2016 – A Better Year Ahead

After about a month away from quilting, I started back up again this weekend.  You see, my best friend, the one I mentioned in my last post, passed away in the middle of December.  She was diagnosed with liver cancer  on October 23 and died at her home, with her family, on December 14.  It has been sad, surreal, heart breaking all at the same time.  Other than my husband, Sabrena was my best friend who I had the pleasure of seeing every day at work.  We met at work over 5 years ago and it took no time at all before we had our regular lunch dates to talk about family and work and movies and more family and all the stuff you talk about.  We had our last conversation in the hospital before she got discharged under hospice care.  I had no idea that would be the last time we would talk.  The doctors said 2 – 8 months without treatment.  She didn’t even make it 2 months with most of the time spent in the hospital.  It isn’t fair and I’m not happy about it and I’m struggling with it every day, because I go to work every day.

I started her quilt the weekend she told me her diagnosis.  I had procrastinated on her quilt in particular, waiting for the perfect fabric collection or pattern.  I jumped right in though with the beautiful romantic tones of the Rambling Rose fabrics by Sandy Gervais.  I picked out the Rose Garden pattern for Sabrena.

Rose Garden Picture

Rose Garden Quilt by Sandy Gervais

This is the last full quilt progress picture I took before I started adding on the applique items.  At this time, I have the center applique done and the large bird in the corner.  All I have left are the leaf appliques around the sides and adding a border all the way around to make it big enough for a roomy lap quilt.


I think she would have loved it.

But for now, it is folded up and tucked away for the moment.  I’ll complete it at some point and give it to her husband.  For me, if I make a quilt for someone in particular – it has to go to that person.  I would even feel strange keeping it for myself.


Instead of working on this quilt over the weekend, I put together 3 more blocks on the FQS Snapshots quilt.  I have two more blocks to go and I’ll get started on the sashing.  I’ll come back soon and show you those updates.  It will be more cheerful and bright – I promise.

All my best to you.  Thank you for visiting.  Go hug your children, spouse, friends, parents, siblings, boss, cousins.  Just do it.






4 thoughts on “2016 – A Better Year Ahead

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Its heartbreaking to lose a special friend . The quilt is beautiful and eventually you’ll feel like finishing it.

  2. Aw Jennifer, I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. The quilt you are making for her is beautiful. I hope the quilt will bring you comfort when you are ready to go back to it. Wishing you a better year.

  3. When I lost such a dear friend it was sooo difficult. I have missed her every day for the last 13 years. I am so sorry you lost your friend. I have wiped away many tears as I completed some of her projects. But I WANTED her daughter to have her love to wrap up in.

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