2014 Quilt Show Pictures


I know you have probably seen pictures from the quilt show by now on a few or more other blog sites.  Certainly more professional than my own, but perhaps you will see something new here anyway.

I had gone primarily for the Red & White exhibit and although I live in Houston, I have only been to the show twice since we moved here over 4 years ago.  I don’t remember the huge display of quilts from my first trip.  There were 25 rows of quilts (based on the banners hanging down from the rafters) and at least 100 or more in each row??  Maybe??  It took several hours to walk through it all.  When I was done, my friend and I were pooped and we didn’t even go through the merchant booths.

Next year, I’m buying the weekend pass and going to it all for sure.  Just wish I knew how to get into the trade weekend that is blogged about so wonderfully.

Here are some of the red and white quilts on display from the center attraction area:






Beautiful – yes?  Then there were many mini/wall hanging size quilts that were so impressive:




I left there so wanting to get right on my Univ of Houston quilt and see it take shape (colors are red/white/navy).

Then, we moved along the rows and there was a section just for animal themes.  I had to take a snap of these artistic quilts:


Now, to be sure – there were lots of beautiful quilts.  Applique, trapunto, thread painting, piecework, 3-D and layered effects, etc…  But I found myself so pleasantly surprised when I came upon a special exhibit area for Australian artists.  I found myself seeing quilts I had in books and magazines but you can’t believe how wonderful they are in person and close up.

The three main quilters, if I remember correctly were Di Ford, Michelle Yeo and another one (Carolyn someone?)…

O.M.G. … they were stunning.

Houston-20141102-00930 Houston-20141102-00931 Houston-20141102-00932 Houston-20141102-00922 Houston-20141102-00929

Now, I’m going to get back to my ironing board and sewing machine and try not to think about how much I would love to slow stitch one of those masterpieces… maybe in my retirement years.

Hope all is well with you!  Have a restful weekend.

All my best,


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