Nantucket is Home! Picture heavy post ahead…

I sit here to think of how to explain why I can’t post more often and I struggle with trying to sound gracious and humble.  But it’s hard.


My kids are absolutely a terror when it comes to picking up after themselves, causing more of a mess while I’m cleaning up the last mess and they do NOT like to get up out of bed in the morning.  One child begs me to let her stay up later and read more and the other runs screaming through the house when he has to do 2 pages of homework (that would take him all of 3 minutes if he would just down and do it).


I spent about an hour and a half last night doing the summer school homework with my son.  Two little pages.  90 minutes.  Several calm and thoughtful discussions in between about how we are going to be a team this month to get it done and a little bribery slipped into the mix.  I soooo wanted to take my left hand and complete the homework for him, but I drew the line.  Just a few more weeks and they are all play, all the time.  Until then, we have a little extra work to get through to prepare for 2nd grade.

The days fly by.  The nights are even shorter.  And we have eaten at McDonalds waaaayyyyy too much for my comfort.   !@#$!@#$

So, anyway, the conflict I feel is to record in my memoirs this moment in time and to also be aware that others are reading this and I want you to know, gentle reader, that I am very blessed to have my family and I wouldn’t want any other family in this world.  I love my children.  I spoil them rotten I’m sure and my husband pulls more than his weight around the house.  But we both work full time and that leaves precious little at night to feed everyone, bathe everyone, do homework and wind down enough to slip into an unconscious state.

Now – for quilting pictures!!

I would like to formally state that my official quilter is Linh at Lima Sews.  She is fantastic and I was overly thrilled when I got my Nantucket back from her this past weekend.  I gave a couple of design thoughts and asked her to ‘do her thing’.

Nantucket Quilted


I’ll just pop these pictures in, back – to – back for your viewing enjoyment.  I’m so glad that my backing allows the quilting to show off well.

Love the cross-hatching in the inner border…

Nantucket 11 Nantucket 10


See what I mean about the backing?  This is my favorite picture of the group.  You see all the designs in one place.

Nantucket 9 Nantucket 8

My only initial design request was circle feathers in the big stars.  They turned out just like I wanted!

Nantucket 7 Nantucket 6 Nantucket 5

I tooks these pictures minutes after I pulled the quilt from the box.  Should have ironed it out a bit first 🙂

Nantucket 4 Nantucket 3 Nantucket 2

Thank you Linh for a great quilt job!  It is going to be so very hard to give this away – but at least it stays in the family.  The binding needs to go on before Father’s Day, so I should be able to swing that at least.

If you want Linh to quilt for you – you can visit her blog and website.

She blogs under “Elvy Crafts”:

Her longarm services can be linked from that site, or you can go here under her company website for LiMa Sews:

Go to the bottom of her LiMa Sews site and you will see the SWOON quilt I did last year for a wedding gift in Happy Go Lucky fabrics.


Thanks for visiting my site today.  I hope to get back into a routine that will include more posts.  I am so very close to finishing my Great Granny Squared quilt.  Just the plain outer borders left to sew and then a pieced backing.


Until next time!!


5 thoughts on “Nantucket is Home! Picture heavy post ahead…

  1. Jennifer, I totally get where you are coming from with the kiddos. For years my quilting was always last on my list of things to do. Today I babysit my grandchildren so I am still a weekend warrior. This is just a season to get through so love on them now before they walk out the door. You are an awesome quilt maker! I love Nantucket and planned on doing that one too but never got to it. I’m enjoying the quilters newsletter magazine quilt you are working on. Hope to see more of that one.

    • Thanks Drue! More is coming soon on Reach for the Stars. I appreciate the comment and show of support. Now I have to go clear some Lego bricks off my ironing board…

  2. Hey, I completely understand where you’re coming from with the kids and house and work thing! It’s so draining, yet you could ask for nothing more in life, except maybe 26 hour days and a day between Saturday and Sunday. Your Nantucket looks fantastic. I have the centre made in mine, and am trimming down the nine patches. I’m stuck at a boring stage and have been for a couple of months. Hope I feel the love again soon and get going on it.

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