Pardon the Interruption

Well, frick.  I’m all so motivated to work on my quilty projects but our house had other plans.  Long story short…  noticed smell under kitchen counter when we came back from Christmas… noticed water collecting under sink the next day … smell increasing to near death experience.  Called plumber and landlord, who then called insurance company and carpenters, and finally a few days stay in a Residence Inn while they did this to the back wall of our kitchen:






There is actually standing water in that excavated area.  What you don’t see are all the bottom cabinets and the relocated appliances and sink.  What you do see is gray water, muck, dirt, rotten plywood and exposed concrete slab.  The plumbing has since been fixed, but now we get to reconstruct the kitchen after they pull up the rest of the floor to investigate the extent of the water damage under the linoleum.  The house is 70 years old, but the kitchen was redone not all that long ago.  Our renter’s coverage is taking care of moving out all of our kitchen items, having them disinfected and washed and the appliances relocated.  No tellin’ what’s airborne at this point in that room.  They even sealed it off with those contamination plastic flaps.  So, we will likely be back in the house tomorrow or the next day (provided that the smell is finally gone) and eating from McDonalds for a week while they do the work.

Punchline of this is I haven’t been able to work on as MUCH of my quilty stuff, but I am finishing up those yo-yos.  My handy portable project.  When I get back in the groove at home again, I will be able to start on Block 3 of my Away From Home BOM (Trees), Blogger Girls BOM (decided on La Belle Fleur), and Robin’s Nest (see this post from earlier).

I’m not really complaining too much about the kitchen.  Given the damage the water could have done, it isn’t that bad (and we rent instead of own, so the cost is on the landlord).  Compared to someone who has to live through rebuilding after hurricane damage, this will pass soon enough.

Chat again soon!


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