One lone yo-yo …

I finished all of my yo-yos last night!  Problem is, now I have to find a new traveling project for our temporary stay in the hotel.  When all were done, I counted them out.  199!  !@#%$!@9??  Ok… there is some lone yo-yo laying around somewhere, probably under my sewing table.  I will NOT be able to move on with this odd number.  It just isn’t in my DNA.  I’ll be on a hunt for that lone yo-yo.

Here’s what 199 yo-yos look like though.  Beautiful array of Tapestry fabric by Fig Tree Quilts.  Sorry about the poor lighting – I don’t get great lighting, even in the day time, inside the hotel room. 

199 YoYos 2

I made each one using the large Clover yo-yo maker.  I finished them off by pulling the needle to the back and taking several overlapping small stitches.  I love how the dark plum color really pops in this group!

199 YoYos

I also got a sweet surprise in my mail yesterday!  My first bundle of Robin’s Nest fabric from Homestead Hearth!  They are doing this quilt as a BOM in reproduction type fabrics, not all from one collection – so it will be kind of scrappy too.  The burgundy gingham/check is their paper sack – in case that isn’t obvious in the picture.  I ordered the templates and patterns from Somerset Patchword in Australia, and was able to find the fabric BOM program here (afterwards noticing that they had both the fabric and patterns as a BOM option).  Take a look at both of their websites – lots of great eye candy.  Don’t be afraid to order from Australia either – they were so great to work with and if you can just wait for the shipping time, why not?  (Tip – use Skype to call super cheap internationally.  My 15 minute call to Somerset Patchwork cost me only 24 cents).  Can’t wait to get started on this one!


Robins Nest Block 1 Fabric


I think I’ll bring my tools and La Belle Fleur fabric back to the hotel and do some cutting for the  Blogger Girl’s BOM.  We should be back home tomorrow or Friday at the latest, so I can just get the sewing done this weekend.  Looking up!  AFTER I find that lone yo-yo…

All the best,


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