Walk on down High Street in these shoes!

I am working, working, working on completing THREE quilts this week.  I have about 18 inches of binding left to sew down on the Swoon quilt (and attach a label), my BOHO AYOS quilt to bind and give as a baby gift this Saturday and the Rally quilt to bind and give by Monday at the latest.  Not much else to show, so no repeat pictures of those quilts yet.

There is a NEW collection that I can’t stop thinking and planning about though.  I’m surprising myself lately with my taste in the bright colors like in the BOHO collection.  Now, I’m infatuated with HIGH STREET by Lily Ashbury Designs.  Anyone else??

I am just flustering myself on which pattern to use with it because I love all the colors and the designs of the fabric.  What to do, what to do??  I’ll have to browse some of my latest books by my favorite bloggers to get some good ideas I guess.  Something that showcases large pieces of the fabric would be best for me.

I did think of something this morning however … I have been wanting to make a paper-pieced high heeled shoe block quilt for a co-worker who LOVES high heeled shoes.  I’m thinking that the HIGH STREET collection might be awfully cute as the shoe fabric in those blocks.  She loves colorful shoes also.

I bought this pattern a while back, with this notion in mind.  I did an internet search for High Heel shoe quilt patterns and it came up with a Craftsy site link.  The pattern is only $2.50 and was designed by a lady in Italy and is called:

“Sexy high heel” paper pieced pattern

I’ve seen other applique patterns and I may decide to mix and match different ones to come up with a sampler – like my friends’ shoe closet.

So – that’s what is on my mind today – how about you?


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