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Weight Loss through Quilting!

Or, at least offset some of the weight I’m likely to gain by sitting at a machine for too long!

I gathered up my Yo Yo supplies and found a neat stackable set of bins that was perfect.  I can fit my full size scissors and lay my charm squares flat inside.  Got this during Joann’s sale last week at almost no cost given the discount and coupons I had for the sale!

Stacker Trays

So, my weight loss tip is to pack a lunch and eat at my desk instead of going out for fast food or really anything that would be obtained in a restaurant.  Come to think of it … Quilting helps me save MONEY too!!  You can NOT beat that!

Here’s my progress on the Yo Yos in Tapestry that I’m making for the Yoyoville quilt (pattern by Bunny Hill Designs).

Yo Yo Progress 10-10-2012

I love these colors!!  And finally, a shot of the trays all stacked and snapped together:

Cute, huh?  Will be perfect for any hexagon project I may want to tackle later, after the Yo Yos are done.

Also wanted to show a few gratuitous pictures of the kids from last weekend when we went to a combination pumpkin patch, petting farm, etc… ranch here in Houston (Halter, Inc.).  They are open each weekend during October.  They also have a playground area for kids, haunted trail, pony rides, pony cart rides, face painting available and sell home made goods along with snacks, drinks and hot dogs/hamburgers.

Oliver with Goat

Nora with Goat

You can really tell better from this picture in the pumpkin patch that is was quite warm on this Saturday (probably in the upper 90s).  And of course we were there in the middle of the afternoon.  Luckily, fall weater rolled through the next day and it has been really beautiful lately!

Pumpkin Patch

Also received my backing fabric yesterday for my MIL Stars and Stripes quilt.  It will be just right!  But, I think I need to finish the baby quilt I made for a friend, since the baby is now two months old!  How fast time flies when you have to work, cook, clean, bathe, take care of family, maybe sleep, commute, eat, ….

 Happy Quilting!


Well, hell-yo there!

Sorry, pretty corny I know.  Not a long post right now…  I’m at work but wanted to share a picture of my growing yo yo collection.  I have around 29 made so far out of my first charm pack of Tapestry.  I’ll be cutting up my layer cake next to get the rest of them started.  I have two nagging concerns with this process… the seamingly wastefullness of the scraps that I have to cut off to make the circle from the 5″ square and the thread that isn’t quite long enough to make it around the circle again.  I’m saving the scraps for the possible use in the applique portion of the quilt (little houses on the outside border), but I haven’t decided to be frugal enough to save the thread for other projects.  Maybe I should.  I wonder if others would save series of 12″ long thread pieces…

Anyway – here is the snap of my little quilt tin with my finished yo yos and the remaining charm pack and Clover Large Yo Yo tool.

Yo Yo ‘Kit To Go’

And here is my favorite yo yo so far.  The Tapestry fabric collection is so beautiful.  I’m having a hard time deciding which fabric to use for backing because I really love looking at so many of them!  Guess I’ll just have to make a lot of quilts with the fabric so I can get them all in…

Favorite Yo Yo – Tapestry

I did finish the center portion of my MIL stars and stripes quilt.  Now I’m deciding whether to try and quilt it in sections (as described by Marti Michell in her book, Machine Quilting in Sections) or adding on the borders and doing it traditionally.  Not sure yet.  Also still thinking about the quilt design to use on it.  Whether to quilt in the negative space or quilt on the ‘flag’ sections.  I’ll post again with the picture tomorrow and see if I get any feedback.

Have a wonderful day – it’s almost Friday!!


Manic mode this week

I think the changing seasons is getting me into a manic hyper drive mode.  I have lots of projects I want to start and finish and I find that I enjoy having several going at the same time on my tables.  Variety is always good and I can easily pick up something and get a few minutes done until ‘they’ discover I’m gone from their immediate vicinity.  “They” being my 4 and 5 year olds.

So – what’s new?  Well,… thanks to Sinta and her blog post from yesterday … I went on a hunt for a pattern called Yoyoville by Bunny Hill Designs.  Sinta is making hers from Whimsy fabric (Fig Tree).  I love the picture in the photo on the pattern (made with Simple Abundance by Bonnie & Camille)

… but I thought it would look great in Tapestry!  So … I have never made a yoyo before and the pattern strongly suggests that you get the Clover large yoyo tool.  So, with a coupon and a few dollars in hand, I picked one up on the way home yesterday from Jo Ann’s fabric store.  My only reservation is that I hate to see that extra corner fabric fall away and know I can’t really use it.  But the tool is perfect for charm packs, which I happen to have one of Tapestry already.  I’ll probaby bring in some Mill House and Patiesserie to make it extra scrappy.  First I’ll see if I can get all of these made before I buy the pattern and coordinating fabric (although I’m sure I can find some already in my house).  These little gems shrink down to 1 3/4″ in diameter when you are done.  The pattern calls for about 120 of them.

While I was at Jo Ann’s, I thought – … I wonder if I can crochet?  There is a Fusion Crochet thing happening on some blogs and I thought that it would be interesting to try one or two blocks to see how I like it.  I figured that it would be easy to do, but I haven’t learned that craft before.  I had a crochet needle, just needed some yarn, … and a book.  You can see my attempt to practice the single crochet and slip stitch on my little sample in the picture below.

I’m not sure I’m ready to start this yet.  I may have to do something like 3×3 charm blocks and join those larger ones together with crochet instead of the individual 5″ blocks.  To be determined…

Finally, a progress report on my Away From Home BOM, using Mill Girls fabric.  Still on the first block and finally got the main factory building done.  It was reverse applique to make the fabric appear like windows in the building.  That took me a VERY long time I think, compared to traditional piecing.  I had not really tried needle turn applique before and I’ll probably try converting to machine applique before I’m done with this block.  But – I’m proud of my results so far and ready to finish the factory building and do the sun and moon shape.

So – there you have it for this week.  Working on Birdie Stitches #11 (November/Thanksgiving theme) and worked a little more on the MIL stars and stripes quilt.  Really looking forward to a weekend at home with no duties or places to go.  Wish everyone a wonderful Thursday!