My children … living anecdotes

Me:  “Nora, I love your hair now!”

Nora:  “Me too Mommy!”

Me:  “It has been a year and we finally have it all one length again and it is beautiful!”

<<Kiss on the head>>

<<Big hug from Nora>>

Nora 12-28-2012

Nora 12-28-2012

Maybe four hours later…

Husband … “Wake up from your peaceful nap that you never get to take, but for some reason you are being left alone for more than 15 minutes” (paraphrased)

Me “Leave me alone”

Husband “You have to see this”

Me  “Fine…”

Hair Pile 12-30-2012

Hair Pile 12-30-2012

Me… “Damn”


Nora Post Hair Cut

Nora Post Hair Cut


Ok, so I have trimmed it off into a little bob hairstyle and I will admit that she looks cute that way too.  At least this time she didn’t cut it at the scalp level off the very top of her head like last time.

Rite of passage.

Have a great day!


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