Another 10 days gone by…

I’m back!  I was doing so well there for awhile, right?  I just can’t believe that 10 days can be leapfrogged in a blink!

My parents stayed with us this past weekend, so that always makes the weekend move along.  My mom is not one to sit on a couch (like I tend to do), or lie in bed watching reruns of Modern Family.  She is out shopping and …well, mostly shopping.

Anyway, I did get the first block of the Snapshots quilt along put together on Saturday.

I set a timer, but I’m kind of embarrassed at how long it took.  I thought I would be bragging here at the end of it, but …wow … I guess I’m slower than I thought.

I cut all the pieces out on Friday night:

SS B1 laid out

I have lost my “G” Alphabittie.  Hence the out-of-place “Z”.

Do you recognize these fabrics?  With the exception of the white gingham background fabric, these are from the Greg Jones Blogger’s Choice bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.  They were all so bright and fun.  It took me the longest to decide which ones to use in the Birthday Cake block.

If I had not stopped along every step to check my measurements, it would have gone a lot faster.  But I have no regrets at all.  It took me about 2 hours start to finish:

SS B1 Done


And because I am so lazy, here is another picture – only from my cutting table with a lot more natural light coming in around it:

SS B1 Done 2

Lovin’ It!  I don’t know if I will make all of the blocks, but … you know … just in case … I went ahead and got the 3.5 yards necessary of the white background so I would be ready.

If you love the fabrics as much as I do in this bundle, you could take you chance at a GIVEAWAY by Greg Jones himself!  He is offering a bundle through his blog post HERE until Jan 31st.  Check it out!

Next time I’ll tell you about an early birthday present that may or may not be an old Singer treadle sewing machine in working condition!  :):):)

All the best for a great end to the week!


Those Darn Paychecks!

I didn’t have the willpower to fight off some new fabric purchases last week.  I started seeing all the blogger posts for the Snapshots Quilt Along for charity, and I just got carried away.



To be honest, it actually started about a week earlier, when I came across a new blog site I had not seen before.  Fat Quarter Shop is offering a bundle from Greg Jones of the blogsite Grey Dogwood Studios.  It was in the “What’s New” group and I decided to take a look at his posts.

Greg is apparently a huge Fig Tree Quilts fan along with an affinity for Lori Holt projects.  I loved all of his posts!  I love seeing so many projects that I have wanted to do, already done in the same fabrics I would do them in.  You should check him out here or click HERE to view his Blogger’s Choice Bundle at FQS.

Anyway, one thing led to another and although I had sworn off new BOM projects for 2015, but this one seemed a little different.  I wasn’t buying the kit from FQS made with the Daysail fabric – I decided to make my donation to St Judes and I was going to use fabric from my stash.

Well, **sigh**, that didn’t happen either.  First – my stash is still in cardboard boxes and I didn’t have the energy (yeah right) to open them up and look for different pieces.

Second, I fell for some of the bright fabrics I had seen in Greg’s bundle and blogsite and some of the lovely Flower Sugar release by Lecien.  So – payday came around and I went shopping:

FQS Order 1

This was going to be a great start.  I would still dig out some more stash fabric (I have several Lori Holt collections), but come Tuesday – I would have the first block ready to make in the Quilt Along.

Maybe 30 minutes later, I was still browsing the website and I talked myself into another purchase – this time a bundle of Pam Kitty Garden.  And I had to get up to at least $80 so I would get free shipping – because we don’t want to waste a good deal, right?  So I added a few notions and a couple of white background fabrics to audition.

FQS Order 2

And of course, today is a postal holiday, or else I would have these in my mailbox within the next hour or two.

Will you be joining the  Snapshots Quilt project?  Here’s the first block:

Snapshots Block-1

The quilt patterns are free and will be released on the 15th of each month (started in January).  They ask that you make at least a $5 donation per pattern to St Judes and of course, sew along with us.

Click here to visit the blog post from Fat Quarter Shop to get all the details and even a video tutorial for making the first block.  They have the link for donating to St Judes and a PDF for the fabric requirements if you want to use your own fabric as well.

I’ll see you again later this week.  Have a wonderful Monday!



Work or Play?

Ok, so I haven’t done any work yet like I should have today.

I started putting together my RFTS center and based on the layout, I wanted to put the opposite corners together first.  Then I was going to stop there, get some work done and – you know – if there was time, put some more together.

End pieces

I even folded these sections up and set them to the side for tomorrow or later this week.  Then, maybe 10 minutes later, I thought … well – I’ll just do a couple more blocks together to have a head start.

Of course, I finished the piecing for the center, with the exception of the outer corners.  Here it is layed out on my queen size design (guest) bed:

Center Pieced

I really can’t believe how easy it came together and how much it looks like the cover photo from a distance like this.  I really, really love it and I can’t wait to get it finished.

I was stitching while watching the GB/Seahawks game.  That was a crazy game, right?  And I don’t normally watch football, but that was a good game to watch.  The other game, not so interesting.

Did you have a great weekend?  I hope you got to do some stitching as well!

Now it’s time for me to work…

All my best,





Ready, Set, Assemble!

I amuse myself that I was so intimidated by making side setting triangles for my blocks.  I have no good reason why, I just thought it would be difficult for them to come out right.  There was no reason to worry…

Side Triangles Closeup

They came together just fine.  All 10 of them…

Side Triangles

This is, so far, the safest place from napping cats that I can find.

Now – just as a teaser preview – this is what I’m about to get into.  Assembly of the rows to make the center portion of the Reach for the Stars quilt.  I just randomly grabbed four of my blocks, so you can get an idea:


Oh my, I can’t wait to see this come together.  It is going to be really hard not to work on it day and night – but this is my busy week at work (and I’m actually at work right now on a Saturday).  But… I’m sure a few minutes tonight to see it get started won’t hurt!

Maybe I’ll see you again tomorrow with an update!



Saturday Sewing

All 14 blocks for Reach for the Stars is done! 

I picked apart and reconstructed Block 12.

Here’s the old one:

RFTS Block 12

And here’s the new one (I forgot to set them on point for the picture):

RFTS Block 12 Redone

Much lighter feel to it.  Love it now.

And, drum roll …, Block 13 was completed today!  I even followed the directions for some of the pieces that were in 1/8 cuts, but it came out easier than I expected.  I used the Fit to be Geese ruler by Open Gate Quilts for my flying geese units.  Perfect every time.

RFTS Block 13


As a reminder, here is a picture of the cover quilt, designed and pieced by Terri Krysan and published in Quilters Newsletter magazine from Oct/Nov 2013 to Oct/Nov 2014.  I have the center medallion and the 14 surrounding blocks done now.


But if you have made a quilt or two, you know as well as I do that I may not even be halfway through the work yet.  Those setting triangles, inner border and especially that pieced outer border will likely take as much time as the blocks did.  Better get started!

If you would like to see an exemplary completed version of Reach for the Stars – you MUST visit Dawn’s blog at First Light Designs.  She not only got her quilt top done before the end of last year, she has already gotten it back from her quilter and it is spectacular!  Dawn went with some cool tones of blue and green with black accents and it really makes the blocks pop out.  You can click HERE to visit her post from Jan 4th and see all her pictures.

I’m still doing well on a little quilting activity every day, even if it is 5 minutes to look at fabric choices.  I’ve gone a week without buying any new fabric, so that’s a real accomplishment for me.  Fortunately, I was already enrolled in some BOM programs, so a squishy package comes to my door anyway a few  times a month.

Hope you are having a snuggly weekend.  We have watched TV, eaten pizza and tried to stay warm inside.

See you again soon!


Sewing Sunday

I have kept one resolution and have broken another.  I have so far done some sewing every day this year, but yesterday – I had to break my resolution to not buy any fabric.  I made it 3 days.  Not even.  But there has to be some concessions for emergency fabric – right?

I got out my Quilters Newsletter magazines to find where I had left off on Reach for the Stars.  I needed to make Blocks 13 and 14, the last two blocks before getting into the setting triangles and borders.

As I was sifting through my stash, I pulled out the fabric I had for the sashing strips – so I could go ahead and cut them for these last two blocks.  And wouldn’t you know it …. I am short one strip.  I don’t know if I thought what I had would be enough, or if I’m not finding another piece that I have or what.  I need two little sashing strips that are 1 1/2″ wide and 14 1/2″ long.  Of course, the American Gothic collection by Pam Buda has long since sold out on Fat Quarter shop and I didn’t find what I needed on Etsy or eBay … so I did my Google search and found some from Old Country Store Fabrics online.  I guess I’ll have it by next weekend.

You can see the two blocks below that I have left to complete.  And my remaining two sashing strips for the last block, waiting for their partners.

RFTS Mag Sashing

To get back into this groove, I decided to piece Block 14 first – the simpler of the two.

RFTS Block 14

So, that leaves Block 13 – right?  Well, actually, I’m going to pick apart Block 12 first (see below) and select a different set of fussy cut pieces from my focus fabric to lighten it up a bit.  I never quite liked it.  The florals are too big for the block.

RFTS Block 12

Ready, set – go back to school time!!



Another productive day before we all return to our routines this week.  I decided to machine stitch the binding down on both sides for Clover.  In retrospect, I should have at least tried out a different thread color in the bobbin to blend in with the backing, but it’s all good.

Clover Binding

I prepped the label ahead of time, and stitched it into the corner while doing the binding.  Then I hand appliqued the other two sides.

This one is F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D.!  My friend, for which I meant to give it last year, is visiting this week from Colombia.  I’m so glad to be able to give it to her in person instead of shipping it.

Clover Label

Now that I have three quilt bindings behind me, I’m eyeing my Reach for the Stars project again.  I have two blocks left and then the quilt setting.  See you again soon!

Thanks for stopping by today,