Sharing some Spring

Well, it can’t decide if it is Spring or Winter still even as south as Houston.  We had to grab our jackets again this morning for the ‘cold’ front that passed through overnight.  Temperatures in the 50s are valid around here to be considered ‘cold’.  I hope this means a cool trend for our summer to come.

With Spring this year, I have decided to start again with my Daylily collection.  When I lived in Charlotte, NC – I had a whole garden area dedicated to my Daylilies and would search out all the local nurseries for as many varieties as I could.  I had many varieties that had double blooms and really vivid colors too.  We had such a great selection of flowers and flowering plants in North Carolina.  Almost anything you can imagine would grow in that earth.  Beautiful!  Probably the biggest thing I miss from the move back down to Texas.  Loved the gardening and weather.  A must have on your bucket list should be to drive on the Blue Ridge Valley parkway in the Spring.  So relaxing and refreshing, unless you are driving too fast… there are drops and curves on the mountains that are breath taking for sure.

Last weekend, I picked up three daylily plants and got them in the ground to start enjoying.  I can see them from my sewing machine too, which is a bonus.  One of the three has a closed bud, but it will be open by the time I get home tonight.


I meant to look again at the plant tag so I could tell you the name of this variety.  I’ll try to remember for next time, when I add some more.


Last picture of this Schnibbles until the big reveal at the end of the month.  I took this picture after getting the center done, but before trimming it up.  Last night I was able to get the inner border added, so just an outer pieced border left to go, and then of course the quilting.


Hope you are having a great week as well!  Thanks for stopping by today!


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