Fabric hoarder – beware!

This is my first blog entry … ever.  I have been so inspired by the other blogs I have seen and followed these past few months, that I thought I would venture a step into that new age as well.  Mostly for my own satisfaction of having someplace to organize my quilt projects and evolution outside of Facebook.  Here goes …

The picture in my header bar is showing two blocks from the embroidery patterns by Little Miss Shabby (http://www.littlemissshabby.com/birdie-stitches/).  The fabric is from Bonnie & Camille and is a combination of Vintage Modern and Ruby with Bella Porcelain as the background fabric.  This is my first effort with embroidery and I’m finding it quite addicting!  Really adds another dimension to a quilt.

I’m thinking of tackling my fabric stash soon.  I have it spread out through multiple closets and under beds at this point.  Some fabric I have had 15 years, some only 15 minutes – but it would be so hard to part with any of it.  However, I think I need to make room for new collections coming out this Fall and perhaps someone else will treasure it as well, so I may try selling on eBay for the first time too.  We’ll see.  Maybe I have another closet somewhere …

All the best,


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