I want to play too!

Some of my favorite bloggers are doing a sew along project, starting now, using the Midwinter Reds collection by Minick & Simpson.  The pattern they are all doing is Nantucket (also by M&S).  I had already decided that I loved, loved, loved this fabric and had also purchased this pattern.  Hence – I am inviting myself to sew along with them and see how well I can keep up!  Click on my link to visit Nicole over at Sister’s Choice Quilts to read more about the sew along.  Or click on this link to go over to Thelma at Cupcakes ‘n Daisies blog to read her post on it.  Sinta, at Pink Pincushion hasn’t blogged yet on the sew along, look for it this week.  And finally, there is Lisa over at Stashmaster and you can read her blog post too!  Lots of girls doing the same quilt.  Wonder how different they will all look when they are done?

Nantucket Pattern

The pattern calls for 12 red fat quarters, 9 of which are featured as stars in the center.  Here are my 9 choices for the stars:

Nantucket Stars FQs

The lightest one will be in the center, similar to the pattern design.

Here is my FQ bundle, all spread out.  Once I take off that Moda Ribbon – it is a good sign I’ll actually get started on the quilt project..

Midwinter Reds FQ Bundle

I had also thought of doing this pattern, that I got free as an insert to a quilting magazine subscription solicitation… I put it to a vote and Nantucket won out.  When I asked why my husband voted for Nantucket – he said because “it looks more difficult”.  Thanks Sweetie.  I like the size of Nantucket more anyway though – I want to be able to use this as a lap quilt when I’m done.

Midwinter Optional pattern


I had to finish up my Clover quilt top.  I completed the basic pattern for the parade on Nov 1st … but I already had intentions on adding borders to make it larger.  The pattern triangles seemed to call out for something similar in the borders – so I decided to try prairie points for the first time.  I think it echos the design elements pretty well.  I have them just on the top and bottom right now and still deciding if I’m going to do the sides.  I think it looks good like this.  What do you think?

Clover Borders Grass

I need to do the borders on the sides – don’t I?  I know the answer. … I’m just ready to move on to my new projects…  I love this result though.

Clover Prairie Points Clover Prairie Points 3

Clover Prairie Points 1

So – are you doing a Midwinter Red quilt project now?  Perfect for Christmas, you know!

Thanks for visiting today.  And THANK YOU to all the sweet readers who left me a comment on the Clover quilt.  I appreciate it very much!


6 thoughts on “I want to play too!

  1. Hello Jennifer! Yes, you were the Jennifer I was talking about on my blog, for some reason when I click on your name I get some sort of google page with no personal information about you. I’m so glad you left another comment with your blog address. I have added you to my blog list and will be following your progress on Nantucket. Here are the sew along rules, sew when you can, blog you when you want, lol! Welcome to the group!

    PS – LOVE your Clover and think it looks absolutely perfect with the top and bottom row of prairie points, I think adding them to the sides would be too much, I like the novelty of the way it looks right now. Perfect fabric choice by the way, Sandy Gervais, she’s something!

  2. Glad to see you are going to join us making Nantucket. I’ve chosen the same fabric as you for my center star. Your Clover quilt is gorgeous! I love the plaid border fabric and the prairie points – so cute!

  3. Your Clover quilt looks amazing! I love your fabric choices. The borders are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I always love what you are up to and I am so glad that you are going to be taking the Nantucket adventure with us! Yeah! We are going to be having some fun!!! I am glad Nantucket won out, for you and for me!
    Your Clover is gorgeous…absolutely gorgeous! I love your border and the prairie points… are perfect!

  5. Your Clover is gorgeous. I love the prairie point borders. Yes it does need them on the sides too! Sorry, more work. I am loving he Midwinter Reds and the Nantucket patty. I won’t be by I along at the same time as all you girls, but I’m tucking the idea away for “later”. Have fun! It’s going to look beautiful.

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