Vacation week is over!

My boss officially returned from his vacation today.  Therefore, my vacation is over as well.  Back to the grindstone!  Actually, he’s really easy to work with and is the best boss I have had in my career so far.  Not complaining a bit.

The munchkins are enjoying their last day of summer.  Tomorrow officially starts ‘school’ days and Oliver will be in Kindergarten!  I will share pictures tomorrow night or Wednesday morning for this monumentous event.  And a picture of his cracked/chipped tooth from trying to separate his Legos with his teeth.  That boy!!

I’m staying up with my sew a-long project from  Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts.  This weekend I completed blocks #5 & #6.  Here’s a picture of #4 that you missed last week and the new ones, and a group shot.  This brings me to the halfway point on the blocks for the sew a-long!

Forget Me Not Sew A-Long Block 4

Forget Me Not Sew A-Long Block Group 1-6