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Lincoln blocks audition

Lincoln blocks are done!  Now just previewing the placement of them all before I starting sewing them together.

AYOS Lincoln Blocks

Tried to fussy cut some of the more appropriate pieces.  I’ll be leaving this red flower one in the center:

AYOS Lincoln Blocks Closeup


I am very likely to add on a couple of borders, perhaps following the guidance of the instructions for the larger Lincoln setting in the book.  Part of me wants to add in a white inner border just before the outer ring of Rail Fence blocks.  I may have to browse other blogs to see what everyone else is doing with their AYOS this month.

I have only about two weeks left to finish my Rally quilt.  Cutting it close!  Better get moving!

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I couldn’t stay away!

Well, even with my intent to stay focused on work this past week, I did get started with my AYOS project for July … LINCOLN Schnibble pattern by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.

I started with ordering the book, so I could add to my collection and get so many more great patterns at the same time.  I added in some Bella Solid “Feather” for the background out of my stash and my two charm packs of BOHO fabric by Urban Chiks, courtesy of Carrie Nelson herself from my prize package (see last post):

AYOS Lincoln Start

Now, mind you, I have my favorite designers and what I think are my favorite color schemes.  I had not purchased any of the BOHO collection because it didn’t seem ‘me’.  But I am so pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed working with it!  Rich colors and the retro vibe feel is cheerful.  So, I started with my fabric selections for the 13 star points and centers.  Now tell me – don’t these colors look great??

AYOS Lincoln Star Points

I proceeded to cut up my squares for the star points and got them all grouped together with their centers.  You can also see the start of the rail fence pieces beginning to stack up on the right:

AYOS Lincoln Star Sets

And the first block done and approved!  I love how the star floats in the background (there is more than 1/4″ seam allowance designed into that block), and even though I think it came out perfectly – it does help to have that cushion where you won’t cut off the points when you join everything together.  This picture below came out a bit dark.  It is a great block – unfinished at 5″ square:

AYOS Lincoln Block 1


As of today, I have my rail fence block 2/3 joined (two of the three strips are connected).  This will be so speedy!  I have a total of 4 star blocks done, so only 9 more to go.  I ordered my backing and binding from FQS yesterday, so it should be here by the weekend and maybe I can even get this quilted on my own machine before the end of the month!  Yippee!

Once that is done … look what I get to do next:

2013 FQS DM BOM 2

See you soon!

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Winning streak!

I have been following quilt blogs for a little over a year now.  I was stunned at how many there were and all the variations in style and tastes.  It has been a great hobby (?) or favorite activity to pop in every day or two to see what’s new.  And then there are the contests and giveaways!  This group is amazing in their endeavor to attract new followers and/or to just share in their love of quilting and reaching out to others of like mind.

Long intro to the fact that up until this past month, I have never won any of these contests, but I always enjoy the comments and blog posts that go along with them.  I don’t expect to win, but I join every now and then.

I hit the jackpot twice this past month!  I’m thrilled and it is just icing on the cake.

The first one was on a wonderful and beautiful blog by a quilter in Australia named Meredithe Clark.  She designs her own templates and patterns and has the blog Pomegranate and Chintz.  Check her out – you will love her pictures and she does a lot of quilting groups, and they eat very well I might add.  Usually beautiful food pics to go with their progress pictures.

The second one that I won was a drawing as a participant in the June AYOS sew along, hosted by Sherri and Sinta.  Two great bloggers and I would not hesitate to assume, wonderful people.  However, my prize was sponsored by Carrie Nelson herself!  She is owned by her beautiful dog, Miss Rosie, of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.  I feel like I have been touched by a celebrity!

Well, I got both packages this past week and can’t be happier.  I won a set of acrylic templates designed by Meredithe which I love!  (I love templates, they definitely fit my collection obsession).

B2B Template Pack

B2B Templates

Carrie Nelson sent over a great bundle of precuts.  I am pleasantly surprised that I received two BOHO charm packs as part of this package and have decided to honor the gift by using them in my July AYOS quilt, Lincoln.  I have already cut out my fabric, so more pictures on that progress early in the week.  I had also ordered the book “Another Bite of Schnibbles” so I could get the Lincoln pattern and there are so, so many more in the book that I plan to make.  (note … I could have sworn I already owned this book, but after dedicating at least two hours searching for it – I resigned myself to the fact that I did not, in fact, own this book.  But I have at least three others by Carrie Nelson – so that may explain the feeling).

ABS Book

AYOS Lincoln Start

Someday, I may have enough followers to offer giveaways and contests.  But until then, I enjoy seeing this community grow and share graciously – and glad that I found them.  And just in case I never win anything again, I have signed up for waaayyyy too many upcoming BOM patterns later in the fall.  A lot of great ones coming out this year, so it will keep me in touch with my postman!

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And the weekend is over…

Just like that, the weekend has come and gone.  Too fast, too fast.

I did make my deadline for the AYOS though, without the final pieced border.  I could say that I wanted to see how everyone else finished theirs in the parade tomorrow, but really – I just ran out of time.  It looks good though and the colors go really great with our kitchen, so that will probably be the final destination once I decide for sure on the borders.

Dulcinea June AYOS 2013

The finished size right now is right at 26″ square.  I used the better part of two charm packs of Indigo Crossing collection, and the background is a print from Jo Morton’s Sundays Best group.

Did you join in the sew along this month?  Hope to see you in the parade!

I also worked on my Rally quilt, but I didn’t make it as far as completing the blocks.  That will be my priority this week for sure.  Need to get it done before this kid moves off to California in a month.

The last surprise for the weekend was that my husband agreed to shelter a feral mommy cat and three kittens.  I didn’t know it was feral until it had already stayed under our bed all night.  I was confused on the details apparently.  Anyway, we plan to take care of her and get her spayed and see what options we have after that.  The kittens are ADORABLE!  They are about 6 weeks old and pure black and white.  I hope to get them into the adoption program that my other two foster kittens are in right now.  They have to be spayed/neutered first before they can go to any adoption events, but we’ll have fun with them before that for sure.

Kittens 06-30-2013

These are chunky little kittens, compared to what Sparkle and Jewelry were when they first arrived.  They have been well fed by their first foster mom and are playful and quick to warm up to you for a nice nap.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are not dreading Monday morning like me…


Friday excitement!

Soooo glad it is Friday!  How about you?  I’ve got much waiting on me at home and I’m ready to get back into it.

I had started my June AYOS this past week and am working on the pinwheel blocks in the Dulcinea pattern.  I went through my stash and found that I had two charm packs of Indigo Crossing by Minick & Simpson (MODA).  Very soothing color combination of blues, tans, creams.  I can’t wait to see how it will turn out. 

Dulcinea AYOS WIP

I also continued my Robin’s Nest applique.  I went to the store yesterday and bought some silk thread to see if it made a difference.  I was using 100% cotton.  It sure feels better gliding through the fabric, but I don’t know if I can tell much difference in the end result.  I’ll stick with it though, because it does feel good.

RN Block 1 Applique


I had to go out shopping for a new dress (first time in years) this week.  My mother was awarded the Paul Harris Fellows award from the local Rotary Club last night.  Very proud of her and everything she does for my hometown.  Born, raised, married, returned, and retired from teaching in the same town.  Anyway, getting out and about at 6:30 pm here is still horribly warm.  Really doesn’t make you want to do clothes shopping when you are dripping with sweat just from walking to the mall doors from the car.

Hot Temps 062613

Weekend at home with no big plans, other than the usual. 

Goals for this coming week:

  • Complete June AYOS – Dulcinea
  • Complete Robin’s Nest applique center and cut out first border
  • Complete the 20 blocks for Rah Rah Rally quilt
  • Play with kittens! 

Here they are napping, one practically on top of the other.  Good thing they are so cute, because I really forgot how bad litter boxes smell…

Cats 06182013

Have a great weekend!  See you on the other side!


Another Friday, Another late night opportunity

Fridays are particularly special for me because I have no hesitation to stay up late working on my quilt projects.  I can get the kids tucked in, and then it’s all about “me time”.  Yes, I do have a husband, and he does live with us.  However, he has no capacity anymore to stay up past 9:00 pm.  So – I get to go a little retro and pull late night sessions like I was in college again.

First – I wanted to show you what I have in my shopping basket right now with FQS.

There is a new collection of backgrounds/neutrals that really caught my eye.  It is Linen Closet by Renee Nanneman.



I have two favorites in this group … the bees and the pins:

LinenCloset Bees

LinenCloset Bees

LinenCloset Pins

LinenCloset Pins

Both of these come in two colorways – light gray and wheat.  I’m thinking the ‘Pins’ fabric will be a perfect background to go into the next Vintage AYOS pattern, called “Gentle Art”.


Gentle Art Pattern

If you were following some of the quilty blogs late last year, there was a big sew-along on another thread spool pattern.  Although I had my fabric all picked out for it, I never got around to starting it.  Now I have another chance for redemption – because I do think a “Spool” wall hanging is a must-have for anyone with a spare bedroom corner of a sewing room.  The May AYOS pattern is called “Gentle Art”.  You can purchase the PDF pattern through Carrie’s website by clicking here.

My thought is to browse through my vast collection of charm packs and jelly rolls of vintage Fig Tree fabric (perhaps Allspice Tapestry or Mill House Inn) and get started on this one as soon as I get my order in from FQS for the background.  I was so inspired by the parade of quilts this week, that I am going to really study this pattern to see how I can make it my own.

Finally – I suppose it is time to get started on my Halloween BOM that I have collected over the past six months.  I ordered the Sew Spooky BOM from Suzanne’s Quilt Shop and have all the components now, except for the backing.  You can find this BOM at a lot of online shops, just search for it on the internet.


Isn’t it adorable?  Some piecing, some applique, some fussy cutting and an accessory kit to go with it.  Then I came across a new collection of Halloween theme fabric, called Spooky Shadows, while browsing “What’s New” on the FQS site and I believe I have selected this to be the backing.  Cute – yes?:


Ok, I guess that’s enough on my plate for today.  Hope you are getting excited about some upcoming, quality “me time”.

Have a spectacular weekend and thanks for stopping by today!


AYOS Virgin no longer!

Today was the deadline for completing the first quilt in 2013 AYOS hosted by Sinta and Sherri.  AND I MADE IT HAPPEN!  My very first Schnibbles!


Really, it is amazing – if you just knew how little bits of time I have to piece (pun intended) together to work on quilt projects.  Sometimes it may be only 5 minutes before running off to the next family crisis.  In fact, I have my daughter hanging on my shoulder, trying to demonstrate to me how to blow pretend bubbles with her princess wand and a straw and she doesn’t seem to care that I’m typing.  She just keeps talking.  She is adorable.


But… back to my success… 🙂


Here is my completed Hat Trick quilt top.  I didn’t alter the pattern at all.  It has a pieced border on top and bottom, but not on the sides.  I have one of the pink prints for the backing and binding.  I plan to quilt it myself and then hang it in my sewing area to inspire me on the next month’s Schnibbles.  I’m so excited!!



Pattern is Hat Trick by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company

Fabric is from the Lario collection by 3 Sisters for Moda

I can’t wait to see everyone’s completed Hat Trick tomorrow during the parades.  Visit Sinta and Sherri’s blogs on May 1st to see the results and find out what the new pattern will be for May!  And browse their sites if you haven’t been there before.  Lots and lots of eye candy and enjoyable blog writing.  Sherri has just come out with a book of quilt designs and Sinta is preparing for a quilt show of her own quilts.

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Sharing some Spring

Well, it can’t decide if it is Spring or Winter still even as south as Houston.  We had to grab our jackets again this morning for the ‘cold’ front that passed through overnight.  Temperatures in the 50s are valid around here to be considered ‘cold’.  I hope this means a cool trend for our summer to come.

With Spring this year, I have decided to start again with my Daylily collection.  When I lived in Charlotte, NC – I had a whole garden area dedicated to my Daylilies and would search out all the local nurseries for as many varieties as I could.  I had many varieties that had double blooms and really vivid colors too.  We had such a great selection of flowers and flowering plants in North Carolina.  Almost anything you can imagine would grow in that earth.  Beautiful!  Probably the biggest thing I miss from the move back down to Texas.  Loved the gardening and weather.  A must have on your bucket list should be to drive on the Blue Ridge Valley parkway in the Spring.  So relaxing and refreshing, unless you are driving too fast… there are drops and curves on the mountains that are breath taking for sure.

Last weekend, I picked up three daylily plants and got them in the ground to start enjoying.  I can see them from my sewing machine too, which is a bonus.  One of the three has a closed bud, but it will be open by the time I get home tonight.


I meant to look again at the plant tag so I could tell you the name of this variety.  I’ll try to remember for next time, when I add some more.


Last picture of this Schnibbles until the big reveal at the end of the month.  I took this picture after getting the center done, but before trimming it up.  Last night I was able to get the inner border added, so just an outer pieced border left to go, and then of course the quilting.


Hope you are having a great week as well!  Thanks for stopping by today!


AYOS Update

Beautiful weekend here in Houston.  Sunny, clear days – not hot and not too humid.  Enjoyed every minute with the family.  In between cleaning up the family room and monitoring iPad usage, I was able to get more of my Schnibbles done.  All the blocks for the 9 patch units are done, and the setting triangles are sewn together.  Half of the center portion is connected – will be ready for those pieced borders by the end of the week (or tomorrow if I’m lucky).  Here’s what is on my design wall this morning:


This will be the first ‘wall’ quilt I have made just for me and I plan to hang it over my sewing machine to keep me inspired.  I can’t wait to enter it into AYOS parade in a couple of weeks.  It will be the perfect size to practice my free motion quilting again!  It’s not too late for you to join in also!  Just click on my link above and it will take you to Sinta’s blog which explains more details and provides more links to all the participants.

No rehab this week.  Wanted to make sure I had plenty done on the Schnibbles.  My goal for next BOM Rehab is the last block in my Birdie Stitches BOM.  I’ve decided to make it my signature block instead of adding a label to the back.  Then I just have to decide on setting triangles (since I made them to be on point) and get it moved into the finished tops pile!

Hope your weekend went well and your Monday has started off smooth and easy.  Thanks for stopping by!


It’s called “Schnibbling”

I’m so excited to work on my first AYOS Schnibble project.  I received my layer cake of Lario (a new 3 Sisters collection by Moda) on Thursday.  Green Fairy has great online deals quite often (and if you come across them – they also do bids on eBay which can land you even better opportunities), and no shipping charge anymore (eBay purchases do have shipping)!  You should see my collection of green pens (you get one free in your order).  Can you say ‘office supply store’?

Here’s my progress on the first Schnibble of 2013 … Hat Trick by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  For more information on joining AYOS (Another Year of Schnibbles) – just click on the blog button in the right side bar, and it will take you to one of the hostesses of the progam – Ms. Sinta of Pink Pincushion.

I’m having fun pairing up the color options and even doing a little ‘controlled scrappy’ approach to the 9 patch units.  The instructions even suggest to go with the individual 2 inch square construction instead of strip piecing these blocks.  I’m getting great practice at both perfecting my 1/4″ seam allowance and using my seam ripper.  Then I discovered that ‘someone’ had slightly moved my needle position knob on the sewing machine.  That could make a difference – right?


A little closeup:


And a few complete 9 patches on the design wall, along with my 8 Blogger Girls BOM blocks:


Today, the family is getting ready to go out to the Houston Pet Expo this morning and peruse the exhibits and animals up for adoption.  Never been before.  I have my eye on two kittens that will be available for adoption soon, and they will be at the Expo today with their sweet rescue group, … Dori’s Darlings.  It’s been over four years since my last furbaby passed away and I have missed the company of a quiet, cuddle partner.  Let me emphasize quiet.

But – what’s this?  Another project waiting it’s turn?  … more to come…


Have a beautiful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!