidery in the center square of the center block.  Since I’m giving this as a wedding present, I thought putting their names and wedding date would be nice.  I was inspired from this post by Pretty by hand blogger, Kristyne Czepuryk, to download a font I like and use that as my template.  Take a peak at her post here, where she offers an Embroidered Signature Block tutorial.

My personal handwriting is, and has always been, terrible.  My hand actually starts to cramp now if I write more than a few paragraphs in long hand.  That’s how little I write anymore.  I learned how to type in high school, even won a couple of awards at UIL for speed – so there was never any struggle to transition to a computer world for me.  Every person in high school should learn how to type properly.  Invaluable.

I digress.  I am shamelessly stealing the same font idea from Kristyne and using Stalemate for the wedding block.  I’m not crazy about the “B” letter – I might play with it a bit before I commit to the ink.  The fonts are available as free downloads through this website – 1001 Fonts.  I had also downloaded Tangerine, Sacramento and Adine.  But Kristyne had the right selection already – Stalemate.


I went through my limited stash of embroidery thread.  Most of which I picked up in a clearance opportunity at my local quilt shop, but I also had ordered a range of colors by COSMOS floss.  None of which matched my fabric.  None of it.

Guess that means I have to go shopping.  I have to go.   I am forced to go shopping. Plus – I have a coupon for Joann Fabrics!  Love that!

Selected a variety of colors, in case I wanted to embellish a little in the block.  I’m likely to use the darkest navy color for the lettering.


While at Joann’s, I also found this book that I couldn’t pass up.


Not only did I have a coupon for 10% off everything … the quilt books were 40% off also!  I love looking at English Paper Piecing (EPP) projects and there was this one in the book that caught my eye in particular.  I still have near the top of my list to make a little tablecloth for my daughters kid-size table.  Something she could use for her tea parties.  I already have the perfect fabric, and I have some patterns that I have considered – but I might have to add in some EPP to make it even more special.   Those are little hexagon diamonds in between the butterflies.


So – that leaves me with one complete block to go, with embroidery.  Sashing, borders and piecing a quilt back.  I have asked Linh of Elvy Crafts blog and LiMa Sews to do my longarm quilting.  I have her on reserve for next week!  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!  No more updates on this quilt until the BIG REVEAL!

Thanks for stopping by this weekend – I hope you are enjoying it wherever you are!