Dry Fit and Ready to get HOME!

I have stopped short of bringing my machine to the hotel room, but I did collect a few rulers, my mat, rotary cutter, sewing scissors, pencil and newly arrived box from FQS last night.  Inside the box was my Fat 8th bundle of La Belle Fleur.  I normally perch my new bundles on my cutting table and stare at them for a few weeks at least … but I don’t have time for that nonsense now.  This is probably the hardest part:

Moda Tape LaBelleFleur

Taking off that perfectly tied and pressed twill tape from MODA.  **sigh**  However, that almost ensures I will get started on this project and make it to the end.  I have a tough time cutting into my new fabric – but I have jumped that hurdle already.

Since I don’t have my machine with me, I at least cut out the pieces needed for the first block of the Blogger Girl’s BOM.  I still need to cut the pieces for the alternate block (same pattern, different fabrics/values in the positions).  Will plan to do that tonight.  Here’s my first block – dry fit for display:

BG Block 1 Dry Fit

I LOVE the French General colors!  And this collection has the perfect background fabric for the project.  I will need to order about 4 more yards of it to cover all the blocks and sashing, so I partially decided on this collection because of this background.  The only thing I might, MIGHT, add is some fabric that has black in it.  It would really add some interest I think. We’ll see.  Maybe in the corner stones of the sashing units.  I can probably find a French General fabric that would fit that bill.

Here are the fabric selections I haven’t used yet.

Fat 8 Spread LaBelleFleur

Definitely pulling in some of those blues into this next block.  Maybe every block will have red, and alternatively switch between green and blue.  I’ll try a few and see how they mesh together.

Hopeful that we will be moved back home tomorrow.  They tore up the kitchen floor today, finishing up the demo.  Although I would rather wait until I can cook at home before we go back – I’m getting really homesick…

Have a great Thursday!!


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