Something Quick for Thursday

I really want to show you pictures from my weekend outing …

Quilt Festival Doors

But it takes forever for me to download stuff off my cell phone to a computer.  I will hope to do that this weekend.  I so thoroughly enjoyed myself at the International Quilt Festival.

Not much time today, but I did take about 30 seconds to go to Fig Tree’s website and click-click-click … download the new mini Stems pattern for our November AYOS project:

Stems Pattern

I think I could get this done in a couple of nights after the kids are asleep.  Are you joing in this month?

I’ll share my large STEMS quilt next time and a little history behind it.  It was gifted to a very dear, longtime friend.

See you soon!


(P.S.  – please know that I really am thrilled to get your comments, even if I don’t get a response back out to you.  They make me smile!)

2 thoughts on “Something Quick for Thursday

  1. Yes, I know that problem with the photos, just downloading all my cell phone pics to flickr so I can upload them from flickr to WP. Need to clear my cell phone memory! It takes sooo long. Mind you if you have an app for wordpress on your phone I think it goes quicker. Or maybe you already tried that. Still is a drag. Can’t wait to see your pictures of Market Jennifer.

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