Happy 2013!

2013 pictureWell, we made it through, and happy to start a new year.  I’ve got my goals and resolutions like everyone else, and have made some progress on a few already.  Main family goal for this year is to track spending and control cash flow a bit better by using a budget and finance app on our iPad.  I’ve got the budget loaded and ready to start putting in those expenses.  I am an educated accountant, so I really get into spreadsheets and balances and tying out numbers and such.  I think that’s why I like quilting so much.  It has a mathematical element to it all (generally) and it “should” fit together perfectly if ‘calculated’ correctly.

I also stuck to my “do a little quilt related activity each day” goal by working on more of my yo-yos out of the Tapestry collection by Fig Tree quilts yesterday.  I’ll have enough done pretty soon for the Bunnyhill pattern I’m going to follow called “Yoyoville”.  I’ll have to decide on my background and cut out a ton of squares and start centering and attaching the yo-yos to each one.  This is my travel project, and I have my timing down to around 5 minutes to make 1 yo-yo.  I probably have 40 more to make and I can begin the next phase.

I am starting the year with one WIP (Away from Home by Nancy Rink), one project that needs the binding (to be completed this week), 4 quilt tops that need quilting and so many new projects that I want to start!  Namely the Mill Girls BOM and the 2012 Designer’s Mystery BOM by FQS.  Others on the list (no particular order) after that are Sew Spooky, Robin’s Nest, and a pattern I saw in Ms Rosie’s Spice of Life book named “Going Buggy”.

Finally, a goal to be sweeter to my husband and generally more appreciative of everything that I have in my life.  It is really great and I have two beautiful children to spend my life with every day as well.  I can’t ask for more.

I hope all of you had a wonderful end to 2012 and a great day yesterday.  I look forward to reading my favorite blogs and seeing the new inspiration that came from the holidays.  Happy New Year!!


One thought on “Happy 2013!

  1. Wonderful goals… I need to go see which pattern Going Buggy is! I like the MIll Girls… but don’t know if I am up for starting that one along with a Civil War Sampler, Hmmm. Happy New Year to you!

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